Lucas Gillispie - WoWinSchool: How to use WoW and MMORPGs to Engage Students

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What happens in the classroom when learning becomes a heroic journey? Rather than desks and chalkboards, what if students had quests and guilds? Going beyond simply swapping grades with badges and achievements, Lucas Gillispie, founder of the WoWinSchool Project, will share the journey he and other adventurous educators have begun using World of Warcraft and other MMORPGs to engage students in a playful approach to practicing reading and writing skills. Along the way student-heroes are becoming better communicators, leaders, and connecting with a global audience.


  • 1. Or ,What Happens To SchoolWhen Learners Become Heroes

2. Lucas GillispieInstructional TechnologyCoordinatorPender County SchoolsBurgaw, North CarolinaOn Twitter:@PCSTech 3. 4. Craig LawsonLiteracy CoachWest Pender Middle SchoolBurgaw, North CarolinaOn Twitter: @midlawsondle 5. Peggy SheehyInstructional Technology andMedia SpecialistRamapo Central SchoolsSuffern, New YorkOn Twitter:@peggysheehy 6. School Sucks... 7. This kid is a level 90 HumanPaladin, coordinating andleading raids of 25 peoplethrough complex dungeonchallenges at home. 8. School Should BeTHAT Engaging! 9. + = ? 10. #wowinschool 11. An Elective/Enrichment Class forMiddle & High School Students 12. Blended/Hybrid CoursePaperlessPortableGranularFreely AvailableOriginally built inMigrated to: 13. Aligned to NationalCommon Core Standards 14. Gamifying The Classroom 15. HeroesNot Students 16. Lore Keepers NotTeachers 17. Instead of Grades 18. experience points (XP)I Win The Class 19. Quests - Not Assignments 20. Learner Choice 21. Stats and Achievements 22. Some StudentProjects 23. Character Tweets 24. Propaganda/Ads 25. Bilbo - The Rogue by BorconyxI think that Bilbo would be a rogue, considering that his nickname is Burglar Baggins. I think thisbecause "stealth is the first class ability a rogue can get"(Rogue 1).Stealth is needed to be a good burglar because you cant wake the guards and you can`t make noise orthe alarms will go off. Even Gandalf stated that " you look more like a burglar than a grocer"(Tolkien 18).Plus, Bilbo is smart. I think that would make him a rogue because rogues are intelligent enough to knowthat when you turn invisible that you need to be quiet because going invisible doesnt mean they can`thear you.Works Cited"Rogue Talents." WoWWiki. N.p., n.d. Web. 4 Jan 2011..Tolkien, J.R.R. The Hobbit. New York: Del Rey Books, 1937. 320. Print.Research/Argumentative Writing 26. Writing Mission StatementsThe purpose of this guild is to encourage students to learn about fantasyliterature, games, and writing. The Legacy gives students from around the worldthe opportunity to play the epic game, "World of Warcraft." We make everyeffort to join together as a team and show that that we are eager, fearless, andvictorious to make things happen. Learning through writing, games, storiesand fantasy literature is something students will never forget. Monchy 27. Global Tours For Educators 28. Holiadore. It is a name of honor and pride. He has not yetlived up to the dream, but this night elf will train and train inthe ways of the druid until he achieves his ultimate goal- tobe as good as his father. His father never had pride in himso Holiadore ran away from home as a child and haspracticed the ways of the druid ever since. He uses theskins of his foes to craft armor to use against stronger foes.He goes through many perils to do the bidding of thetownspeople. He, in doing so, trains his abilities until theycan increase no more. And when he reaches his ultimategoal, he will return to the place where he was raised, theplace that, once, his family lived. And he will place flowersupon his fathers grave, and continue in his practices. Thisis the story of Holiadore.Fan Fiction 29. Challenges 30. SCHOOLS ARESTRUGGLING TOBREAK FREE OFINDUSTRIAL-AGEMODELS OFINSTRUCTION 31. HIGH-STAKESTESTING IS STIFLINGCREATIVE TEACHERS 32. FUNDING 33. Opportunities 34. THE CONVERSATIONHAS BEGUN! 35. WERE GROWING! 36. Our Heroes Will Lead The Way 37. Questions?