Fall Fashion Issue 9.17.2009

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Fall Fashion Issue 9.17.2009

Text of Fall Fashion Issue 9.17.2009

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    September XX , 2010




    September 17 , 2009


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    September XX , 2010



    September 17 , 2009


    page 04: Im Just Sayin

    Editor Carly Weber shares the full scoop on Hoopla,

    whats in this issue and whatever else she wants.

    page 05: In The Know

    All the news you didnt know you needed to know,

    plus Greg Dietzenbachs comic, Little fish, big


    page 06: Five Minutes

    We want to know: Whats your fashion staple?

    page 06: Twitterpated

    Whats got the Corridor all aTwitter?

    page 07: Pints and Pigskins

    Follow along as Derek helps answer the age old

    question: Where should we watch the game?

    page 08: 3 Things

    Not sure what to do this week? Celebrate fall in

    the Uptown College District or catch some live

    music at CSPSs Landfall Festival of world music.

    page 10: Bar Guide

    Thirsty? Craving some live music or want to croon

    with karaoke? Heres how you find out where and


    page 32: Choose your own adventure

    Flex those canoeing muscles.

    page 33: EcoCentric

    Green your life one step at a time.

    page 34: In The Kitchen

    Jiamen means family.

    page 35: Book Talk

    Read slowly. It will be a while for the third

    installment in The Girl... series.

    page 36: Music Notes

    Nothings Real anymore.

    page 37: Get Out

    Mark your calendars. Hancher cant be contained.

    Carly Weber Editor

    Makeup and shoes.

    Seth Smith Art Director

    Good shoes and good cologne

    Stacey Stefani Events

    Purses. A good quality bag is a must.

    Andrea Dietzenbach Clean Plate Club, page 35

    Anything from J.Crew that isnt more than 75% off.

    Natalie Ditmars Book Talk, page 22

    Shoes and dresses.

    Caitlin Slessor Book Talk, page 22

    Boots! Cant skimp on something you wear every day for five

    months every year.

    Jamie Kelly Twitterpated, page 06

    Anything from J. Crew, especially nice ties.

    Maggie Mills Five Minutes, page 06

    Only shoes, purses, and beautiful things I cant live without.

    Derek Nohr Pints and Pigskins, page 07

    Haircuts and well fitting jeans.

    Katie Mills Giorgio Three Things, page 08

    Shoes and jewelry. Its all about the accessories.

    Kelsey Sheehy Choose your own adventure, page 32

    Nine West heels. They are the only item Ill buy at full price.

    Jeff Carey EcoCentric, page 33

    Non-white T-Shirts.

    Anne Kapler InTheKitchen, page 34

    Fabulous dresses and cheap chic shoes.

    Erin McNeill Fashion intro, page 13, MusicNotes, page 36

    Jeans. I could not live without them.










    page 13: Think you cant find the latest fashions this side of the Mississippi?

    Think again. Create hot, new looks from local stores and boutiques that

    carry a variety of the latest styles and designer labels r ight here.



    What are your fashion splurges?

    Volume 2 , No. 38, Copyright 2009

    Hoopla is published weekly by Gazette Communications.

    To place an advertisement call: 319.398.8222 (Cedar Rapids) or 319.339.3101 (Iowa City)

    For distribution questions call: 319.398.5822

    Contact us: Hoopla 500 Third Ave. SE Cedar Rapids, IA 52406

    Phone: 319.398.5821 Email: hoopla@hooplanow.com

    T H E 2 0 0 9 F A L L F A S H I ON I S S U E

    { }



    Model: Kelsey Photo: SB Photography, samanthabender.com

    Hair: Caroline Gehrls, Moxie Salon + Spa, Hiawatha, 319-294-7040 Makeup: Carleen Miller, Studio 315, Kalona, 319-656-4247

    Style: Linq Cascade Rue Tee, $88; Dream Culture Stretch Skinny Jeans, $100; Michael Stars Cashmere Vest, $188;

    Helen Wang Earrings, $65. Available at Joy, Marion, 319-377-0866

    Bag: Coach Silver Satchel - $398. Available at Von Maur, Lindale Mall, Cedar Rapids, 319-395-9770



    Curious about the cool kids behind Hoopla?

    Find out all about the crew here.

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    September XX , 2010




    September 17 , 2009



    Get the full scoop on Hoopla,

    whats in this issue and whatever

    else we want.


