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Horror Sub Genres

Horror sub genre research

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  • 1. Horror Sub Genres

2. Action HorrorThis genre is the type where the conventionalhorror are combined with guns, fighting and alot of killing.Thing that are usually involved in this genreare zombies, werewolves, vampires with a lotof gore.Examples of this genre are Dawn of theDead, Resident Evil and Dog Soldiers. 3. Comedy HorrorThis genre combines comedy and horror together.Normally, the comedy over takes the Horror and itbecomes more funny than scary.Examples of this genre are Shaun of theDead and the Scary Movies. 4. Gothic HorrorThis genre mixes in some gothic elementswithin the Horror genre. Most of the gothicmovies were all made in earlier years such asthe 1930s. Nowadays theyre usually just re-makesof the original.These elements may include castles, dungeonsand the supernatural.Some examples of these areDracula, Frankenstein and TheMummy. 5. Psychological HorrorThis is the genre that plays with theaudiences fears and emotions to build up onthe tension of the movie and develop the plotfurther.This genre tends to be the scariest out ofthem all because your senses are raised andthe tension continues to rise and rise until ithits its climax.Some examples of thisgenre are The Shiningand The Ring 6. Slasher HorrorThis genre has a lot of violence in basedaround a serial killers, stalkers etc. attackingthe victim(s)The killer usually uses a particular weapon tokill their victims every time.Slasher films tend to build up a lot of tensionalso and sometimes overlap with the Crimegenre i.e., if the movie involves a police/FBIinvestigation.Some examples of thisgenre are Psycho andThe Texas ChainsawMassacre. 7. Zombie HorrorThis genre is pretty self-explanatory. A lot ofzombies that tend to feed off the living andsurviving humans try to kill them all.Some examples of this genre are 28 Dayslater and I am Legend 8. Natural HorrorThis genre is again, pretty selfexplanatory; Horror that happensnaturally.This could be something likeanimals or diseases.This genre sometimes overlapswith science fiction and action.These tend to be pretty scary toobecause the audience know thatthis could happen in real life.An example of this is Jaws.