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Student Investigators (SI) Susan Hoban, Coordinator [email protected]

Student Investigators (SI)

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Student Investigators (SI). Susan Hoban, Coordinator [email protected] Current SIs. Angel Garlant, NAU-Imaging Mentor, Lisa Gaddis Project, “Lunar Vulcanism” Status: completing internship this spring. Garlant with poster at recent LPSC, courtesy Gaddis. Current SIs, continued. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Student Investigators(SI) Susan Hoban, [email protected]

  • Current SIsAngel Garlant, NAU-ImagingMentor, Lisa GaddisProject, Lunar VulcanismStatus: completing internship this springGarlant with poster at recent LPSC, courtesy Gaddis

  • Current SIs, continuedAdam Brown, Univ. of Maryland, Small BodiesMentor: Tony FarnhamProject: Dust Dynamics of 9P/Tempel 1Status: completing internship this summerBrown, mountain climbing over winter break, courtesy Brown

  • Recruiting for Fall 2013Time to recruit for upcoming cohortStudents are resident at the NodePDS supports the student stipends for two full years (part time during academic year; full time in summer)So starting this fall, student would be supported through the end of Summer 2015PDS supports travel to one scientific meeting of the Mentors choice during this 2-year periodTypically DPS or AGU, but not limited to those choicesTypically in second year, when student has something to report.

  • ProcessNodes request applications and choose the studentOnce chosen by the Node, the student is put in contact with Susan at MGMT Node for payroll processingStudents are hired through UMBC as hourly workersStudents work with Mentors at the NodesStudents report in with Susan monthly (via telecon)Students prepare a project proposal, typically submitted in January, but timeframe is negotiable

  • Maybe this time? Perhaps additional Nodes would like to participate?Advantages:PDS SI handles payroll paperwork (Node mentor signs timesheet)PDS SI handles travel paperwork (arrangements & reimbursement) when it comes time to go to the conferenceNode gains a consistent intern two years. Thats long enough to get something done!Student learns the ins-&-outs of PDS

    If not, Susan would like to consider an NSF-style summer experience for undergraduates for summer 2014.