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R&D Peak Management EoI Review

R&D Smart Grid, Network Peaks & ConsumersJamie SilkPowerco / 05/02/2013Electricity, reliably delivered, on demand, a wonderful thing.?2

2Kodak MomentsWhatever happened to Kodak?

Chorus pushes to keep (copper) prices up.

Social change.

3R&D Smart Energy & Network Peaks

3AgendaAbout Powerco

Why does a distributor care about peaks

And what more is changing

Lessons in home management

Flow batteries intro, Q&A

A self managing home INTELLIPOWER

4R&D Smart Energy & Network Peaks

4Fast Track Context5

Peak ManagementA peaky network profilePeaks drive investmentA flatter profiles increases utilisation/ efficiency (to a point)Flexibility & savingsfrom better investments or deferred upgrade or asset replacement

R&D Smart Energy & Network Peaks

5Changes Drive Peaks & More Investment .. So Be Pro-active6Consumer Technology ChangesPV/ solar hot waterHeat PumpsThe internet of things (HEMS)EVs

Other ChangesConsumer needs & behavioursSmart meters Price trends Business strategies (retailers etc)

R&D Smart Energy & Network PeaksLess billable (kW) hours. More volatility. But people think they have cut costs.6Finding another $5bn or so .. no worries mate7

7Fast Track Overview8R&D Peak Management EoI

Dynamic line monitoring. Distribution automation. Intelligent Fault Repair 8Example PV - surprises aheadThe individual consumerBuy PV to save $sPV good in the day so export (6 cents)Use electricity in evenings import electricity (23 cents)You dont get the returns

A street of consumersPV good in the day at the same time in a street so export A lot of PV cant squeeze in to small (LV) pipesVoltage rises inverters trip or we spend more on the networkYou dont get your generation, or our costs increase (prices)

A lot of consumersBuy PV to save $sLarge installs of PV cut network kWh esp in summerWinter peaks do not change network costs stayPrices rise to compensate (regulated model)

9R&D Smart Energy & Network Peaks

9Residential EnvironmentThe variablesVolatile domestic usageVariable PV (solar) generationNew pricing, retailer strategies & consumer needsFuture energy storageDiscretionary home energy management solutionsFully automated, pre-set home load shifting

10Lots Of Questions

R&D Smart Energy & Network Peaks10Pricing & Technology Consumer Peak Demand ImpactsInternational StudiesElectricity consumption & delivery patterns are not a givenConsumers can respond to information but less than pricesHighly differentiated, critical peak prices, occasionally used will get the best responseTechnology doubles the response

The Lines CompanyNZ consumers respond tooPricing without proven technology solutions is not an option high pain for everybody

Messages For Network OperatorsPrice structures will change (retailers)Behaviours & kit will changeWhat are the choices/ solutions that make this good for all


R&D Smart Energy & Network Peaks11Initial Observations12


House electricity consumption is volatile .. How to smooth13

Home demand volatility not match PV. It may make flows worse.

Energy storage and/ or demand management can help. 13Technical Stuff the R51014

14Technical Stuff IntelliPower15

15Its messy when you add in energy storage, ripple control, PV16

& consumers who will do something else!16Early Days But ..17Consumer DriversTime of use pricesPeak demand pricesGetting value from PV50 billion inter-connected devicesEco & other motivations

Will driveNew behavioursDifferent costsNew opportunities (storage, markets)A Kodak moment (or Telecom trend)

There are simple, smart choicesSmart demand management for peaks, cutting billsSmart design & management using PV in the home

17The EndFor more information about Powerco visit our Facebook page or or

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RedFlow R510 Energy StorageZinc Bromine energy storage unit Calibration testing (baseline) & cycle performance testing against different network peak profiles. Power harmonics analysed to household and network harmonic data collected. Noise testing.Start temp and charge rate ramp up tested (8.3A to 9.7A). Power factor correction (VAR) to be assessed.Early in product cycle & learning curve cost dynamics with mass production will be key.


Performance is stable

Best cycle provided 14kWh19