How Twitter Helps Engage, Ignite & Inspire Students !

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How Twitter Helps Engage, Ignite & Inspire Students ! Mary Beth Kurilko @ girlmeetsweb Interim Director, Professional Communication Philadelphia University. How many of you. Tweet about teaching & learning? Have used Twitter as a class tool? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>How Twitter Helps Engage, Ignite &amp; Inspire Students!</p> <p>Mary Beth Kurilko@girlmeetsweb Interim Director, Professional CommunicationPhiladelphia University </p> <p>How many of you.</p> <p>Tweet about teaching &amp; learning?</p> <p>Have used Twitter as a class tool?</p> <p>Who can name one of the top three big news stories first reported on Twitter? We cant find enough qualified candidates who are comfortable in the digital space to fill the positions we have.</p> <p>Kim Tingler, Human Resources, NBC Universal Digital Media (IRTS seminar, NYC, November 2011) </p> <p> Goal 1: </p> <p>Build a robust, professional online presence/resume.</p> <p>Goal 2: </p> <p>Market intelligence. Make meaning from information, curate &amp; synthesize. In-class activities</p> <p>Tweet breaksLast 5 minsLive-tweet film</p> <p> Goal 3: </p> <p>Capture more topic ideas in alternate format. Class camaraderie. Friendships develop IRL.</p> <p>Now You!</p>


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