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A subsidiary of XCEL International Magazine celebrating the true essence of fashion

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  • Splendor Splendor Splendor Splendor FashionFashion

    ...a true essence of fashion ...a true essence of fashion ...a true essence of fashion

    Maintaining Your



    Risks & Precautions


    Risks & Precautions


    Risks & Precautions


    Risks & Precautions

    Dudes! Spot A Muffler,

    Steal The Show!

    Dudes! Spot A Muffler,

    Steal The Show!

    Dudes! Spot A Muffler,

    Steal The Show!

    Dudes! Spot A Muffler,

    Steal The Show!

    African Beads

    And Beauty

    African Beads

    And Beauty

    African Beads

    And Beauty

    African Beads

    And Beauty


    What About Chinos?


    What About Chinos?


    What About Chinos?


    What About Chinos?

    ISSUE 12

    Fashion Expressions

    of Celebrities

    Fashion Expressions

    of Celebrities

    Fashion Expressions

    of Celebrities

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  • South Africa

    Diamond-inlaced Beads

    ach African Bead carries its own story; a rich

    history and story behind it. African beads and

    jewelry have played enormous role in the culture,

    fashion, economy and artistic expression of the EAfrican people. Beads were treasured symbols of

    royalty in the medieval times. Today, they are

    cherished by collectors, Jewelry makers and

    everyday people who just love wearing African


    Beads and Bead-making have a long history in Africa.

    Beads have been made by indigenous African for

    thousands of years. The ancient Benin kingdom in the

    present day Niger Delta, the El-Kanem Kingdom of the

    pre-colonial northern Nigeria, the ancient kingdoms of

    Ghana and Egypt and Ethiopia were noted for large-

    scale bead-making and other artistic works.

    Beads are still very much ingrained

    in our modern culture and hold a

    pride of place in the global

    fashion industry. We present

    you with a

    variety of




    Fulani beads


    Batik bone


    Ghanian Beads


    By Bukkie Sanders



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  • F A S H I O NF A S H I O NF A S H I O NCounselCounselCounsel

    the skin repeatedly. With every the eye.

    puncture, the needles insert tiny

    If you wants a tattoo, make sure that the ink droplets. The process which

    tattooistis done without anesthetics

    causes a small amount of !W a s h e s t h e i r h a n d s b e f o r e bleeding and slight to potentially

    tattooing and uses clean glovessignificant pain. Tattoos breach

    the skin, which means that skin !Cleans the skin to be tattooed

    i n f e c t i o n s a n d o t h e r

    complications are possible. !Uses a single-use, disposable

    Specific risks include:razor to shave the skin to be

    tattooed, if neededou could be the proud owner of a new Allergic reactions. Tattoo dyes tattoo or a body piercing in a matter especially red, green, yellow and blue

    !Uses single-use sterile needles of hours but don't let the ease of Y dyes can cause allergic skin reactions, and tubes and single-use inksgetting tattoos stop you from making a such as an itchy rash at the tattoo site.

    thoughtful decision about permanent body This can occur even years after you get !Covers the tattooed skin with a

    art. Before you get any of them, make sure the tattoo.bandage and provides aftercare

    you know what's involved. Also, be certain instructions

    that it is the right decision for you. Skin infections. A skin infection

    which might cause redness, swelling, If you want a body piercing, make sure that

    A tattoo is a permanent mark or design pain and a pus-like drainage is possible the piercer

    made on your skin with pigments inserted after tattooing. through pricks into the skin's top layer

