One LMS; four on-brand portals with glh Hotels and Totara LMS

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Meredith Henson, Solutions Managerglh HotelsOne LMS: Four on-brandTotara portals

Who are glh Hotels?Parent company to 5 leading brandsGuest-centred, customer hospitality at the heart of the organisation2,000 staff across the UK Significant recent investment in systems and process to empower staff to provide the ultimate guest experience

glhthistle and thistle expressambaevery

Existing trainingClassroom-based, taking front-line staff from their duties, potentially affecting guest experience

Did not mirror glhs modern, cutting-edge guest experience

Guests experience cutting edge technology, but staff werent getting the same experience. All classroom based training, which was potentially distracting from core focus of roles and impacting customer experience and stay.

Training challengesHow do you train and develop 2,000 staff that are:Nationally dispersedDoing different jobsWorking at varied skill levels with just face-to-face training?

glh had legacy internal training systems which werent fit for purpose. glh were also working with an ingrained f2f training culture. A new approach was needed to match their external standards. They knew e-learning could help, but needed a strategy and platform to support it. glh wanted to create one source of truth for their learners, upholding customer values and training standards via a platform.

Why Totara LMS?glh wanted to deliver their one source of truth via a platform. It needed to:

Host e-learning and become the go-to destination for staff informationProvide mobile/BYOD accessBe customisable in terms of UIBe learner friendlyResponsively designed

Other requirements included, e-learning content deliver and course infrastructure, blended learning programme support, ability to toggle off/on for non-essential features and functions, as well as a performance appraisals module. Sarah to elaborate on the responsive need, why e-learning and LMS needed to be multi-device

Why Mind ClickWhy we chose them is the personal service we received throughout the initial sales process and the ongoing sense of continuity since. That doesnt happen with suppliers very often these days.

They know what we want to achieve and are always ready and able to help us achieve them.Sarah Beal, Head of Resourcing and Talent

The Solution

Login page

All learners are directed to a single log-in page, which depending upon their log-in criteria (Organisational Hierarchy) takes them to a different branded portal, ensuring learners are only exposed to a profile that represents the brand they work for, and only access content that is associated with that brand.

Examples of branded portals

Much of the e-learning is common across all of glh, supporting the vision of one source of truth. However, this targeted approach supports to core organisational strategy of reinforcing brand values and focusing on the experience guests receive at each hotel. Its already being well received by staff.different information (such as the change in brand name in the news section) works4 front pages within dedicated home pages area

Additional Features

report builder - results filterable by organisation, graphical reportsToggle - on/off functionalitySearch - Standard Mind Click search

Performance ManagementManage staff development journeys all in one place

Provide a place for staff and managers to review performance against previous years objectives and work on personal goals

These are all tied into glhs new online learning options hosted on Totara

Meredith and Sarah to talk about how glh are using performance management and how it works within Totara, as this may be a bit of functionality that a lot of our audience arent using

Impact so farIn the first six months after launch:

Over 18,500 e-learning courses were completed

E-learning now has a stronger presence in the business compared to F2F training

Learners love it

Meredith to ask Sarah about the impact this has had at glh; is there any cost savings or admin time savings? Sarah to talk about learner feedback too.

Whats nextglh Hotels working on using Totara to support their induction process

They are also exploring the Open Badges functionality to support new internal certifications, providing formal recognition for staff training

Meredith to ask Sarah about the impact this has had at glh; is there any cost savings or admin time savings? Sarah to talk about learner feedback too.

Thank you!Come talk to us on Stand B17