Blended Learning Using Totara LMS

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Mark Harrison, Director at City & Guilds Kineo, discusses blended learning, and how you can ensure your LMS is supporting your blended learning approaches.

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  • 1. 1 Blended Learning & Totara Mark Harrison, Director, City & Guilds Kineo Totara User Group | London | May 15, 2014
  • 2. 2 When was blended learning first ever mentioned?
  • 3. 3 In the early days
  • 4. 4 There are now so many ways to deliver learning
  • 5. 5 Blended learning examples: BP Operating Essentials and Global Orientation Workshops, meetings in a box, elearning modules, 3D simulations Barclays Retail Orientation Mobile learning, e-magazine, online cohort of learners, e-learning modules, coaching and workshops C&G Way Advice and guidance, community of practice, content sharing and exchange, learning resources, personal coaching and support and assessment and accreditation
  • 6. 6 How well could your LMS support each of these? Introductory e-learning modules leading to related classroom events Virtual classrooms with elearning and e-tutoring Elearning modules and informal online sharing of best practice One-to-one coaching linked to elearning modules and mobile just-in-time job aids Elearning modules with phone-based mentoring and coaching on the job
  • 7. 7 BP Isolations Blend Overview Block 1: Get started 2 hours Online Attention grabbing intro Interactive scenario Self-diagnostic tool Block 2 1 day Face-to-face Valve & system modelling testing what ifs.. & different configurations Energy source exploration Hazard awareness Simple scenario Block 3: foundation up to 6 hours Online Action modules Scenario Case study/stories Tutorials Assignment Generic Overview of process What good look like videos How to complete ICC Expert stories Block 4 1 day Face-to-face Immersive workshop Complex realistic scenario Group activities Block 5 Follow-up Assessment online Assessment assignment Follow-up packs Leadership connection
  • 8. 8
  • 9. 9 Nike Inc. Learning Personas Bob Theorist IT Analyst Works at WHQ 34 years old College Graduate Why am I doing this? Isnt this complex? Where are the principles? Dont want to be exposed sharing my thoughts No glitz please I think Im pretty good on this they think they are well organized Kim Pragmatist HR Specialist Works in Asia 42 years old College Graduate Engaged in the process, just tell me what I should do Slight training overload Comfortable with IT and Computers Has the time to do the training Wants: Make it clear Got too much work Tends to work at home a lot takes things home Jan Activist Sports Marketing Specialist Works at EHQ 28 years old College Graduate Thinks training is a lot of noise and a waste of time Just wants to know how fast he can get through the training Comfortable with IT and Computers Get straight to it Get him engaged early (RDCV) Make it glitzy, fun Is a little bit disorganized Travels a lot
  • 10. 10 Catering for personas is the key to success Theorist Activist Pragmatist
  • 11. 11 Our sessions this afternoon What are you doing with regards to blended learning in your organisation? How much are you using your LMS to support this? What stops you from using it more? What can you do to overcome these challenges?