    Washes their hands before piercing and while a body piercing is a permanent mark Other skin problems. Sometimes

    uses clean gloves. on the body by making holes on particular bumps called granulomas form around

    part of the body such as nose, lips etc This tattoo ink. Tattooing can also lead to Cleans the area to be individualistic expression has become more keloids raised areas caused by an

    piercedaccepted, and now you can even see overgrowth of scar tissue.lawyers, doctors and other professionals U s e s a s i n g l e - u s e ,

    boasting there special and personally Blood borne diseases. If the equipment disposable razor to shave

    meaningful designs tattooed on their used to create your tattoo is the skin to be pierced, if

    bodies. contaminated with infected blood, you needed

    can contract various blood borne

    In particular, tattoos are common among diseases including etanus, hepatitis B Uses steri le needles, artists. Britney Spears has a fairy tattooed and hepatitis C. clamps, receiving tubes on her lower back. Model and actress Vide

    and body jewelryGuerra has a rose on her ankle, and a little MRI complications. Rarely, tattoo or devil just below her bikini line; model permanent makeup might cause P r o v i d e s Carmen Electra has "Eleven XXII" (her swelling or burning in the affected areas a f t e r c a r e

    wedding date), under her left wrist. during Magnetic Resonance Imaging instructions

    (MRI) exams. In some cases, tattoo

    Typically, the tattoo artist uses a hand-held pigments can interfere with the quality

    machine that acts much like a sewing of the image such as when a person who

    machine, with one or more needles piercing has permanent eyeliner has an MRI of


    BODY PIERCINGS: Risks & Precautions

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  • Trendy Splash Trendy Splash Trendy Splash ...For todays trendy woman ...For todays trendy woman ...For todays trendy woman ...For todays trendy woman

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    Fashion Expressions of Celebrities Fashion Expressions of Celebrities Fashion Expressions of Celebrities

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  • ...The Beauty File...The Beauty File...The Beauty File

    Ain. Conditioners help protect the hair When your hair is wet, start at

    woman's hair is her treasure and pride, follicles by coating them and creating the bottom with a comb and

    particular when its long. It brings out the a barrier from weather and other work your way up to remove the

    adorable queen in every woman and elements. Every four to six weeks, tangles. Dry hair can be

    attracts honour to her. Long, gorgeous, give yourself a conditioning brushed, but don't overdo it. The

    healthy hair requires more care than short bobs. treatment. more you brush your hair, the

    You have to take special precautions to prevent more likely it is to break. Only

    breakage and split ends, which give the hair a dry use a brush if the bristles are

    or fried appearance. Daily grooming activities, wide and set apart.Never brush wet hair because it will

    such as washing with harsh shampoos, brushing, pull and stretch the hair to the

    blow-drying and back combing, take their toll on breaking point.

    your long locks. Other issues that can damage While those with shorter hair

    hair include poor nutrition, hormonal changes, don't need to be quite as

    medications and disease. Here are some tips for mindful of trim

    maintaining long, healthy and beautiful hair. maintenance, long-

    haired beauties need

    to stop split ends in

    their tracks before

    they travel up the The best way to protect your hair is to eat

    hair shaft. a balanced diet high in calcium and

    Without proper protein. Foods that are good for the hair

    trims, you'll include yoghurt, fish with omega-3 fatty

    be facing an acids, beans and legumes, nuts. Drink

    inch or two lots of water as this will help keep your

    of dry split hair hydrated and healthy

    ends and


    definitely Even if you have naturally oily hair, it's

    never in likely that your hair isn't getting

    style.adequate moisture all the way down to

    its tips without a little help from hair

    products. Oil masks, serums and leave-

    in conditioners are all good options for

    healthy hair from top to bottom. Also,

    massage your scalp while you're

    shampooing your hair. The stimulation

    will help increase blood circulation to

    your hair follicles and this can result in a

    faster growth rate for your hair.

    Use the mildest shampoo you can find

    that will clean your hair. Start with

    warm water to dampen and rinse your

    hair. Gently massage the shampoo

    through your hair but don't scrub

    strongly. Make sure you get all the

    shampoo out by rinsing until the water

    is clear, because soap residue will

    make your hair look dull. As for

    washing and conditioning, be careful.

    Don't knot or tangle your hair while

    shampooing, and focus just on

    washing the roots. The ends won't

    need washing but maybe once a week.