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IMOD stands for Inclusive Market Oriented Development. Agriculture research needs to reach the marginalised farmers for development to happen. Inclusiveness and market orientation is essential for sustainable development.

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  • 1. IMODInclusiveMarketOrientedDevelopmentHemant Nitturkar18th November 2014

2. Statutory Warnings!- IMOD is not a silver bullet. Nor do we have all answers.- IMOD is not new. It is what most have been doing forlong, but may not have seen it that way or gone somedistance. The need is to do it innovatively, effectively,consistently and visibly to suit the changed times anddemands.- It is not finger pointing, so do not take anythingpersonal. We all learn everyday. We win as a team.- Anything that has been ever done well, can beimproved! So, always have an open mind.- If IMOD jolts you, forces you to rethinkwell, it isintentional! It is better to self introspect and coursecorrect than be told to do so by outsiders.- IMOD is like reminder on the door that forces us torecheck!! 3. TEAMGLDCMIPRDSAIPSMC 4. TEAM 5. IERTEAMCRSFaso KabaCGIARAMEDD MaliAGRA, INRANAll global Research and Development forces 6. TEAM 7. TEAMUSAIDCRSCGIAR FundBMGFWorld BankOther funders and governments 8. CHAMPION TEAM!TEAMNOT A TEAM OF CHAMPIONS! 9. PROBLEM- Poverty- Malnutrition- Hunger- EnvironmentaldegradationTEAMSCIENCE ALONE WILL NOT SOLVE THESE PROBLEMS!!! 10. Three tests for IMOD Is development happening? Is it inclusive? Is it market oriented? 11. 1. Is development happening? 137 improved varieties and hybrids released in 31countries of Africa (63 sorghum, 32 pearl millet,27 chickpea, 3 pigeonpea, and 12 groundnut) Over 1300 national staff across the SADC regiontrained 2500 newsletters are distributed to stakeholdersOutputs are the necessary building blocks!Outcome orientation is the need of the hour!! 12. A chain is a as strong as the weakest link!Launchsuccessful!Mission failed!Where is the baton getting dropped?What can we do to address it? 13. ICRISAT is a member of the CGIAR Consortium 14. ICRISAT is a member of the CGIAR Consortium 15. ICRISAT is a member of the CGIAR Consortium 16. ICRISAT is research organisation.Where does ICRISAT role end?My simple answer is at 11 15%Tipping point 17. 2. Is it inclusive?Top end - 100% of the population - Low endTEAM 15% AGRICULTURE DEPENDENT 70%USUAL 20% LAST MILE 18. Dr Margaret ChanDirector-General of the World Health OrganizationKeynote address to the Regional Committee for the Western Pacific,Sixty-fifth session, Manila, Philippines13 October 2014Globalization has made our livesricher in many ways; now itpresents us with the horrors ofthe poor, and prods us, for ourown safety as much as for ourconscience, to respond with allour expertise and courage. 19. 3. Is it market oriented? Willing buyer willing provider! Fair deal!! Only when vested interest arecreated locally, technology uptakebecomes sustained. Well planned exit strategy a must inall projects 20. Five-steps to global food security- William Dars address of 17th Nov Freeze carbon footprint Grow more from existing area Efficient resource use Improve diets Reduce losses and waste 21. What will I aim to do in WCA?My mission Seek to take your research outcomes to millions! Strengthen existing and build new partnerships Build capacities and bring new networks to NGOS and localenterprises Work closely with you to add to your efforts SEED SYSTEMS AGRI-BUSINESS SUPPORT SYSTEMSIMOD business plan for next three years is being prepared as wespeak. You are the experts, let us know the burning issues inWCA so we can incorporate them in our plans.LET US TOGETHER TRANSFORM AFRICAN AGRICULTURE!LET US SOLVE THE SEED SYSTEM PROBLEM ONCE AND FOR ALL!! 22. What will I aim to do in WCA?MAP, peer vote-select, ACT!IMPACTTechnologies123COST/TIME/EFFORT 23. My background Government, NGO, private sector andentrepreneurship in India, Kenya and Australia Oilseed breeding 2 years Commercial scale vegetable production 2.5 years Australian government 3 years QuarantineInspector Web development 3 years Entrepreneur - Financial services 6 years Entrepreneurship incubation services 5 years Youth development 1 year Project Development and management at AVRDC 1.5 years My life mission is to positively impact 100 millionlives. 24. A different perspective!MERCI!OPEN FOR DISCUSSIONS