Best Teaching Practices to Engage Your Students

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<ul><li>1.What is Reading in aParticipatory Culture?Being conservative in content, we can be radical inapproach</li></ul> <p>2. What is Reading in a Participatory Culture?New Media affords new practices How would Jay Gatsby speak? What if Jay Gatsby hadnt taken the blame for Myrtles death, how would the othersact? What would each of them write in 140 characters over a couple of days ofstorytelling, especially if this story were of todays American Dream instead of the1920s? 3. What is Reading in aParticipatory Culture?Nature of Expertise has changed 4. What is Reading in aParticipatory Culture?Media production model4 Cs of Participatory Designexplored through Narrative Create artifacts for self-expression and as objects to learn with. Connect with other learners of shared interests to affiliate with a domain. Circulate content to engender shared knowledge networks. Collaborate on design activities to foster co- configured expertise 5. In developing a new eBookIm ExploringWhat a sense of place means in a hybridsociety 6. What a sense of place means in a hybridsociety 7. What a sense of place means in a hybridsociety 8. What a sense of place means in a hybridsocietyRoute 66 as a journey of the we narrative 9. The relationship between Route 66 and Grapes ofWrath 10. All great questions must be raised by great voices, and the greatest voice is the voice of thepeoplespeaking outin prose, or painting or poetry or music; speaking outin homes andhalls, streets and farms, courts and cafeslet that voice speak and the stillness you hear willbe the gratitude of mankind.(Robert F. Kennedy, Address, 10th Anniversary Convocation Center for Study of Democratic Institutions of the Fund for the Republic, New York City, January 22,1963) </p>


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