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The BULLETIN BOARDAs a tool for supplemental instructionPrepared by Cleo umali-barawid

What is a bulletin board?A bulletin board is a powerful instructional tool that when utilized properly can add to a meaningful learning experience to the learners. As its name implies, it is a surface intended for posting messages or public information.

Uses of Bulletin boards in the classroom1. Reinforces instructional goals--display maps,charts, graphs, or book jackets, numbers, letters, poems, sight words, posters, photographs and other information about the unit being studied, class motto, famous sayings, epigrams etc.--create a class theme or have your students vote on a class theme,

An epigram is a witty sayingI can resist everything but temptation.Oscar wilde3

USES of Bulletin Board in the Classroom2. communicates essential information--display posters of class rules, rewards, and consequences; create a visual presentation of your classroom management system, post classroom goals and mission statements, post your daily or weekly schedule, list monitor jobs and the students currently filling these roles

Uses of Bulletin boards3. includes and monitors studentsCreate bright Welcome posters that incorporates all the learners names, randomly select student of the week to feature on the bulletin board, display students work, display thermometer graphs that measure students accomplishment.

Uses of Bulletin boards4. makes the classroom a more appealing place--display seasonal decorations--display student artwork

Characteristics of a Good Bulletin Board

It should be with finished edge.It must be fixed on the wall to prevent accidents.It must be colorful and attractive.Have at least a unified theme for clarity.Avoid overcrowded displayBe guided by the principle of balance, unity, harmony, portion and contrast.

For your HomeworkWith a groupmate, make a creative bulletin board of information using materials of your own choosing(you may use a cork board or an illustration board for this). Bulletin board must have a unified theme.