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Unlike many corporate eLearning platforms that can expensive, inflexible and almost impossible to keep current with emerging trends, the Totara LMS is built on top of a Moodle core, meaning you really get the best of both worlds: the best open-source learning platform, and a scalable, enterprise-level corporate learning tool.

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  • 1.Totara LMSLMS for Workplace Learning

2. sponsored 3. presentersLori DaviesTechnical Solutions ConsultantArnet TkachukBusiness Analyst 4. overview introduction to Lambda Solutions about TOTARA LMS features that make Totara the ideal workplaceLMShierarchies: position, organization, competencieslearning plansenterprise reporting demo paradigm shift on training budget future releases 5. about Lambda Solutions working with Moodle since 2003 develop and contribute to the Moodle community 150+ Moodle installations hosted & supported managed hosting, application support, customdevelopment & integration 6. some clients 7. a distribution of Moodle 8. ManagementRepositoriesTeamCalendarCompetencies &Organizational RolesContentManagementUserManagementMessaging &NotificationsLearningActivities & TypesCourseManagementIntegration w/other systemsSocial LearningAudienceManagementF-2-F TrainingSupportIndividualLearning PlanEnterprise ReportingDashboard(Learners & Managers)TotaraSyncProgramManagementBadges 9. ACCREDITATIONcourse/resourceprogrampositionsorganizationcompetenciesHIERARCHIESf2f supportaudience user teamUSER MANAGEMENTcycledschedulingbadges 10. key features demo Hierarchiespositionorganizationcompetencies Learning Plans Enterprise Reporting 11. paradigm shiftconventional investmentweighted on technology Minimises risk, greater success 12. Totara 2.4 ReleaseFeature DescriptionImprovements toClassroom ModuleThe following functionality will be built upon the existing Face-to-face module, but extending itin a number of key areas: Training rooms management Instructor conflict management Bulk upload of attendees Bulk messaging attendees Bulk mark attendance Enhanced notification functionality including three types of notifications (auto-populated,template sourced, and custom made)Open Badges Ability to issue, manage and display digital badges supporting Mozillas Open Badgesinitiative. See toLearning Planfunctionality Learning plan evidence tab Auto-update of learning plan content Improvements to plan templatesMoodle 2.4functionalityInclusion of all Moodle 2.4 features including: Performance improvements Assignment module improvements Workshop module improvements Course format plugins Theme improvements Improved TinyMCE integration Integration of external calendars 13. Totara 2.5 ReleaseFeature DescriptionPerformanceManagementModule Strategic targets Objectives Form-based workflow Printable workflow Printable output Historic archiveRecord keeping 14. supported organizational goalsOrganizationsHierarchiesTeamsContentRepositoriesSkills &CompetenciesCompliancePerformanceExternalContentCommunitiesof PracticeIndividualLearningPathsAccreditationCertificationRecognitionBadges 15. Upcoming webinars Fundamentals in Competency TrainingWednesday, October 9, 11:00 am -12.00 pm PDT 16. about this presentationFor more information visit