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Agenda AiF understanding and innovation projects

Text of Aif understanding



AIF internship planning (Kln, Deutschland)

National Innovation Agency (Bangkok, Thailand)

Our Past Achievements Transfer project : TIM

(Total Innovation Management, Evaluation and assessment tool for SMEs in Thailand)

Pantapong Tangteerasunun National Innovation Agency

(Bangkok, Thailand) [email protected] +49 (0) 15252123275

Mein Praktikum Planung

Process & Methodology Criteria & Evaluation Business Approach Financial Approach Technical Approach Assessment & Monitoring

Learning & Understanding about AiF and CORNET


Call for proposal

Start evaluation S E

Week 1

Week 2

Project running

S E Week 6

Assessment & Monitoring

Week 3-5 Technical Finance Market Business

IT Paper Plastic ME Textile Ceramic

Area of projects in AiF and CORNET

New proposal Project on process Project final and close

Call for proposal 16 Call for proposal 15 Call for proposal 14-13

Transfer to company and association Week 7-10

16.07.2013 Pantapong Tangteerasunun

National Innovation Agency (Thailand)

NIAs mission is to Support and Develop Thailand innovation projects and innovation system.

NIA functions as the key engine driving national innovation by coordinating, networking, fostering and partnering.

For difference organizations from various field such as academia, technology, industry, finance and investment.

NIA relies on academic and financial support mechanisms to drive and support innovation development

Pantapongs Job

As innovation project manager, I have to evaluate innovation projects applied by Thai firms for financial support from NIA through following activities:

Analyze the technological situation, strong points, future trends, potential resources, challenges and opportunities for the Design and Creativity Innovation in Thailand.

Analyze and evaluate the feasibility study of the innovation, risk in business and key success factors of innovation project.

Develop technology and innovation capability, especially in strategic industry by analyzing and assessing the industry conditions and the innovation potential factors.

Pantapongs Job

Co-create with Thai firms to develop innovation projects after research and development to bring the research or new ideas to commercial market in innovation projects.

Enhance the technical and managerial ability in innovation by providing experts, organizing seminars and encouraging enthusiasm to Thai innovative companies.

Manage the National Innovation Award and the Design Innovation Award for the Innovation Culture Promotion Department of NIA

Support the development of the Total Innovation Management (TIM) to be used as new business excellence framework in order to drive more innovative companies in Thailand.

Robotics for MKs Restaurant JTI Composite Cylinder

BRAVO Electricity Golf Car

4Track People Tracking VRH saving water faucet

walk-in bathtub : which offers benefits for all age groups, but especially for elderly or physically less-abled people. With a walk-in concept and built-in seat, the bath is comfortable to use.

DESIGN: Bathroom Design Co., Ltd. MANUFACTURER: Bathroom Design

Co., Ltd. COUNTRY: Thailand Red dot award


innovation projects

2006 LPG composite & FWM

Quick Release Fixture

RMM & polymer lamp pole

Patent & branding

Cario Bravo

Advance Ceramics

U2 profile press

CQB Simulation System


2008 E3 product

Innovation Project 5 Year : 38 Projects

IAS 3 Year : 12 Services

Income 3 Year : 1,224,000 Baht

Localize Search

2 layer BW

Leather cutter

VRH saving

i-gool bathtub

Electric Injection

This year 2009- 2010 innovation projects

Free point PIN distribution

Dinsow service robotics

The Next ONE

insulator solid core suspension

LPG composite cylinder

Fluorescent nano TiO2


Anti mice ink

I-Zecure Intelligent Safety Accessory

People Counting: Sync Server

Kontrol measurement robot for railway monitoring

New ARGARD Bluetooth

Micro Needle




Ultrasonic Equipment for Physical Therapy

This year 2011 innovation projects

Inno-Scan Palm Vein Biometric

Advance Assault Amphibian Vehicle (AAAV)

CareBot Robot for Vital Signs Monitoring

I-Cap Dispensing Bottle Caps

Nitrogen Generator from Air and Fumigate System

WiBoltz Wireless Power Transmission

xTUAV High Performance Medium UAV

H-Pad Carbon heater sweater BIG BAO Light weight container

with sandwich panel


iPensook Health information online for patient and elderly

This year 2012 innovation projects

Edge Sealing Machine

Horton Drone Turbine Target Drone

i-modular Intelligent Bathroom for Aging Society

4Track Monitor and positioning for personal tracking

SENSIBLETAB Robotic arm trainer device for stroke


MEDGAITBOT Dynamic Walking Rehabilitation Robot

BIG BAO Light weight container for commercial


NIA has commenced a project Total Innovation Management (TIM) since 2010 as a significant measure to assist the constant development of innovative business in entire organizations.

to the right direction while improving more strategic targets,

the value added and business competencies.

The key feature of TIM is to define the innovation as a main mission and the first priority of organizations to drive resources and objectives to achieve long-term and sustainable goals.

Therefore, this tool is regarded as an innovation in organizational management and it is the first time to systematically establish framework, regulations and result measure for total innovative organizations in the future ASEAN community including Thailand.

Total Innovation Managements

Status Transfer Project - Roadmap

Total Innovation Managements

Total Innovation Managements

Total Innovation Management

Objective Activity Output Outcome Impact

1. Encourage company to create and innovate product

Evaluation Diagnosis

- Result of TIM-Tool

- Best practice

- Develop innovative organization

- Drive company to create and develop product

- Capability - Competitiveness

2. Improve innovation capability in Thai & ASEAN

Analysis the results

- Scoring & Ranking company

- Priorities to promote

- Easies access to funding and investment

- Increase to reputation - Reduce cost to attract

staff - Higher sales

- Growth - Employment

Background TIM Tool


1. Self assessment (E-assessment) 2. Interview and company visit 3. Select the main factor and criteria

Leader-ship - Manage and motivation people - Define of manage change - Vision Mission of LDS - Improve innovation

Process - Implement innovation project - Develop new offering - Improve process efficiency - Current performance

Results - Customer Satisfaction - Turn over, Market share - Innovation award - Employee engagement - Productivity - Environment concern

Strategy - Define strategy and action plan

Knowledge - Knowledge M. - Technology Transfer

People - Innovation training - HRD & Engage team