Smart Grids and Smart Meters Conference Agenda 2015

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Supported by: Inaugural address: Organised by:Supporting Association:Gold Sponsor: Silver Sponsor:H.E. Eng. Suhail Mohamed Faraj Al Mazrouei | Minister of Energy, United Arab Emirates28-29 OctOber 2015 Madinat JuMeirah, dubaiPart of:WhatS in FOr 2015The Smart Grid infrastructure and technology is growing rapidly and investments are expected to cross $1 trillion globally by 2017. With regards to the Gulf region, the implementation of Smart Grids has been a challenge with huge investments expected in the GCC over the next five years.With 4 successful years of hosting the Smart Grids and Smart Meters Forum in the UAE, the 5th edition of this forum will bring together industry stakeholders, government authorities, research and innovation institutes, regional and global experts with most importantly global technology & solution providers discussing and evaluating the way forward and the future of the grid and metering infrastructure in the region.The 5th edition of the Smart Grids and Smart Meters Forum will be co-located within the Sustainable Utilities Middle East Expo (SUME EXPO 2015) and will be held between the 28-29 October 2015 at the Madinat Jumeirah , Dubai, UAE. KeY hiGhLiGhtS FOr 2015 Exclusive stakeholders & keynote panel discussion Real time case studies - regional & international Smart grids & smart metering - global perspective Breakout & strategic sessions Open dialogue panels Live debates Round table discussions Exclusive session - the future of smart grids, smart metering and smart cities infrastructure Key stakeholders exclusive meet Site visit Global technology showcaseBOOKING LINE: Tel: +91 20 6607 1603 | Fax: +91 20 6607 1604 | Email: jason.mendonca@fleminggulf.comFROM THE INDUSTRYKeY trendS tO be addreSSed: Data analytics and Soft GRID in the main infrastructure network The AMI infrastructure - Best practices in the region Implementation on AMR projects - Perspective and update globally Interoperability and data compatibility within the GRID Sustainable GRID integration platforms and adaptability Security issues within the GRID utility - Update from different regions Power Generation and transmission dispatch Distributive Generation - Generation integrated with the National Grid Renewable energy and Energy Efficiency Green initiatives and Data Centers Interconnectivity within the GCC counties Regulations & Guidelines The most important challenge in the sector COST Power Optimization and Energy conservation methodologies Financing methods and Public Private Partnerships (PPP)KeY technOLOGY driverS tO be addreSSed: Future in automation controls and Micro grid technologies Demand Side Management Big Data & SCADA M2M technology and solutions Cyber Security Smart Grids linked to making future cities SMART Advancements in smart metering in the main utility network Security solutions in the Smart GRID infrastructure Wireless Communication technology & PEV (Plug-in electric vehicles) Advancements in Energy storage systems Smart Sensors and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Energy efficient and sustainable solutions Renewable & Solar Technology Integration & synchronization of datathe chieF SteerinG & technicaL cOMMittee Bandar Mutwali Sustainable Grid Integration (SGI) King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy, K.A.CARE, Saudi Arabia Moin Iqbal Deputy Director, Distribution Strategy, K- Electric formerly (KESC) (Smart Grid Project Lead) Scott Minos Senior Policy & Communications Specialist, US Department of Energy, USA Dr. Ahmed Gaouda Professor, Electrical Engineering Department, UAE University Doreb Ebrahim Project Manager & Head of Maintenance (SCADA & Communication Section), Load Dispatch Center Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority (SEWA)BOOKING LINE: Tel: +91 20 6607 1603 | Fax: +91 20 6607 1604 | Email: jason.mendonca@fleminggulf.comvOiceSFrOMthePaSteditiOnSThis Summit provided valuable insights in the regional market. Most of the key players in the region were present. - DNV KEMAIt was a great opportunity to meet key players in the area of smart grids and metering technology SAuDi ElEctricity coMpANy (SEc)The conference was very informative ElStA ElEctricity llcIt was interesting to hear from distinguished speakers and to learn about the current developments and challenges in this field. Good opportunity for networking and gaining up to date knowledge on industrial practices MASDArGood organisation of the forum. Some practical implementa-tions should be welcomed in the