Feedback to Engage Students

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PowerPoint PresentationFeedback to engage Students Vedrana Vojkovi EstatievParis, TESOL France Colloquium, November 20151Whos this?OverviewWriting in English4Motivational impact of online feedbackAll quotes from: Packham G., Jones P., Thomas B. & Miller C. (2006). Student and Tutor Perspectives ofOn-line Moderation. Education and Training, 48(4), pp.241-251. Doi: 10.1108/00400910610671915Discussion forum - interaction Discussion forum - summaryLearning journal entriesFeedback on journal entries - commentsInvolve assistant moderatorsCorrective feedback on written work how much?Corrective feedback toolsPodcasting toolsvocaroo.comPodcasting with VocarooScreencasting tools screencastomatic.comScreencasting with ScreencastomaticExample screencastInteractive tools kaizena.comKaizena and technology 19Kaizena installationKaizena mini add-on as seen in browserKaizena mini add-on in Google DocsWorking in a documentTypes of feedbackvoice comments, text comments, links to other contentTracking changesSimple revision historyDetailed revision historyBenefits of Kaizena Student viewsThanks very much for your attention!Ill also be happy to answer any additional questions


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