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zigzag fashion issue for Summer 2011

Text of zigzag the fashion issue

  • The Pick of the Very Hottest Looks

    and The BEST Places To Be in Summer 2011

    The Fashion Issue

    01372 745588 www.zigzagjewels.com

  • Let zigzag bring you the Very best from the catwalks, our fa-vourite high street pieces, style tips, and handy hints for what to do this sum-

    01372 745588 www.zigzagjewels.com

    ZIGZAG Broda Bangle 225

    ZIGZAG Ripple Pendant 85

  • Whats Inside Ballet Style Top Scarves

    Go Tribal Best Belts Nice Nails

    Colour Me Beautiful Summer Tips

    01372 745588 www.zigzagjewels.com

    ZIGZAG Swirl Pendant 125

  • Ballet Style Straight from the set of black swan ballet style has pirouetted straight from the catwalks to the high

    street and its set to stay for this summer. Think tonal peaches to pale truffle colours. Swept up buns and a ladylike sweep to your hemline. If you are young and have fab pins up the hemline and add petticoats for

    volume, and wear your skirt with lace socks and layered vests. Or take the look into something a little more dignified and grown up with a line pleated skirts which give a gorgeous ladylike swish as you walk. Layer up soft colours with silk scarves...round your hair or

    tied in a bow round your neck if you are feeling brave or tone it down by looping a couplle through the

    handles of your handbag as dignified nod to fashion. Pair swept up hair with statement studs. Dangling

    earrings dont work so well with this look. Choose either chunky organic baroque pearls or something stronger and faceted for faces that need something

    angular to set of those soft tones.

    01372 745588 www.zigzagjewels.com

  • TBA Waffle Detail Sheer Skirt 130

    Mango Textured Belted Full Skirt 49.99

    French Connection Tabby Pleated Skirt 67

    ZIGZAG Faced Black Onyx Deborah Studs 45

    ZIGZAG Freshwater Pearl Studs 15-45

    01372 745588 www.zigzagjewels.com

  • Top Scarves

    Urban Outfitters Pins & Needles Soft Floral Scarf 22 Hobbs Mainline Lizard Print Scarf 49 Reiss Tilda Print Scarf 39

    Warehouse Dipped Bleach Scarf 29

    Hobbs Loren Scarf 29 Jigaw Carnial Strpe Scarf 79

    Ballet Style

    01372 745588 www.zigzagjewels.com

  • Team Tribal

    Warehouse. Large Leopard Snood 29

    Hobbs Fair Isle Print Scarf 49


    Urban Outfitters Feather Print Scarf

    Jigsay Sunset Border Scarf 79

    Jaeger Aztec Print Scarf 89

    01372 745588 www.zigzagjewels.com

  • Go Tribal It was around last season but this summer PATTERN is the only thing to be seen in. And Maxi dresses are back (which I secretly love,...who doesnt covet the

    opportunity to look chic and not have to bother about shaving your legs and topping up your tan). The new pieces are full length play suits. And patterned

    Trousers., these are perfect for the less girly girls, and are undeniably comfortable but a little more tricky to pull off. Chunky accessories and stone washed denim add a relaxed feeling . The key to the look is a fab tribal print, chunky sunglasses and brilliant sunshine.

    Skinny leather belts are as always your friend to show of super skinny waists. Everyone needs a bit of defini-

    tion in that sea of pattern. And Always Always flat shoes. . With. And this is key, pampered feet. As my

    mother says look after your feet and they will take yo places and in this case take them for a good

    pedicure , chipped nail polish and dry skin will not do. And finally dont be afraid of maxing out the pattern

    make the most of a look that will carry you from festival to bbq. Fashion has never been so easy

    Warehouse Tribal Print Maxi Dress 104

    01372 745588 www.zigzagjewels.com

  • ASOS Tribal Print Mazi Dress 54

    French Connection Floral Garden Maxi Dress 53

    ZIGZAG Arabesque Earrings 2200

    Hobbs NW3 Jumpsuit 159

    ZIGZAG Tholia Collar 275

    01372 745588 www.zigzagjewels.com

  • Best Belts

    Kew Antique Eyelet Belt 25

    Jaeger Navy Suede Belt 70

    Planet Navy Leather Belt 49

    Hobbs Medlock Leather Belt 49

    Cinch in those waists to add definition to floaty summer silhouettes. Belts finish off a look, taking it from shabby to artfully thrown together...just one

    buckle and what was the only thing you had that was ironed turns into carefully planned summer new boho folky chic.

    01372 745588 www.zigzagjewels.com

  • Nice Nails

    Barry M Nail Paint in Block Orange

    Its all about shiny shiny bright nails this season so unleash your wild side with these super shiny polishes.

    Nars Nail Colour in Hunger

    OPI Nail Laquer in Peachy Pants

    Ruby and Millie Nail Polish in Pink 400c

    01372 745588 www.zigzagjewels.com

  • Colour Me Beautiful If you want to channel cutting edge fashion Jessie

    J is leading the pack. And its bright bold acid colours and what wed describe as fierce fashion.

    Im not suggesting we can all pull off leather leggings but adding a bit of colour to your

    wardrobe and some angular accessories will brighten up

    your look. Think strong geometric prints that are angular bright and bold.

    Cropped Bright jackets, tiny waists, simple lines will keep you looking stylish, aois fussy

    shapes unless its a single colour, you dont want to

    look too busy.

    01372 745588 www.zigzagjewels.com

  • Jeager Cropped Emerald Jacket 230

    Topshop Raspberry Ruffle blouse 28

    Phase Eight Sophia Tunic Dress 75

    ZIGZAG Turquoise Collar 275

    ZIGZAG Tourmaline Hooks 175

    Rist for ZIGZAG Watches 64.99

    Carl Faberge Designs at ZIGZAG 155

    Full Circle Geo print Maxi Dress 57.50

  • Summer Tips The zigzag guide for summer. LISTEN TO





    Check out the beautiful voice of Amy Eftekhari...catch her number ones series on You Tube. We are tipping her for big things, you wont be disappointed

    Hotly tipped by trip advisor as one of the highest reviewed things to do is taking a visit to John Lennon house, look it up on www.nationaltrust.org.uk for opening times etc.

    Explore London with one of a London Architecture Walk. In-



    Secret Cinema.but ssssssh dont let on we told you

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  • SEE



    Have a bit of an ad-venturous spirit? We think you probably do, so maybe spend the day at Brownsea Island. If you are lucky try and spot the endangered red squirrel

    Theatres newest darlings group Non Zero One, billed as part of the closing show at the bush theatre. But youll have to hurry as tickets for their interactive performances are limited

    Finally for a fun family friendly festival grab your tent and wellies and head over to Latitude. From Theatre to Music there should be something to please everyone.

    www.zigzagjewels.com 01372 745588