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  • 1. Stereotypes In The Media Lucia McCullough

2. Homosexual Fashionable gay man stereotype Gay men are stereotyped as being fashionable, some attribute it to being part of the gay mans personality. (Lipp) This stereotype is unfair as there are in fact some men who are interested in fashion but not all gay men display this trait. It is dangerous because it homogenizes homosexual men. (Lipp) 3. Homosexual Flaming/ drama queen stereotype To stereotype homosexual men as feminine, flamboyant drama queens is unfair as obviously not every homosexual man behaves in this manner. Gay men are often associated with female and female behaviors, not all men express themselves with feminine behaviors. (Lipp) 4. Hispanic Americans Drug dealer/thug stereotype Just like any other races, Hispanics can be caught up in criminal life. 1 in every 36 Hispanic men are incarcerated in comparison to 1 in every 106 white men.(Kerby) Not every Hispanic man is a drug dealer or thug as evidenced by Center For American Progress. The gang life is glamorized and is more than likely the cause of this stereotype. (Nawojcyzk) 5. Asian American Asian math aptitude stereotype This stereotype presents all Asians as being good with numbers and having an aptitude for math. This is a harmful stereotype as it places undue pressure on children to perform when their strengths may lie in other subject matter. Ly describe the origin as more than likely based in parents pushing their children to succeed so that they may have a better life than they did. 6. Asian Americans ci4eLE - A clip from the show Family Guy The stereotype portrays Asian as being bad drivers This stereotype was particularly featured during the news reports about the Asiana crash in the summer of 2013. There is a double edged sword with this stereotype and the aforementioned one, as Asians are described as being bad drivers but good at difficult tasks. (Chow) 7. Hispanic American Crazy Latina mother stereotype The stereotype is that Latin moms are loud, brash and somewhat overly protective. Hispanics have a strong connection to family, (Landale) but not all Hispanic mothers are loud and brash. Some people are simply more loud and passionate than others 8. South Asian American Call center stereotype This stereotype presents all South Asians as call center representatives. Outsourcing call has been controversial and many have shown disdain for foreign call center representatives. This is unfair and unfounded as not all South Asians are call center reps and an oversimplified depiction of South Asians. (Jhaveri) 9. South Asian American South Asian taxi driver stereotype The stereotype presents all taxi drivers as being South Asian. This is unfair as some but not all taxi drivers are South Asian, 1 in 3 are South Asian. (Globe and Mail) Many of these drivers hold degrees from foreign universities. (Globe and Mail) 10. Women Clingy mother stereotype The stereotype is one where a mother cannot come to terms with the fact that her child is growing up. Maybe normal moms don't sell cologne, books or movie tickets. (Weldon) Not all mothers are going to show up and stalk their children and not allowing them to grow up. 11. Women Bitch/bossy woman stereotype We see women who are assertive leaders portrayed as being a bitch or bossy This deters women from being taking on leadership roles. It starts in childhood when girls are called bossy for being assertive, whereas boys are called leaders. (NPR) 12. European American Uneducated redneck stereotype Portrays some as poor, uneducated, crass and unsophisticated This is a broad generalization of people, that was born from farmers who were characterized as having red necks from their time toiling in the sun. (Wikipedia) 13. 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