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CSI Investigators Observe & Question…

CSI Investigators CSI Investigators Observe & Question…

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  • CSI Investigators Observe & Question

  • Crop It!

    Crop It! - 100th Anniversary of Independence


    Early Presidents: The Fab Five

  • Essential Question:What were the major accomplishments of our first four United States Presidents?

    In your groups, create a chart/diagram listing as many accomplishments as you can remember for each of the first 5 Presidents.

  • George Washington

  • Clever, Funny or Both?Share:ObservationsandQuestions

  • Established the Federal Court SystemWhere is this buildinglocated?

    Who was the first ChiefJustice?

  • Planned the Development of Washington, DCWho Am I?Why Am I Here?What river surrounds the city?

  • The Bill of Right was AddedWhat is the Bill of Rights?

    Why was it added?

    Who was the major author?

  • John Adams

  • Political Parties EmergedWhat party elected Adams?

    How did GeorgeWashington feelabout the parties?

  • Avoided War with FranceWhy was the US on the verge of war withFrance?

    How was it avoided?Share:ObservationsandQuestions

  • Thomas Jefferson

  • It All BeganShare:ObservationsandQuestions

  • Louisiana PurchaseWho made the dealwith Jefferson?


    How much did the USpay for the land?

    What did this do to thesize of the US?

    Why did Jeffersonhesitate about the purchase?

  • ExplorationWho were these men?

    What were the three primaryobjectives for their mission?

    Where did the expedition start?Where did it end?

    Who accompanied them and served as an interpreter?

  • James Madison

  • Theyre At it Again!Share:ObservationsandQuestion

  • War of 1812What were the 2 countriesinvolved?

    What issues led to the war?

    Could it have been prevented? How?

  • The British AttackWhat city is shown here?

    What did James Madisondo?

    What did Dolly Madison do?

  • The Star Spangled BannerWho wrote this poem? What was his occupation?

    Where was he when he began the poem?Why was he there?

    What story does the poem tell?

    Why is it famous today?

  • The US Gained RESPECTWhat was the final battle of the war?

    Was it necessary? Explain.

    What officially ended the war?

    What was accomplished?

  • James Monroe

  • Whats the Point?Share:ObservationsandQuestion

  • Monroe DoctrineWhat countries wereinvolved in the doctrine?

    This was the USs first of _________ ________.

  • The Americas Message to EuropeWhat was Americas messageto Europe?

  • Sort It OutEarly Presidents

  • CSI: Observe & Questionnow Reflect & Research