How to Recruit, Retain, and Engage Students using Social Media

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How to Recruit, Retain, & Engage Students Using Social MediaHow to Recruit, Retain, & Engage Students Using Social MediaNell EckersleyLiteracy Assistance Center Agenda What is Social Media?18-29 Years Olds and Social MediaFocus on Tools FacebookInstagramLinkedIn2This PowerPoint is available here: 2What is Social Media?Social media includes web-based and mobile based technologies which are used to turn communication into interactive dialogue among organizations, communities, and individuals. --Wikipedia3 Skills for the Future (NOW)4Web 2.05TAGGING Is ConnectingHow to Use Hashtags on Every Social Media Network6APPS Vs BrowserSocial media tools developed after the wide use of smart phones often have more functionality in the app version than the web browser version. Instagram is a good example of this. For other Social Media tools it can be the opposite. Facebook is a good example of this. The key is to try out both. And they are always changing 7Social Media toolSAs of August 2015, online 18-29 year olds:82% use Facebook 55% use Instagram37% use Pinterest32% use Twitter22% use LinkedIn 88In their own words 9FACEBOOK10What is Facebook?Originally a form of online yearbookNow a social media platform for sharing all kinds of information11why use FacebookPublic or Private platformShare information about your program, about your students, about yourself people how to use it for Good 12Facebook ToolsToolsPagesGroupsEventsCausesNotesPhotosLikeMany other AppsSecurity and PrivacyDont do on Facebook what you wouldnt do in real lifeUnfriend as you needSet up groups to control who sees whatReview privacy settings frequently13Facebook Profile 14Facebook Pages 15Facebook GroupS 16FacebookGroupsClasses Small group projectsPagesOrganizationAgency Groups & PagesFacebook Group or Page?Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn Groups?18INSTAGRAM19What is Instagram?Photo & video sharing toolApp has more functionality than browser versionAdditional apps allow for even more functionality (like reposting)20why use Instagram?Most actively used tool by 18-29 year oldsAllows people to share photos or videosa picture is worth a 1000 words, without other information being sharedAllows people to follow Instagram accounts that interest themAllows users to comment on and tag imagesDid I mention filters?21Instagram ToolsHumans of New YorkFive Essential Instagram TipsHow do you use Instagram for Business?2223LINKEDIN24What is Linkedin?A place to Connect with other people in a professional networkList your work and education experienceJoin groups that relate to professional or special interestsDemonstrate skills and knowledge25why use LinkedinHelp your students develop social capitalHelp your students develop their resumesPromote your programDevelop and maintain an Alumni Group of former students that current students can connect with262627LinkedIn toolsProfile Checklist for Students10 LinkedIn Tips for Students and New GradsBuild a personal website from a LinkedIn profile using StrikinglyLinkedIn Resume Builder7 Ways to Create an Awesome LinkedIn Group28LinkedIn Groups29My contact infoNell EckersleyEmail: Twitter: contact info3030


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