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Hemat Malik ITCHemant Malik.

He is the present COO of ITC Foods.

1Education - MBA from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kolkata. (Year-1989)

2Work.Experiences include working with Wills lifestyle retailing space,where Malik was responsible for the launch of twenty-five "Wills Lifestyle stores throughout India. (2000)

Hand In Creation & Development Of Brands Like ....

And ....

And ....Because of Hemant Malik, though ITC are new entrants , their brands have established a fantastic consumer connect.

His Way of working

Believes in using intensive research for Brand BuildingStudies consumer behavior thoroughly . Through personal observation, focus groups, and face to face interviews with the target audienceMalik "Availability, visibility and freshness are the key drivers in selling the fast moving products,"Intensive research

Example - While launching Bingo .. He found that Indian consumers crave variety and desire a crisper chip.So ITC came up with unique flavours for Bingo, like aachar (pickle) and paneer tikka (spiced cottage cheese). Bingo was launched with 16 flavors. Bingo was an instant hit.

Consumer Behavior

Availabiliy- Distribution of the new product matters a lot. The newly born should be made available at places that matter.Visibility- Your product should be visible. The consumer should know like ya this is the new product that has come in the market.Freshness - We all get bored of the same thing happening over and over again so if you product is new and fresh then it would tempt the consumers to buy.They inroduced an Orange Marie, Buterscotch cream biscuits even honey flavour in Sunfeast.

8Developing a brand in India, requires understanding of regional tastes and preferences.

- MalikExplanation

Like the tastes of north India differ from south India so both the segments need to be offered distinct products. All the products wont work everywhere. All the products wont sell to everyone.9

Won the Avaya GlobalConnect Customer Responsiveness Award (2007)

Has been featured in the Top 10 of Brand Equity's Most Admired Marketers.Avaya GlobalConnect Customer Responsiveness Awards These awards are given to those who believe that the consumer and consumer insights are the most important and consumer is king. Awards are given to those who treat them the same.

Brand Equity is Economic Times' colored supplement dedicated to marketing, advertising and media. Hemant was featured in the Top 10 of its most admired marketers10Malik usually starts at 9:30 am and a typical day consists of lots of meetings, discussions, and laughter.

He explains, You will find me walking into a meeting where we are brainstorming the promotion strategy for a biscuit brand and the next minute, I am surrounded by an advertising agency team who is [showcasing] the launch campaign for a packaged finger food.

A Usual Day At WorkFrom left Shashi Sinha,Lodestar Universal; Ashish Bhasin,Aegis Media, Hemant Malik,ITC and Colvyn Harris,JWT

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