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Special Thematic Project

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  • 1. Special Thematic Map

2. Projects AimsPacking the bags is not the only one thing the traveler has to do before going on the journey. Gathering thenecessary information about the destination is another important thing. Where to go sightseeing? What is thepublic transport system? What dishes are worth tasting? These and many other questions will be answeredwithin our special project Travel Map.The main aims:To create a thematic web area for touristsTo develop a set of tools for communication with the target audience 3. Today12 195 914 44 379 900Users per month Views per month 34 17 000 3,2 26 406 725 8 236527Source data: Liveinternet, Yandex catalogue, August 201420 000PagerankPages peruser40 regional web-sitesThe widest regional coverage3,6 4. Travelers on AIF.ruPurpose:Business 40,5%men 48%, women 52%Leisure 99,3%men 48%, women 52%Budget:Very high 47,3%High 62%Above average 28,9%Average 94,1%Low 1,3%Destination:Europe 50,2%Asia 12,7%Middle East 8,5Oceania 6,7%Carribean 1,8%North America 1,2%South America 0,6%Africa 0,5%Source data: Visual DNA, August-September 2014Type of vacation:Package tourist 8,8%Camping 5,7%Beach fan 16,3%City break fan 13%Spa fan 0,9%Thematic parks 0,4% 5. Project 1. MechanicsAll the content is gathered within the project that has its own short URL and unique design.On the top of each page theres a world map where all the necessary destinations are marked by dots. Byclicking each dot the user can see the text about that destination.Each text is a longread with many multimedia components photos, videos, coubs, infographics, etc.For the content promotion we suggest to use banners and wallpapers on the pages of 6. Project 1. ContentEvery longread about each destination will touch upon the following topics:What sights worth seeingWhat is the public transport systemWhat dishes are worth tastingHow else can a traveler entertain himselfWe suggest to choose a longread format for the text to let users see all the necessary information about thedestination on the same page. If the user want to skip any part of the text he can simply navigate through itusing thematic icons (transport, food, sights, etc.) 7. Special Projects on Our ExperienceOn the 1st of August, 2014 launched thevery first authors project with unique designand navigation 100 years to WW1.The main navigation tool was the timeline withkey dates for WW1. It was situated on the topof each page of the project. Within a click oneach date the map changes: includingcountries borders and places of main battles ofthe period. A user can read more about thosecountries and battles in the pop-up window.In the period of two months the pages of theproject were seen more than 96 thousandstimes.The second special project was Beslans Hell a project which tells us about the events thattook place in one of the schools of Beslan onthe 1st of September, 2004.Longread format has been chosen for thisproject. It also has lots of multimedia contentinside photos and videos.In the period of one month the project wasviewed more than 93 thousands times. 8. Project 2. MechanicsAs an alternative to the Project 1 we suggest a themed story on the pages of The materials will beplaces into theme rubrics, such as Food, Society, etc. Each of these theme stories will be dedicated to somedestination.Media part of the project will consist of:Promotional bannersWallpapers (all the materials of theme story will be branded with the wallpapers and other rubrics will get thewallpapers in dynamicsThe project To Italy for the taste! realized on using the mentioned mechanics has gathered more than33 thousands of views. 9. Project 2. ContentThe materials of the theme story will be done in differentformats: Q&A. articels, infographics.Possible topics:Three unique types of transportFive national dishes that are worth tasting10 myths about SpainEtc. 10. SummaryThe project realized on will allow you: To gather the target audience within the framework of the project To get a set of tools for efficient communication with the target audience To create a positive image of the company 11. Thank you for your attention!

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