The Efficient Practice Dr. David L. Lawrence, RFC ®, AIF ®

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Building an Efficient Practice

The Efficient PracticeDr. David L. Lawrence, RFC, AIF

We were the first and we are still the best. Inour unusual and personalComprehensiveapproach, we assist you in realizing additional profits by applying proven successfulbusiness operations from a variety of tactical perspectives to your firm. That will allow you to make efficient use of your resources in ways you may never have been aware. We do this by having an incredible knowledge bank of best practices, taking the time to learn everything about your business operations, making recommendations based on your goals and, finally, if you chose, implementing with on-going support.We offer more than just coaching. We want to ensure that your path to increased profit gets implemented if that is what you decide you want.1The Profit-Driven Architecture

1.) Efficient ManagementStaff hiring and management

Three-step Hiring SystemThree-step Mgmt System

32.) Efficient Technology

Technological Systems Efficiency is when all of your technical systems (i.e.. computers, software, printers, scanners, servers, website, email, phone system, messaging systems and in-office communication systems are all working together, communicate with each other and share data seamlessly.

43.) Process

Most practices begin as a one-person shop and expand from there. Thus, the need for operational standards or written procedures may not be recognized until the need becomes so great that drastic steps must be taken to fix problems as they arise. 54.) Design Efficiency

A financial practice office space is more than just the layout of the offices. It is more than just the placement of furniture and equipment. It is the combination of these elements with the goal of creating a productive and harmonious workplace with positive energy flow that promotes a homogeneous environment that is beneficial to staff and inviting to clients. 6The Profit-Driven Architecture

A new paradigmThe significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them. -Albert Einstein

You do not have to face these challenges aloneWe can helpFinancial practice consultants Comprehensive Evaluations Management Coaching Technology Consulting Training programs Efficiency Implementation Ongoing Support Services Merging Practice Support Succession

27+ years of experienceCall us now at: (888) 694-6171 (Toll-Free)

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