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Paranormal Investigators Western Oregon Organization of Paranormal Investigators woopi-paranormal-investigators.webs.com 541-619-0471

Paranormal Investigators

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Paranormal Investigators. Western Oregon Organization of Paranormal Investigators woopi-paranormal-investigators.webs.com 541-619-0471. Outline. Types of Paranormal Investigators Is it a science? Types of haunting How to choose a paranormal team Types of Activity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Paranormal InvestigatorsWestern Oregon Organization of Paranormal Investigatorswoopi-paranormal-investigators.webs.com541-619-0471

  • OutlineTypes of Paranormal InvestigatorsIs it a science?Types of hauntingHow to choose a paranormal teamTypes of ActivityGhost hunting equipment: Capabilities and LimitationsJoining W.O.O.P.I.

  • Types of Paranormal Investigators Ufologists - Study unidentified flying objects (MUFON)

    Cryptizoologists - Seeks animals whose existence has yet been proven Bigfoot (Sasquatch), Chupacabra, Mothman Each year 1,000s of new species found

    Ghost Hunters - Investigate locations reportedly haunted by ghosts

  • Is ghost-hunting a science?

  • Types of HauntingsTeams tend to view the types of haunts differently

    Residual Haunting Like a recording playing over and over again The type of haunt will not interact with people Intelligent Spirits This type of haunt may communicate with investigators in some manner Poltergeist Activity German for noisy ghost Potentially out of control psychokinesis Demonic Extremely rare Often has a wretched smell

  • How to choose a paranormal teamto investigate your home or businessNot all paranormal teams are created equal. It doesnt mean that one team is better than another, they are just different. ALL TEAMS are dealing with THEORY no team can certify a location to be haunted. They may be able to provide evidence a person, place or thing is possibly haunted. Only you can determine what team would be a good fit for you. Dont be afraid to interview the team first, you will be opening up yourself home/business to these people.

  • Question:What is the best ghost hunting tool?EMF DetectorHD ZOOM RecorderEcto GogglesGiga-MeterThe Human Body

  • The Human BodyFive physical senses:Sight (visible spectrum)Hearing (audible range)Somatosensory (pressure, temperature, electro-sensitivity: the sense of touch)Olfactory (sense of smell) Gustatory (sense of taste)

    All ghost hunting equipment is designed to mimic and document one or more human sensory capabilities.

  • Capabilities and LimitationsThe Human Eye:Almost 180 horizontal field of view.Stereoscopic view allows for depth perception.High resolution image reception in direct field.Peripheral vision low resolution but excellent motion detection.Visible spectrum only.

  • Capabilities and Limitations:- Equipment that mimics the human eye -Digital and Film cameras (standard):Covers visible spectrum only.Resolution close to the human eye.Can document visual evidence.Infrared & Full spectrum cameras:Resolution not as good as the human eye.Field of vision 12-25.Can document visual evidence.


  • Is it Paranormal or something else?????

  • This photo was taken in a room where a young man was shot and subsequently died.

    Do you think this is paranormal?

  • This photo was taken in an apartment where a woman was home alone. It looks like a mans reflection in the TV.

    Do you think this is paranormal?

  • This photo was taken in at the Walker Ames House in Port Gamble, WA

    Do you think this is paranormal?

  • Capabilities and LimitationsThe Human Ear:Capable frequency range: 20-20,000 Hz.Capable amplitude 0 120db.Capabilities decrease with age.Sound processing interfered by auditory pareidolia.Auditory pareidolia = interpreting random sounds as something more familiar and understandable.

  • Capabilities and Limitations:- Equipment that mimics the human ear -Digital and Analog recorders:Not influenced by pareidolia.Not affected by age.Frequency range (average) 75 20,000 Hz.Can be affected by radio interference.Can document auditory evidence.

  • Is it really an EVP or just a reflection?

  • Capabilities and LimitationsHuman Somatosensory Capabilities:Capable of detecting pressure.Capable of detecting contact.Capable of detecting temperature.Capable of detecting electromagnetic stimuli.Capable of detecting moisture.

  • Capabilities and Limitations:- Equipment that mimics human somatosensory capabilities -Temperature gauges:Detect ambient and temperature fluctuations.Most common equipment:Instant read thermometers laserProbe thermometersElectro-Magnetic Frequency (EMF) meters:Detects EMF in gauss/milligauss.Most common pieces of EMF equipment:K-2, Mel-meter, Tri-Field, Compass

  • Capabilities and LimitationsHuman Olfactory(smell) and Gustatory(taste) CapabilitiesCapable of distinguishing matter and gasses.

    Capabilities and LimitationsEquipment that mimics human Olfactory & Gustatory Capabilities -

    Olfactory Realistically none, but precautions are made by investigators to reduce possible investigative contamination.Gustatory None. Ghost-tasting is illegal in most states.

  • W.O.O.P.I. Teams

    Review Team Does not go on investigationsIs fully trained Perfect for those with physical limitations or whose schedules are not conducive to investigations (typically on weekends)Able to purchase & wear W.O.O.P.I. gearWill be able to attend conferences as a full W.O.O.P.I. memberInvestigation TeamMust be in good health Must be able to carry 20# or more for a mileWill have interaction with clientsWill go on investigationsALL MEMBERS Must adhere to team rulesPass a criminal background check Be open minded

  • W.O.O.P.I. Membership Process

    ApplicationInterview - prior to the interview, an internet search will be conducted on each candidate and the team may question the candidate about those findings. Team Meeting - The interview committee will make the call to invite candidates to this phase.Probie Status - The team will vote as a whole to invite the member to become a "Probie." Members invited to Probie status must pay for and pass a criminal background check (~$35) before going on any investigation.After successful training and a minimum of 90 days (from date of background check), both must be completed. The team will again vote. Those voted in will get full membership status including voting privileges.

  • Special thanks to Michael H. White of Paranormal Research & Investigations for the use of many of his slides in this presentation. Recommended Reading:

    Avalanche of Spirits the Ghosts of Wellington & Dancing with the After Life Karen FrasierPicture yourself Ghost Hunting Balzano

    Chasing Thin Shadows: A Beginner's Guide to Paranormal Investigating Michael H. White

    Investigating the Haunted: Ghost Hunting Taken to the Next Level D. Schumacher & J. Lauer

    Paranormal Underground Magazine http://www.paranormalunderground.net/

    Paranormal Tours:

    www.spiritexpeditions.com Albany, Corvallis, Independence, Silverton, Salem, Eugene, Newport and Astoria

    http://www.nwghosttours.com/ Oregon City




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