Using emerging technology to engage students

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Presentation forming part of a workshop at the Association of Learning Development in Higher Education CPD event on 14 January 2011


  • 1. Using emerging technologiesto engage students
    Stuart Johnson & Marta Ulanicka
    University of Leicester
  • 2. Were on the fringes
  • 3. Needy students will seek us out
  • 4. Traditional advertising reaches a few more
  • 5. There has been massive growth in social media
    Numbers represent unique visitors. Data from
  • 6. If Facebook were a country
  • 7. So were using social media
    *NB. Facebook pagenot group
  • 8. to help us reach many more
  • 9. Students can communicate with us
  • 10. Students can communicate with us
  • 11. Students can communicate with us
  • 12. Students can communicate with us
  • 13. and they tell their friends about us
  • 14. and they tell their friends about us
    I think that the Facebook page is a great idea and I have since spread the word to mates and got them to join
  • 15. who then follow our social media
  • 16. And the number of Likes increases
  • 17. and so does the number using our services
  • 18. But rather than them coming to us
    they give us permission to go to them
  • 19. Our website traffic has gone up
  • 20. *Facebook fan dashboard
    But, meaningful content is vital
    Page admins who post meaningful contentwill retain fans, while admins who post spammy or low-quality material will lose fans and subscribers*
  • 21. News and events feeds we automate
  • 22. Tone of voice is important too
  • 23. But most of what we say is proactive
  • 24. And its having an impact here
    This happens a lot
    This never happens
    This sometimes happens
  • 25. And here
  • 26. They still like email!
    We have >4,000 signed up
    We needed to subscribe to a mailing list manager
    The reports are very useful
  • 27. Email tips
    Make it easy to subscribe
    Allow public sharing if possible
    Dont email more than you say you will
    Say one thing at a time
    Learn from the reports
    Make it easy to unsubscribe
  • 28. Tips to engage*
    Start a conversation
    Quick, direct and simple
    Attach, attach, attach!
    Announce, remind, excite
    Its about time
    Its not a magic bullet
    They can turn us off
    * Courtesy of David Morgan, see
  • 29. What weve learnt
    We're definitely reaching more students this way
    A base of RSSnews and events feeds is a good start
    But you've got to invest in conversations
    Our helpdesk staff do a great job
    Distance learners like it too


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