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  • MonetizationCraig Relyea, Senior Vice President, Content Strategy and Marketing, LeapFrog Shazia Makhdumi, Global Head of Edu Apps & Games Partnerships, Google

    Bryan Davis, Senior Vice President, Big Blue Bubble Inc.

    Judy Belletti, Co-founder, Bright World eBooks

    Alex Turetsky, Founder and CEO, Intellijoy Warren Buckleitner, Editor, Childrens Technology Review (moderator)

  • PAY DAY Ways you can make money on an app. A brainstorm with Alex

    1. Charge a fee -- "Premium" model $ charge Toca Boca 2. $Freemium -- IAP (very popular) 3. Ads 4. Subscriptions 5. Sponsored -- the app is an advertisement w/product placement 6. Beg (Kickstarter) e.g., Reading Rainbow $6 million 7. Venture, gov. Or foundation funded. Get a grant writer. 8. Commerce (toys/book/device/Funded Tiggly) 9. Organized Crime

  • Fall 2007

    15 families, 60 minutes of self recorded footage

  • Rich kids have iPhones and iPads with data plans.

    Poor kids have clunky 7 inch Android tablets. Or nothing.


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    Kids know passwords and download free apps. Most are smarter than we think.

    But they like candy, pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows, and dont always choose broccoli.

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    From Catherine Allens Dust folder during Dust or Magic AppCamp

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    Time bombs

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    How to fit in.....

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  • 63K downloads/month (Aug 15)

    Earnings: $21,000,

    Worth $2.6 million (sensorTower)

  • The app stores help guide children to these types of experiences.

    They dont do crime, but they drive the getaway car.

  • Intermittent Reinforcement Crash Course

    From Skinners behaviorism. Part of operant conditioning. You get a treat at irregular intervals.

    It works. It is used by casinos, dog trainers, my wife and first grade teachers.

    Its why you check your email. Sometimes, but not every time, the behavior produces a reward. So you check again. It can turn you into a click mule.

  • Freemium business model

    Is dangling the fun in front of the kid. Just when they start to get to the fun, you pull it away. Bjorn Jeffrey

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    Like taking candy (and time) from a kid

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  • What should be done?

    Show the real price on the app icon both in terms of the number of dollars/hour; and the number of childhood minutes. Danger this app could remove up to 60 hours from your childs life.

    Child appropriate labeling (whats inside).

    Make apps youd want your own children to play.


  • Is the vast wasteland getting worse?


  • Star Girls Objectives To provide a solid play experience.

    To get you to share on Facebook

    To make money by getting you to buy, even if by tricking you

    To propagate like a virus (by keeping you on by any means, using cheap thrills and operant conditioning).

  • The Golden Rule or Ethic of Reciprocity

    "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

    One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself

    One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated.

  • The ethic of reciprocity adapted for digital


    Do unto the children of others as you would have them do to your children.

    Keynote models

  • Would I let my own kids download my own app?

    (or the apps Im selling?)

    Keynote models

  • The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children.

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer