The Parish Family of - St. Catharine Church, Spring Lake 2 513 St. Catharine ¢â‚¬â€‌St. Margaret Parish

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  • The Parish Family of

    St. Catharine and St. Margaret Spring Lake, New Jersey

    Rev. Harold F. Cullen, Pastor

    Twenty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

    September 4, 2016

    Mass Schedule

    St. Catharine Church 215 Essex Ave, Spring Lake, NJ 07762

    Saturday: 5 PM

    Sunday: 7 AM, 9 AM, 10:30 AM

    Monday- Saturday (except Wednesday): 8 AM

    Friday & Saturday: 6:45 AM

    St. Catharine Chapel Sunday: 12 Noon

    Wednesday: 8 AM & 12 Noon

    Monday - Friday 12 Noon

    St. Margaret Church 300 Ludlow Ave. Spring Lake, NJ 07762

    Saturday: 4.00PM

    Sunday: 8:30 AM, 10 AM, 11:30 AM

    Sacrament of Reconciliation St. Catharine Chapel, Saturday 3:30– 4:30PM

    St. Margaret Church, Saturday 3:00 – 3:45 PM


    Parish Directory Rev. Harold F. Cullen PhD, Pastor

    Rev. William Dunlap, Associate Pastor

    Rev. Charles Weiser, Senior Priest

    Rev Dennis Gallagher, Weekend Assistant

    Rev John Morley, Weekend Assistant

    Rev Martin Padovani, Weekend Assistant

    Rev William Dowd, Weekend Assistant

    Edward Jennings, Deacon

    Dr. John Little, Deacon

    Rich Baier, Buildings

    Richard Cambron, special projects

    Tammy Sablom, Religious Education

    Steve Kenny, Family Ministry Coordinator

    Sister Margaret Tierney, SC Pastoral Care

    Lisa DeFillippo Cole, Business Manager

    NEW PARISHIONERS: Welcome! We encourage all new families who

    move into St. Catharine - St. Margaret Parish to

    call the rectory to register in the parish.

  • 2 513 St. Catharine—St. Margaret Parish Family

    Members of our Parish who have family or

    friends in the service have given us their

    names which can be found in our

    Remembrance books in both churches in front

    of one of the side altars. We encourage you to stop there,

    say a prayer for those listed and for all our service people.

    To add a name to our prayer list, please call Barbara

    732-449-5392 or Karen 732-685-7065 or

    Please remember our sick: Bridget

    Maguire, Mary Galvin, Kevin Martin, Ed Kenny,

    Baby John Gondak, Jim Steidlymayer, Nick

    Constantini, Dale and Betty Wainwright,

    Norman Lloyd, Agnes Marlowe, Charles Williams, Jill

    Heck, Dr. John Crocco, Msgr. James J. Finnerty, Joann

    Dolan, Cheryl Perkins, Susan Ferraro, Brendan

    McWeeney, Henry Schroeder, Bob Patrignelli**

    Please pray for the deceased: Mary Kurtz,

    Gertrude Finn, Dick Gearing, Nino Caridi, Peter Cheche,

    Cecylia Bugno, Madonna Therese Kelly, Cynthia Falana,

    Joan Piga, Marie Pozyc, Joan Micioni, James Kerr,

    Robert S. Meehan**

    Names remain on the sick and deceased at the request of

    parishioners for one month (4 weeks). If extended prayers

    are needed, please send a note or call. Thank you..

    Bishop’s Anniversary Blessing All couples celebrating their 1st, 25th or 50+ wedding

    anniversary during the 2016 calendar year are invited

    to gather with family and friends to share the

    Eucharist, renew their sacred wedding vows, and

    receive Bishop O’Connell’s Episcopal Blessing.

    Anniversary couples from Ocean and Monmouth

    Counties may register through the parish to attend the

    Sunday, October 2, 2016 Mass and Blessing at 3:00

    pm at St. Robert Bellarmine Parish in Freehold

    (registration deadline is Sept. 15, 2016).

    ~MASS INTENTIONS~ ST. CATHARINE CHURCH MONDAY, September 5 8:00 AM Christopher Tierney 12:00 PM (Chapel) Dr. Nicholas E. Hatrak TUESDAY, September 6 8:00 AM Leona Weertz 12:00 PM (Chapel) Ted Foley WEDNESDAY, September 7 8:00 AM (Chapel) George Hickey Kit Crowley, 1st Annv. Joan Zarb Frattalone Tom Byrne Mary Ellen Harris Joseph Bich Nguyen 12:00 PM (Chapel) Kit Crowley THURSDAY, September 8 8:00 AM Joan Spinozzi 12:00 PM (Chapel) David George Santich FRIDAY, September 9 6:45 AM Christopher Brown 8:00 AM Richard Petroski Paul Reynolds John A. Schmidt, Sr. Charles E. Bowers, Sr. Gerald Ihde Lenny Matuch 12:00 PM (Chapel) Francis & Margaret Walsh, 65th Wedd. Annv. SATURDAY, September 10 6:45 AM Patrick J. Gleason 8:00 AM Suzanne Hudson Mele 5:00 PM People of the Parish SUNDAY, September 11 7:00 AM Those who died in 911 9:00 AM Jack Ryan 10:30 AM Paul Keating 12:00 PM (Chapel) Donald W. Robertson, Jr. ST. MARGARET CHURCH SATURDAY, September 10 4:00 PM Guido Spinozzi Family

    SUNDAY, September 11 8:30 AM Stephen Driscoll, NYPD 9-11-01 WTC 10:00 AM Suzanne H. Mele 11:30 AM Kay & John Adams Peg & Jerry Dolan

    Mission of Mercy Update

    Please pray for Father Henry Lunninze who was

    just ordained in Uganda. He is pictured here

    with a Mass kit that was donated by Deacon Ed

    Jennings who has been assisting him since he

    has been in the seminary. He also received a

    chalice engraved in Memory of Patrick

    Scatourchio and a ciborium in Memory of

    Deacon Ed's family.

    Choir practice will resume the evening of Thursday, September 8th in the Convent.. Please contact Jarred Tafaro, Director of Sacred Music, for more details.

    Father Moses Otom received

    a mass kit and book to assist

    him in Uganda. The mass kit

    was donated in memory of

    Tim Ryan.

  • 3 513 St. Catharine—St. Margaret Parish Family

    Two weeks ago, I wrote in this bulletin about the Ignatian

    form of prayer known as the Examen. Several people

    responded that they found it useful and helpful. So much

    so that I decided to write this week about another form of

    prayer that I personally find compatible and uplifting. It is

    a form of prayer that was well known to the ancient Irish

    monks, as they sat in their remote and desolate monastic


    This form of prayer, like all methods of prayer is rooted in

    interior silence. It is based on the premise that union with

    God is the goal of all believers – not just in this life but

    also in eternity. This form of prayer is sometimes referred

    to as “Centering Prayer”. Its primary Scriptural basis is

    the saying of Jesus in Matthew 6:6, “If you want to pray,

    enter your room, shut the door and pray to your Father

    who is in secret, and your Father who sees in secret, will

    reward you.”

    This form of prayer is based on this admonition of Jesus:

    1. to let go of external circumstances and their turmoil,

    2. To let go of the interior noise of your thoughts and

    feelings, symbolized by “closing the door”

    3. The third movement takes place when our awareness

    joins the hidden God in the silence and the secrecy where

    God actually dwells within us and is waiting for us. You

    could say that this praying in secret seems to be Jesus’

    term for what later became known in Christian tradition as


    But do not be dissuaded by this term into thinking that

    that kind of prayer is for mystics and monks. It is a

    prayer for everyone who wishes to surrender

    themselves and consent to God.

    We tend to identify ourselves with the constant flow of

    thoughts and feelings that course through our

    consciousness. In this form of prayer, we withdraw our

    attention from the ordinary flow of thoughts and feelings,

    and connect with that deeper level of consciousness that

    has been described as the underlying river or stream on

    which our thoughts, our images, our memories and our

    feelings and inner experiences are all resting and flowing.

    This level of ourselves is the deeper spiritual level of

    ourselves where we encounter the very presence of God

    himself, and where we participate in his very Being.

    To facilitate letting go of thoughts and external

    phenomena, , assume a comfortable position. Choose a

    place that is quiet so as not to be distracted by external

    noises. This form of prayer is a consenting and

    surrendering to God. It does not require, and does not use

    words. In this form of prayer, words are an obstacle –

    even pious thoughts and feelings.

    In practical terms, here is how it happens

    Close your eyes and choose a sacred word that expresses

    your intention of opening, consenting and surrendering to

    God. This could be the name of Jesus, or any word of one

    or two syllables that expresses your intention of opening,

    consenting and surrendering to God’ presence. Focus deep

    down within yourself beyond the level of your thoughts,

    memories, experiences to that stream of being below all

    these experiences. The sacred word you have chosen

    simply affirms your intention to consent to God’s presence

    and your awareness of your spiritual level of being. Do

    not say the word out loud; say it silently in you mind and

    think of it a