future. - DEWA Excellent venue for networking and meeting the key players in the Smart Grids and metering fraternity ADVANcED ElEctroNicS coMpANy ( AEc )The conference was a very good networking event with solid attendance from key regions and smart grid potential customers tEchNology pArtNErS Insightful topics covered. Great event with key regional players present. Highly recommended event to be attended. Al AiN DiStributioN coMpANyEverything done perfect JorDAN ElEctric poWEr coMpANy The event was informative and tackled many interesting topics ADWEAI believe the event covered useful topics. Appreciate this event to be held yearly AEcoM MiDDlE EAStIt was an excellent opportinity and platform to be updated with new technologies and networking with key professionals from the Smart Grid community MAJAN ElEctricity oMANIt was a very informative and awe inspiring event MASDAr city, uAEHighly informative and productive event and a good opportunity for networking. pEtrA ExprESSVery well organised event JorDAN ElEctric poWEr coMpANy Excellent event, Highly recommended tElliforMEr SMArt griD SolutioNSBOOKING LINE: Tel: +91 20 6607 1603 | Fax: +91 20 6607 1604 | Email: jason.mendonca@fleminggulf.comEARLY CONFIRMED SPEAKERS INCLUDEMarco Christiaan Janssen DUbAI ELECTRICITY AND WATER AUTHORITY (DEWA), UAE Actg. Director, Smart Grid PMOScott Minos US DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, USA Senior Policy & Communications SpecialistMansoor Talib Ali Al-Hinai ELECTRICITY HOLDING COMAPNY, OMAN Vice President Nasser Hadi Al-Qahtani | ELECTRICITY & CO-GENERATION REGULATORY AUTHORITY (ECRA), KSA Vice-Governor, Regulatory Affairs Sabah Mashaly MINISTRY OF ELECTRICITY AND RENEWAbLE ENERGY, EGYPT First Undersecretary For Developing Performance And Political Communication Mark Preece REGULATION AND SUPERVISION bUREAU (RSb), UAE Director of Electricity NetworkShah Zulfiqar Haider SUSTAINAbLE & RENEWAbLE ENERGY DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY, bANGLADESH Director (Energy Efficiency & Conservation)Doreb Ebrahim SHARJAH ELECTRICITY & WATER AUTHORITY (SEWA), UAE Project Manager & Head of Maintenance (SCADA & Communication Section) Load Dispatch CenterAbdulaziz Ali Al-Sultan | NATIONAL GRID, KSA Department Manager - Telecom Engineering and Substation AutomationDr. Zakaria Al Soufi | AbU DHAbI DISTRIbUTION COMPANY, UAE AMI Project ManagerDr. Fareed Al Yagout NATIONAL POWER COMPANY, KSA President Mahmoud Salameh PETRA ExPRESS, JORDAN Sales DirectorEng. bandar Mutwali KING AbDULLAH CITY FOR ATOMIC AND RENEWAbLE ENERGY (K.A.CARE) Sustainable Grid Integration (SGI)Dr. Ahmed Gaouda UAE UNIVERSITY Professor - Electrical Engineering DepartmentMohamed Nagib Omara QATAR GENERAL ELECTRICITY & WATER CORPORATION (KAHRAMAA) Technical Advisor to The PresidentBOOKING LINE: Tel: +91 20 6607 1603 | Fax: +91 20 6607 1604 | Email: jason.mendonca@fleminggulf.comYOU CAN bENCHMARK, NETWORK AND MEET INDUSTRY LEADERS WHO ARE A PART OF Regional Development Of Smart Grids Investing In Smart Infrastructure Procuring Smart Solutions Into Existing Infrastructure Procuring & Installing Smart Building and GRID Technologies Mandating Government Policies For Smart Cities & Infrastructure Ministries & Governments That Plan & Develop Cities Integrating Smart Mobility In Urban Infrastructure Projects Engineering & Design Consultancies Electricity transmission & distribution companies Regulators & Planners SCADA systems Financial Advisories Legal & Technical Advisories Consulting companies PARTICIPATION FROM The Ministries For Electricity & Environment Governors, Commissioners & Director General Founders, Presidents, Owners & Chief Executive Officers Directors Of Environment & Sustainability Projects Chief Technology Officers & Vice Presidents Global MENA GCC Directors & Leads For Utilities Government Chief IT Officers Chief Operating Officers Chief Information Officers & Information systems Managing Directors & General Managers Technical & Projects Directors Operation & Maintenance Directors Contract Proposal & Procurement Heads Heads Of The Cities Infrastructure Planning Engineering Directors Engineers and ManagersBOOKING LINE: Tel: +91 20 6607 1603 | Fax: +91 20 6607 1604 | Email: jason.mendonca@fleminggulf.comCONFERENCE DAY 1 | 28TH OCTObER 2015 8:00 rEgiStrAtioN AND coffEE 9:05 WElcoME NotE - flEMiNg gulfSESSioN 1: SuMMit iNAugurAtioN, opENiNg cErEMoNy AND KEyNotE louNgE 9:10 iNAugurAl ADDrESS - H.E. ENG. SUHAIL MOHAMED FARAJ AL MAZROUEI | Minister of Energy, United Arab Emirates 9:20 opENiNg KEyNotE ADDrESS: DubAi ElEctricity AND WAtEr Authority DEWA (iNVitED) 9:30 