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  • 8/9/2019 Total Quality TQM


    By: Gurwinder Kaur

  • 8/9/2019 Total Quality TQM


    Total Quality

    Management(TQM)TQM is known as customer Driven Quality management.It is a philosophy that focuses not only on customers , but also onwork processes and continuous learning.TQM is a process that recognize the need to determine thecustomers requirement.Total quality is the goal and continuous improvement is mean toachieve that goal.It focuses primarily on total satisfaction for both the internal andexternal customers , with in a management environment that seeks

    involving everyone and everything.

  • 8/9/2019 Total Quality TQM


    Tot al: Quality involves everyone and allactivities in the company.Quali t y: Conformance to requirements(Meetingcustomer requirement)Managemen t : Quality can and must bemanaged (Manage men tactfully who areresponsible for all the functions that lead to totalquality )

  • 8/9/2019 Total Quality TQM


    TQM is defined as a process for managingquality; it must be a continuous way of life

    ;a philosophy of perpetual improvement ineverything we do.

  • 8/9/2019 Total Quality TQM


    ISO 8402:1994

    TQM is a philosophy for managing anorganization in a way which enables it to

    meet stakeholder needs and expectationsefficiently and effectively,withoutcompromising ethical values.

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    TQM as a foundation

    TQM is the foundation for activities which include:Meeting customer requirementReducing Development cycle time

    Just-in-timeImprovement teamsReducing product and service costs

    Improving Administrative Systems training .

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    P rinciples of TQM

    The principles of TQM are as follows:Quality can and must be managedEveryone has a customer and is a supplier

    P rocesses , not people are the problem.Every employee is responsible for qualityP roblems must be prevented not just fixedQuality must be measuredQuality improvement must be continuous

    The quality standards is defect freeGoals are based on requirements, not negotiatedManagement must be involved and lead

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    TQM steps

    The ten steps to TQM are as follows:P ursue new strategic thinkingKnow your customer

    Set true customer requirementsConcentrate on prevention , not correctionReduce chronic wasteP ursue a continuous improvement strategyUse structured methodology for process improvement

    Reduce variationUse a balanced approach

    Apply to all functions

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    W hat does six sigma means?

    Six sigma is a process which identifies a defectsand faults with in the working systems and

    processes the company. It tries to reduce themto the minimum. It initiates towards goal defining , fault finding , performance measuring , processcontrolling etc. in a company.

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    The six sigma name was coined by Motorola, inc. and is a federallyregistered trademark and service mark of Motorola, inc.Under The current definition of six sigma, the term also is used to

    refer to a philosophy, goal or methodology to derive out waste,

    improve quality, cost and the time performance of any business.The greater the number of sigmas, the fewer is the defects.The smaller the variation, the lower the cost.The best organizations operate at about Three to four sigma,whichtranslates into about 6200 defects per million.

    In the true environment, defects would be driven down to only 3.4per million.

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    The MethodologiesThere are basically two six sigma methodologies:

    For improvementFor the design of a product, service or process.

    Six sigma Improvement and design of product are based on thefoundation of D-M-A-I-C cycle, which is as follows:

    D efine : Identifying , prioritizing and selecting the right project.Measure : key product, service or process characteristics , parameters

    and performance.Analyze : By identifying key causes and process determinants.Impr ov e : By changing the process and optimizing performance.Co n t r o l : By holding the gains.

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    Six sigma belts

    There are four levels in six sigma training and each beltdefine expertise in each level:

    Yellow beltGreen beltBlack beltMaster belt

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    1) Yellow Belt (YB) the lowest level of Six Sigma expertise; appliesto a professional who has a basic working knowledge and who maymanage smaller process impovement projects, but who does notfunction as a project or team leader.2) Green Belt (GB ) in many organizations, Six Sigma's "entrylevel"; a Six Sigma-trained (and sometimes certified) professionalwho does not work on Six Sigma projects exclusively, but whoseduties include leading projects and teams and implementing SixSigma methodology at the project level.3) Black Belt (BB) a Six Sigma-trained professional who has

    usually completed an examination and been certified in its methods;all job duties include implementation of Six Sigma methodologythroughout all levels of the business, leading teams and projects,and providing Six Sigma training and mentoring to Green andYellow Belts .

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    4) Master Black Belt (MBB) the highest level of Six Sigmaexpertise; all duties involve implementation of Six Sigma, includingstatistical analysis, strategic and policy planning andimplementation, and training and mentoring of Black Belts.

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    Story of Dibbawalas

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    Adabbawala literally meaning person with a box , is aperson in the Indian city of Mumbai who is employed in aunique service industry whose primary business iscollecting the freshly cooked food in lunch boxes fromthe residences of the office workers , delivering it to their respective workplaces and returning back the emptyboxes by using various modes of transport. " Tiffin" is anold-fashioned English word for a light lunch or afternoon

    snack, and sometimes for the box it is carried in. For thisreason, the dabbawala s are sometimes called TiffinWallahs .

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    5000 Dabbawalas200,000 DabbasSix sigma certifiedISO 2000 certifiedMost are illitrateLecture MBAsNo strikes for 116 years

    P rince Charles friendP ride of MarathasIcon of hard work

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