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1. Executive summary

This project describes user experience of the website . Our group wants to have relevant information and to know how users can perform tasks on the site, so we used three researches to make our conclusions. First of all we explore the competition of the site and discovered that the main competitors of are, and Grouper has well known brand and good database of customers and that makes Grouper leading site on the market. And the main conclusion of this analyze is that is not leader on the market, but there are a lot of opportunities to be first choice of customers. To get information about customer experience we used two research methods: user profiles and usability testing. User profiles were made with information previously gathered about users of the site. In this project there are four user profiles. They are different persons with different age, marriage status and income. All of them are fictive and describe group of people with similar preferences and interests. On the other hand the usability test was the more relevant research because it gave more profound results. From these methods we are able to see how observants react on site, where they have difficulties with the web site and how much time they are spending to find something. The main conclusion of usability test is that has problem with navigation, but the site is simple and people who dont have much experience with online shopping can use it.

2. Introduction The web site of kupinapopust

The web site for group discounts is owned by the company named Group Point DOOEL. The basic goal of this site is to satisfy the needs of its customers through creating a wide range of offer deals. Primary motive of is:Save more, that shows that unique customer needs are perceived and deals are created using unrivaled prices. Exclusive deals that can be found on the site reach 80% discount from regular price. On the web site, deals can be found from a wide range of categories like: health services, cosmetics services, language courses, travel vouchers, restaurant menu deals, tickets for events and more.The increasing trend of websites for group discounts was the main reason why our group chose as the theme for the project. This Internet site though exists more than two years, it cant be said that is the market leader. We were interested in what to be the first in generating the buyers that use group discounts.

2.1 Internal organization The company is established in year 2012 by JovicaBelovksi. It has five employees at this time who work on arranging deals with partners, as well as servicing clients. The companys owner together with his employees are constantly trying to justify their customers trust through hard and dedicated work, with hope that each new offer will satisfy the need of as many customers as possible. Main strategic partner of Group Point is the company dr. Belovski from Skopje, Association for intellectual services and management consulting. IT and accounting services are outsourced. In the work of the team principles of fair collaboration and polite relationships with companys partners and its customers are highlighted. They believe that that should be basic prerequisite for creating and developing of new customers and clients. 2.2 How does workUntil now, the work of this web site included a base of partners from different categories with who the company is trying to create continuous relationship. In other words, to offer the partners free advertisement through which website visitors will get informed about the companies. The offers which are published on the site bring to the firms long lasting customers.On the other hand, web site users through purchase of discounted offers save money and time. For each customer, separate user profile is created where all offers are calculated and clients collect points. These same points can be used for some other offer in the future, and thats one of the reasons for high customer loyalty. Also, on the profile are displayed all the basic information for the user like date of birth ( congratulates the birthday of its customers with extra points), list of purchased vouchers and cards purchased in a form of a gift. 2.3 Administrative part and user implemented their new website design in January 2014.The changes were made in the design of the home page, categorization of the offers, cover photo and basic information about the offers.The web site has an administrative part where only employees can log in, add offers, change information and follow the sales. Also this part of the website serves for following the profit that every employee makes and only the manager has access to this part of the website.The first thing users see when opening the website is the pop up window for generating email addresses. After adding their email address, or cancel the form, they enter the homepage. On the top left site are the social media buttons, search tab and tabs for active and past offers. In the middle of the upper part is the logo which is in white and orange colors, those two colors are signature colors for On the right part of the website users can see the tabs for email forms, "why buy through us" and "contact". Right underneath them are the buttons: log in and register. In the center part of the website are shown the three main offers with the name of the offers and their cover photos. On the right side are shown additional information for the customers (how to complete money offers, how to achieve more points and how to buy voucher for present) and place for advertisement. After the three main offers in extension you can see all active offers. At the bottom of the site are again placed the additional information for the customers, information for the companies and: About us, Contact, Frequently asked questions, How we work. In the footer are placed RSS Feed, Safety of private information and Rules for using the website.3. Competition analysis

In the competitive analysis we must determine who the competitors are, what aspects should be compared, and how to compare them. The following steps are appropriate: Identify the competition for Compare them with the key attributes Conclusion

Identify the competition for kupinapopust.mkFor almost two years in online shopping the ads for group discounts are inevitable. "Grouper", "SakamPopust, "Kolektiva"and Kupinapopust" are just some of the websites that offer group discounts on products and their goal is to discover the best deals in town at the lowest price. There are discounts up to 80 percent. The most attractive offers are those for groceries, but also there are a lot of offers for discounts in restaurants, cafes, spa and beauty centers, beauty services ... In this business everyone is winning - the places that offer discounts receive advertising, the website for the discount gets percent, and the buyers receive information where to buy something for the lowest price.Currently in Macedoniathere are a lot of internet sitesfor group discounts that offer a variety of bids at reduced prices. Major competitors for are:,, them with the key attributesThe mentioned sites will be compared for the following attributes: Design Functionality Likes on Facebook fan page Number of active deals Number of daily page views

GrouperGrouper is the first and most popular site for discounts in Macedonia. It offers great discounts on different categories of products and service. The site clearly reviews all categories of discounts that they offer. When you are buying a deal, the site requires a username and password and as an additional option you can log in via Facebook. However, some consumers are not satisfied with the service offered by the site, so there are a lot of complaints about the poor organization of travel arrangements or certain services are overcrowded but are not removed from the online store, though the quota is filled.Anyway the number of likes from their Facebook fan page is 156.712 and the number of daily page views is 4704 which showsgreat interest in the site and popularity. Thenumber of active deals is 166 and it constantly increases which shows interest in cooperation and trust in this site. KolektivaKolektiva is also one of the largest and top sites for discounts. With poor websiteorganization and the same complaints about the discounts like Grouper. Although this site was originally created just for travel discounts, now has a variety of categories of the products and services it offers. Although the number of active deals is 50 and the number of daily page views is 534 there are small indicators for success. On the other hand the number of likes on Facebook 106551 indicates their popularity and great opportunity for growth and development of the is a unique site in Macedonia, with fresh, interesting and creative design, but without the additional value of the bids except discounts. A big advantage is that on the site you can easy find what you are looking for. Despite the small number of deals-38 that actually shows that this site is still being established, the number of likes is 50.363 and the number of daily visitors is 661, which shows great interest in the site and belief for major growth and development of the site . This numbers are achieved from one year existence.

KupinaPopustFrom the generator of all sites for discounts in Macedonia, Kupinapopustis on third place from the number of purchased bids and the number of likes on Facebook fan page. Kupinapopust offers several categories of services,