Keynote presentation: Abu Dhabi Water And Electricity Authority ADWEA (invited) 9:50 opening Keynote panel: Smart grids - past, present And future - Whats the Strategy And Way forward? Where Are the LEADERS The Role and Participation Of the Government Cost Concerns With Smart Grid Implementation PPP Driving Partnerships And Consolidation Where Are We Now? Whats The Vision For the Future? Benefis & Challenges 10:30 iNAugurAtioN cErEMoNy, ExhibitioN tour, coffEE AND NEtWorKiNgSESSioN ii: thE griD WhAtS thE futurE, SMArt KorEA, toolS VS tEchNology11:10 DEWA - updates on the Smart grid implementation in Dubai future growth And prospects MARCO CHRISTIAAN JANSSEN | Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), UAE | Actg. Director, Smart Grid PMO | Dubai 11:30 uSA KEyNotE: the basics of Smart grid Design: the Key to laying the groundwork for Successful Smart grid Strategies Planning Aspects In The Early Implementation Phase Of The Grid Approaches To Planning For Metrics To Determine Impact Utilizing The Grid To Maximize Investements And Rate Of Return In Renewables And Efficienct Technologies SCOTT MINOS | US Department Of Energy, USA Senior Policy & Communications Specialist11:50 M2M technology is it A promising future to the grid? The Planning, Roll Out And Integration Of M2M Applications Integrating The Smart Grid And Smart City Applications And Technologies For The M2M Framework Collection, Transmission And Analysis Of The Data Generated In M2M Communications SPONSOR SLOT12:10 Exclusive technology Session: Smart Korea on the Way The Smart Grids Business Model And Strategies For Future Growth The Smart Grid Roadmap And The Smart Power Grid The Action Plan And Expected Benefits KEPCO KOREA12:30 Sesion ii panel: how can We balance between tools And technology? Transitioning To Advanced Technology And Feasibility Options - New Technologies Should be Encouraged And Introduced Gaps And Loopholes In Different Regions And Overcoming The Challenges What Is Needed By The Government Authorities, Stakeholders And Private And Public Sector? Solutions And Way Forward - Accessing And Evaluating The Solutions For Effective Implementations In The Region ConclusionsMARCO CHRISTIAAN JANSSEN | Actg. Director, Smart Grid PMO | Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), UAE SCOTT MINOS | Senior Policy & Communications Specialist | US Department Of Energy, USA13:00 prAyEr brEAK AND luNchSESSioN iii: SMArt MEtErS thE NExt EVolutioN to tEchNology14:15 Developing performance in the Egyptian Electricity Sector Road Map For Smart Grid And Smart Meter Opportunities And Future Prospects SAbAH MASHALY | Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Egypt | First Undersecretary For Developing Performance And Political Communication14:35 omans first prepaid Electricity Meter - SAbiQ Advancements In Prepaid Metering Technology in the Sultanate Of Oman Future Projects Planned Success Stories and Case Studies MANSOOR TALIb ALI AL-HINAI | Electricity Holding Comapny, Oman | Vice President14:55 technology Session: hows telefonica optimising Smart Metering for the uK? Smart Metering And Data Management Challenges & Opportunities How Can We Leverage Smart Metering Big Data? Energy Savings Statistics15:15 AftErNooN coffEE AND NEtWorKiNg 15:45 the role of Smart Meters in future Distribution Systems Wide Area Monitoring Real-Time State Estimation during Normal and Abnormal conditions Interoperability (IEC 61850) and Precision Time Synchronization Computational Speed and Data ExchangeSpeaker:DR. AHMED GAOUDA | Professor - Electrical Engineering Department| UAE University16:05 cASE StuDy > Smart Meters in uK current Status and Whats in for the future?16:25 SESSioN iii panel: Smart Metering & Energy Efficiency is it A booN or A curSE?Panel Members:SAbAH MASHALY | First Undersecretary For Developing Performance And Political Communication | Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Egypt MANSOOR TALIb ALI AL-HINAI | Electricity Holding Comapny, Oman | Vice PresidentDR. AHMED GAOUDA | Professor - Electrical Engineering Department| UAE University16:55 cloSiNg rEMArKS - chAir17:15 EVENiNg rEcEptioN & END of DAy 1BOOKING LINE: Tel: +91 20 6607 1603 | Fax: +91 20 6607 1604 | Email: jason.mendonca@fleminggulf.comCONFERENCE DAY 2 | 29th October 2014 8:30 rEgiStrAtioN AND coffEE 9:10 opENiNg rEMArKS chAirSESSioN iV: rEgulAtioNS & StANDArDS iN SMArt griDS, rENEWAblE ENErgy & DriVE toWArDS ENErgy EfficiENcy 9:20 regulatory Keynote: regulations And Standards behind the Effective implementation of the griD The Road Map To Smart Grids In The Emirate Futuristic Overview & The Development Of Smart Grids In The UAE The Integrated Smart Grid ApproachMARK PREECE | Regulation and Supervision bureau (RSb), UAE (TbC) | Director of Electricity Network 9:40 Keynote presentation: the regulatory framework for the grid And transformation to Smarter cities the KSA perspective The Smart Grid Strategy In KSA And Future Approach In Smart Meters Implementation Transformation To Smarter Cities Of the Future Benefits And Challenges NASSER HADI AL-QAHTANI |Electricity & Co-generation Regulatory Authority (ECRA), KSAVice-Governor, Regulatory Affairs10:00 renewable Energy & Smart grids Renewable Energy Technologies In Smart Grid Methodologies The Solar Power Grid/ Feeding into the Grid - Benefits And Challenges Case Studies In The RegionSPEAKER: AbDULAZIZ ALI AL-SULTAN | Department Manager - Telecom Engineering and Substation Automation | National Grid, KSA10:20 SESSioN iV pANEl: implementation of Smart grids to Enhance the use of Energy Efficient And renewable technologiesPanel Members:NASSER HADI AL-QAHTANI | Vice-Governor, Regulatory Affairs | Electricity & Co-generation Regulatory Authority (ECRA), KSA AbDULAZIZ ALI AL-SULTAN | Department Manager - Telecom Engineering and Substation Automation | National Grid, KSA 10:50 MorNiNg coffEE AND NEtWorKiNgSESSioN V: iNtEropErAbility, big DAtA, DEMAND SiDE MANAgEMENt AND ENErgy EfficiENcy iN SMArt griDS11:20 technology Session: the Smart grid interoperability A Major concern? Interoperability Issues And Challenges Of Integrating The Two Overcoming The Security, Data Aspects Involved In The SMART Grids And Smart Cities Frameworks The Technological Applications Needed For The Big Merger & Sustaining The Connected Infrastructure12:00 big Data Management & Analytics for Smart grids and Smart Meters Customer Operations, Data Security and Demand Response Data Analytics and Soft Grid In the Smart Grid Network Technical Challenges & Solutions11:40 DEMAND SiDE MANAgEMENt (DSM) & Smart grids The Levers of Demand Side Management Successful DSM strategies & Reducing Demand Economic Dispatch and Demand Response ALSTOM GRID12:20 QAtAr cASE StuDy - KAhrAMAA: Energy Efficiency and conservation With Smart grid implementationSpeaker: MOHAMED NAGIb OMARA | Technical Advisor to The President | Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa)12:40 SESSioN V pANEl: SMArt griD connectivity in Data communication And Smart grid infrastructure Wireless Data Communication in the Smart Grid Interface Big Data & SCADA Data Compatibility & Interoperability Integration & Syncronization Of Data 13:10 prAyEr brEAK AND luNch rEcEptioNSESSioN Vi: ADVANcED MEtEriNg iNfrAStructurE (AMi) iNfrAStructurE, AutoMAtic MEtEr rEADiNg (AMr) & DiStributiVE AutoMAtioN14:15 thE Advanced Metering infrastructure (AMi) & Automatic Meter reading (AMr) infrastructure prospects and opportunities for the future Monitoring & Building Of The AMI Infrastructure Cost Analysis & Reliability Of AMI Networks Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) Systems Best Practices Of AMI Infrastructure & AMR Projects In The Region And International 14:50 Network infrastructure Management And Automation Solutions in Smart Meters And Smart grids Solutions For Monitoring Life Cycle Management In Smart Grids Energy Automation Systems Substation Automation And Protection Technologies15:10 Distributive Automation in the griD infrastructure Could This Help In Outage Detection, Isolation, Restoration And Improving The System Monitoring And Control Enhancing The Voltage And Grid Controls To Help Increase Line Efficiency And Optimise Grid Operations Saving Energy And Money And Increasing On The Customer Engagement15:30 WrAp up pANEl: the future of Smart grids And Smart Meters Grid Adaptibility Sustainable Grid Integration & Smart Cities - Smart Grids Transforming the Cities of Tomorrow Inter Connectivity Within the GCC Countries Evolution of Data And Difference From Analytics The Future of Smart Metering and Energy Efficiency 16:30 coNcluSioNS AND cloSiNg rEMArKS chAir 17:00 EVENiNg NEtWorKiNg AND END of SuMMitBOOKING LINE: Tel: +91 20 6607 1603 | Fax: +91 20 6607 1604 | Email: jason.mendonca@fleminggulf.comMEET THE SPEAKER PANELAbDULAZIZ ALI AL-SULTAN | Department Manager - Telecom Engineering and Substation Automation | National Grid, KSA Mr Abdulaziz Ali Al Sultan has 25 years of experience in the field of Telecom, SCADA & Substation Automation with wide knowledge in various telecom systems planning & engineering activities. He is leading the initiative to modernize National Grid SA ICT by applying leading edge technology such as OTN/DWDM, IP/MPLS, Cloud Computing , Wi-Fi Mesh, OSS, RFTS & Cyber Security. He is also leading the engineering & design of Substation Automation Systems (SAS) employing IEC 61850. Currently, Mr Al Sultan is crafting the National Grid SA Smart Grid building blocks architecture and leading the transformation activities.DR. AHMED GAOUDA | Professor, Electrical Engineering Department | UAE UniversityA. M. Gaouda (M03) received the b.