Fashion (why fashion is social issue)

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the presentation is all about fashion how fashion impact in our lives. hope u will learn something.

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  • 1. FASTION IS A SOCIALISSUES TOPIC------------FASHION ( whyfashion is social issue)PRESNTED----BY SHAGUFTA KHAN

2. FASHION : Fashion is most powerful art. It is a way to express your self. Fashion is a daily way to hold art and express whoyou are or not who you want to be. Fashion shows the person creativity. Fashion is something new. 3. WHY FASHION IS SOCIAL ISSUE. People think fashion is so important because theyalways want to look good. I believe fashion is damaging to society. Fashion move away youngster from studies. At schools, girls have started to rank themselveswith fashion. People are too bind to realize what fashion can doto person. 4. WHY FASHION IS SOCIAL ISSUE. Young girls are trying to emulate celebrate/modelsand can not differentiate the celebritys publicpersona wardrobe from their every day at-homewardrobe. I fell that fashion is harmful too society ,because itpromotes a cultures that is based only onappearance. Fashion is definitely harmful to society because 5. WHY FASHION IS SOCIAL ISSUESIt inspires people to make possible harmful lifestylechoices. Example:1.Anorexia2.teen violence.3.smoking and off 6. WHY FASHION IS SOCIAL ISSUES Fashion is the reason so many people are up totheir neck in credit card dept Fashion is waste of time. Fashion is killing the teenagers or adults. Fashion is destroy the family feelings. Fashion is the biggest scam in consumer product. 7. healthCONFIDENCErecyclingWhere clothesmadeFashion onchildrenCost of wearingclothsJourney to factoryfrom shopCloths materialsSelf expressionFastfashioncustomizingmodelsAnorexiaFASHIONISSUESethicsECOHighfashionDressing for yourbody shapeRe usingMASKSpriceethics 8. FASHION IS NOT ONLY CLOTHSfurniture Jewelrysandalscosmeticspurses 9. FASHION EFFECT ON OUR SKIN/BODYsmokingtattoosDark circle Long hellLong earrings 10. THANK YOU