    Im just

    Im just sayin,

    I used to be fashionable. Well. Maybe thats a bit of

    a stretch. What I should say is I used to try to be


    Ive never been a trendsetter. I dont think I

    could have ever done one of our MyStyles

    because I didnt focus that much on creating

    a personal style. But I did pay attention to

    the trends. Spend more time than I should

    have wandering through department stores and

    boutiques. Treat visits to the Von Maur shoe sale

    room like a field trip.

    Ah. Those were the days.

    Now I buy my clothes at places that have shopping

    carts, so my toddler daughter can be contained.

    I throw T-shirts and slacks into the cart with

    diapers, yogurt and frozen pizza. Dressing rooms?

    Whats that? Much easier to try it on at home, cross

    my fingers that it fits and if it doesnt return it on my

    next trip to the superstore.

    Its not that I dont care. I still pay attention to the

    trends. I just dont implement them. I still like to look.

    Which is why Im loving this fashion issue. Its perfect

    for us busy moms who work our clothes shopping

    into our grocery shopping. See a look you like in these

    pages? Toss it in the cart.

    For those of us with more time to leisurely meander

    through the stores and boutiques, check out the looks

    here and take the time to put your own spin on them.

    Use our looks for inspiration.

    I hope you love the looks and the photos as much as I

    do. I know that we gave credit where credit was due to

    the models, makeup artists, photographers and

    stylists. And believe me, they deserve it.

    Looking pretty for a photo is not as easy as it looks.

    Those divas on Americas Next Top Model arent just

    big whiners. Everyone involved put in hours upon hours

    of time for each photo shoot, and for that, I want to

    say thanks.

    Two names you wont see anywhere, but who deserve

    just as much thanks, are the creative director and art

    director for this project. Michael Zydzik and Seth

    Smith. This was their baby. They gave a lot of their

    passion to this project and it shows.

    Thanks guys. And get ready. The Holiday Shopping

    Guide is just around the corner.

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    September XX , 2010



    September 17 , 2009




    All the news you didnt know

    you needed to know.

    Eye on I-380

    HIAWATHA The Interstate 380 Corridor needs to

    be beautified, a group of volunteers is suggesting.

    Those volunteers, called the Eye 380 Committee, used

    a $37,000 grant to beautify the southwest quadrant

    of I-380 and Boyson Road just to show what could

    be. Landscape workers planted shrubs and flowers

    in the area, hoping that may become a model to

    beautify the freeway at a number of locations in the

    Cedar Rapids metro area. The next step? Find out if

    theres interest in duplicating the Eye 380 design at

    other locations along the interstate through Cedar

    Rapids. Contributions can be sent to Eye 380, in

    care of Trees Forever, 770 Seventh Ave., Marion, IA

    52302. For more information about Eye 380, people

    can contact the Hiawatha Parks Department at (319)


    Zombies among us

    IOWA CITY Walk with your undead brethren

    through the streets of Iowa City Saturday when

    zombies invade for the fourth annual Iowa City

    Zombie March. In all their gore and glory, zombies

    will mob the city in loving Memory of Christopher

    Thor McClatchey, a University of Iowa graduate

    and motorcycle enthusiast. All money from T-shirt

    sales will be donated to two charities designated by

    his family. To participate in this years march, meet

    at Happy Hollow Park at 3:30 p.m. for makeup help.

    Show up in costume at 4:30 p.m. to learn about local

    charities and make donations. The march will start at

    5 p.m. and go from the park to downtown Iowa City,

    ending at Deadwood Pub in downtown Iowa City. There

    will be an after party at The Mill at 9 p.m., with a

    concert by Wylde Nept benefiting the National Multiple

    Sclerosis Society. For more information, go to www.

    zombiemarch.org or go to the Zombie March Facebook


    Great grapes

    CEDAR RAPIDS Keep your eyes peeled downtown.

    Zins hid bunches of grapes between First Avenue south

    to Eighth Avenue Third Street west to Eighth Street.

    Each bunch can be redeemed for discounts at Zins,

    including one bunch of golden grapes that contains a

    $50 gift card to Zins. For more information, go to www.




    The third annual Iowa City Zombie March lurch down a street on their way from Happy Hollow Park to downtown Iowa City in 2008. This

    years march starts at 5 p.m. Saturday at the park.

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