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in electrical engineering from benghazi University, benghazi, Libya, in 1982 and 1990, respectively, and the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, Canada, in 2001. From 1983 to 1995 he worked in a consultant office for designing electric distribution systems. Currently, he is a Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the United Arab Emirates University. His interests include the smart grids, integrating renewable energy resources in distribution systems, digital signal processing applications for monitoring and diagnosis electromechanical systems and the operation and control of distribution systems.DOREb EbRAHIM | Project Manager & Head of Maintenance (SCADA & Communication Section) Load Dispatch Center | Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority (SEWA), UAEDoreb studied in NED University of Engineering and Technology and holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering. Doreb Ebrahim is currently the Head of LDC Projects, Load Dispatch Center at Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA) U.A.E. He joined SEWA in 1999. Doreb has a broad experience in Planning, Maintenance, Projects and Engineering and has worked with other Electric Utility Companies in the last 25 years, mainly in the field of Power, SCADA and Communication Projects in the utility environment. In addition to his current responsibilities in the field of SCADA, Communication and Load Dispatch Center, he also actively participates in University students training programs, study and evaluation of projects on Smart Grids, SCADA and Communication. He has attended several foreign missions to participate in the Technical meetings, Pre- Qualification of Factory visits, Factory Acceptance Tests, Summits and Conferences specially on Innovation Technologies.DR. FAREED AL YAGOUT | President | National Power Company, KSA Dr. Fareed graduated at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM) with a bSc degree in Applied Mechanical Engineering and master Degree in business Administration, also enrolled for PhD Program in University of Science in Malaysia. In a career spanning more than 25 years in the Power and Desalination Sector, he has worked in the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) and Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) before assuming his present position as the President of National Power Company (NPC) since 2003. Dr. Fareed is a board Member in National Power Company (NPC), Jubail Energy Company (JEC) and Industrial Gases Company (IGC), also as a technical advisor for Al- Zamil Group Holding Company. Dr. Fareed is an active of various social activities, both national and international, Executive Director for Al basar International Foundation (the World Health Organization programs for blindness prevention in Asia and Africa), board member for Isra University in Pakistan and Al-Ihsan University in bangladesh, and board member for Makkah Ophthalmology College in Sudan.MARCO CHRISTIAAN JANSSEN | Actg. Director, Smart Grid PMO | Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), UAE Marco C. Janssen is the Actg. Director Smart Grid PMO for the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority. He received his bSc degree in Electrical Engineering from the Polytechnic in Arnhem,The Netherlands and has worked for over 23 years in the field of Smart Grid, Protection, Control, Monitoring, Advanced Metering Infrastructures and Substation Automation. He is member of IEC TC57 WG 10, 17, 18, 19, the IEEE PES Power System Relaying Committee and CIGRE b5 and D2 working groups. He was the convenor of D2.35 and editor of the Quality Assurance Program for the Testing Subcommittee of the UCA International Users Group. He holds one patent, has authored and presented more than 50 technical papers, is co-author of four Cigr Technical brochures and two books on Smart Grids and Electrical Power Substations Engineering and is the author of the I think column in the PAC World magazine.MANSOOR TALIb ALI AL-HINAI | Chief Operating Officer | Muscat Electricity Distribution Company (MEDC), Oman Mansoor Al Hinai is the Chief Operations