How to Engage Students

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How to Engage Students . Strategies for engaging students attention and active participation. Ways to get attention Ways to focus attention Ways to keep attention Ways to keep attention during seat work. Ways to get attention. Seat students close to you for direct instruction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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How to Engage Students

Strategies for engaging students attention and active participationWays to get attentionWays to focus attentionWays to keep attentionWays to keep attention during seat work.

Ways to get attentionSeat students close to you for direct instructionModel excitementGenerate discussion Use mystery and playfulnessEstablish a system of signaling cues:Auditory cuesVisual signalsRoutine phrasesEye contact

Ways to focus attentionIncorporate presentationsExplain the purposeMove around in the classroomProject your voiceTeach thematically whenever possibleIncorporate visual techniques such as:ColorPositioning studentsWriting key words or picturesIllustratingPointing to written materialUsing overhead projectorBlockingunwanted material

Ways to keep attentionBe well-preparedFormat lessons using a variety of questioningIncrease student responsesVary the way you call upon studentsUse higher-level questioning techniquesAsk students to write their best guess firstUtilize peer help such as the:Pair-share formatCooperative learning groupsGroup or responsesProvide materials such as:Individual journalsPre-made response cardsResponse fanPartial outlinesComputer programs

Ways to keep attention during seat workGive manageable amount of work Check if students understand directionsMake sure supplies are availableAssign study buddiesUse private cues Scan the class frequentlyProvide examples for referenceUse behavior modification techniques

What happens when you try to engage students by floating a question during class? Silence? The same eager student anxious to answer? Most of the students not thinking about the question but just hoping that you won't call on them? What can we do to make students more actively engaged with the material during lecture in order to improve student learning?

Teaching StrategiesThe jigsaw techniqueThe gallery walkEffective discussionConcept sketches Case studiesDebatesJust-in-time teachingRole Playing

Dividing students into groups, allowing them to learn about the topic, re-dividing into mixed groups, allowing each member to discuss their topic.The Jigsaw techniqueThe Gallery Walk

Devising several questions/problems at a different table or at a different place on the walls. Students form as many groups as there are questions, and each group moves from question to question.

Discussion is an excellent way to engage students in thinking and analyzing or in defending one side of an issue, rather than listening to lecture. Students must also respond to one another, rather than interacting intellectually only with the instructor.Effective DiscussionSketches or diagrams that are concisely annotated with short statements that describe the processes, concepts, and interrelationships shown in the sketch.Concept Sketches

Case Study: The presentation of students with a problem to solve that revolves around a story (the "case"). Good case studies give the students considerable latitude in deciding how to solve the problem.Case StudiesDebates force students to deal with complexity and "gray areas.They can also help provide relevancy of course material to everyday issues. Debates also improve student's oral communication skills.Debates

Just-in-time teachingRole-PlayingA way of engaging students in course material before class and preparing them to come to class and participate actively during class.

A well-constructed role-playing or simulation exercise can emphasize the real world and require students to become deeply involved in a topic.

As you enter a classroom ask yourself this question: "If there were no students in the room, could I do what I am planning to do?" If your answer to the question is yes, don't do it.

Gen. Ruben Cubero, Dean of The Faculty, United States Air Force Academy

Power to You!Good luck to you all!