Officer at Muscat Electricity Distribution Company (MEDC) and has been with this organisation since July 2007. He joined as a Regulatory AffairsManager and then Deputy General Manager of Administration and Finance before becoming the COO with more than 15 years of experience. He holds an Executive MBA from Purdue University Krannert School of Management, a Masters degree in Management from ESCP EAP and a Bachelors degree in Economics from Temple University Fox School of business and Management.NASSER HADI AL-QAHTANI | Vice-Governor, Regulatory Affairs | Electricity & Co-generation Regulatory Authority (ECRA), KSA Nasser Qahtani is holding the post of Vice-Governor of Regulatory Affairs, Electricity and Co-generation Regulatory Authority (ECRA) of Saudi Arabia. Nasser has an MSc degree in electrical engineering from Texas A&M University, and an MbA degree from Strathclyde business School. Nasser has more than 15 years of experience in utilities, oil and gas industry where he worked for Advanced Electronics Company and Saudi Aramco prior to joining ECRA. Nassers current role involves development of regulatory policies and conducting of technical and economic studies that will result in ensuring sustainable development of electricity and desalination industries in Saudi Arabia.SAbAH MASHALY | First Undersecretary For Developing Performance And Political Communication | Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Egypt She worked in different areas inside the electricity sector (NECC, Project department. Etc.) She joined the ministers office since 2001 and she has been promoted till she finally became first undersecretary for developing performance and political communication. She is a graduate of Harvard business School and Military Nasser Academy as well, Harvard University graduates committee and National Cigree Committee.MARK PREECE | Director of Electricity Network | Regulation and Supervision bureau (RSb), UAEMark Preece is the Director of Electricity Networks at the Regulation and Supervision bureau (RSb) in Abu Dhabi. Mark is predominantly focussed on the regulation of the electricity distribution and transmission networks within the Emirate including the wise use of power, as well as a sector-wide responsibility for Health and Safety on behalf of the bureau. Mark has 25 years of utility sector experience and, prior to joining the bureau in October, occupied the position of Managing Director at United Utilities Middle East in the UAE. His previous experience includes Director of business Change and Electricity Operations Director with United Utilities - a UK-based regulated water and electricity, private utility company. He is a Chartered Electrical Engineer and has a BSc (Hons) in Electrical/Electronic Engineering from Manchester University and an MbA. He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology.MOHAMED NAGIb OMARA | Technical Advisor to The President | Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa) Mr. Omara currently is the Technical Advisor to the President of Kahramaa, Head of Strategic Planning, Kahramaa, with 35 years of experiences in the operation, control, planning and strategic planning power systems.SCOTT MINOS | Senior Policy & Communications Specialist | US Department of Energy, USAScott Minos has worked in several positions within the United States Department of Energy since 1986. He currently serves as a Senior Policy and Communications Specialist within the U.S. Department of Energys Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. In this capacity he promotes the Departments domestic and international programs relating to alternative and renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, energy conservation, climate change, electric transmission, and advanced sciences. Scott has worked extensively on a variety of DOE programs including collegiate automotive engineering and building engineering competitions. Scott has also traveled extensively in Africa and Asia to support efforts related to rural electric power development in the developing world. before working at the U.S. Department of Energy Scott worked for U.S. Senator Paula Hawkins (R-FL) and as a staffer for a member of the Florida House of Representatives in Tallahassee, Florida. Scott received his bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University in 1984, his Masters in Public Policy from Johns Hopkins in 1988, and his Masters in Public Administration from Princeton University in 1993.BOOKING LINE: Tel: +91 20 6607 1603 | Fax: +91 20 6607 1604 | Email:


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