Kings Circular Gillette 4/19/2013

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Kings Circular Gillette 4/19/2013

Text of Kings Circular Gillette 4/19/2013

  • USDA Choice Beef Rib Steaks

    Bone-In, Any Size Pkg.


    Welsh Farms Ice Cream All Varieties48 fl. oz. 2/5.

    Pepsi 2 LiterSchweppes, Sierra Mist or Mountain Dew MUST BUY 6 ONE MUST BE NEXT67.6 fl. oz. 6/5.

    Scott Naturals 8 Pack Towels or 12 Pack Bath Tissue 816 ct. or 5,280-12,000 ct. ea. 6.99

    Snapple Tea 12 Pack All Varieties192 fl. oz. ea. 5.99

    Fage Total Greek Yogurt All Varieties 5.3-7 oz. 10/10.

    Kings Organic Milk All Varieties64 fl. oz. 2/7.

    North Atlantic Cold Water Lobster TailPerfect for Surf & Turf Frozen or Thawed, 3 oz. ea. 4.49

    Driscolls Organic Strawberries

    Sweet, 16 oz. ea. 3.99Kings Patisserie Mt. Vesuvius Cake

    SAVE 4., 32 oz. ea. 12.99

    Grand Opening Specials

    Come Discover whats New at Gillette!




    All sale item

    s in this circular are valid only in Gillette. 977 Valley Rd. 908-580-5080. Photography and illustrations of items and services are not intended to be exact; every

    effort has been made however to ensure a reasonably accurate representation. W

    e cannot be responsible for printing and typographical errors. W

    e reserve the right to limit

    quantities and we do not sell to dealers.

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  • Weve searched the world to bring you the best gourmet marinated, dried and stuffed olives in a variety of flavors. Discover your favorites for appetizers, antipasto platters and salads.

    Discover the finest dry cured and cooked imported meats from across Europe. From tasty aged

    prosciutto to smoked ham, with a wide selection of reduced sodium and gluten free meats.

    Every morning we bring in the very best of New York's artisan breads. No need to make a special trip, the best breads available anywhere

    are all here, every day at Kings.

    Connect with Us

    International Artisanal CheesesFrom local American Artisanal favorites to the finest European cheeses, we carry more than 300 fine cheeses with countless fragrances and aromas. Our experts will gladly help you select the perfect hand cut cheese for your next party or dinner.

    Olive Bar Artisanal BreadCharcuterie




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  • Introducing a Kings Exclusive - Sustainably Farmed Arctic Char. These fish are farm raised in contained tanks on a land based facility which allows them to be rated green on the sustainability chart.

    Jumbo Mexican White Cleaned Raw Shrimp are full of flavor and bursting with sweet succulent taste. Killer on the grill, and simply mouth-watering as scampi.

    Choose from tender, sweet oysters and clams delivered fresh daily from Long Island Sound and the freshest cod, flounder and sole wild caught off the coast of Maine.

    So fresh you can taste the ocean.

    Top Of The Catch is how we describe our premium seafood. It comes from the fishing business where savvy buyers know that the freshest fish are the ones just caught and placed on top. Once we have the best, our seafood experts will shuck, fillet, clean, steam, peel, de-vein or custom-cut any order at no charge.


    Connect with Us

    Sustainable Blue Arctic Char Fish, Clams & OystersShrimp




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    Raised on certified organic pastures, our Organic Beef are given a 100% vegetarian diet with no additives, hormones, animal

    by-products or antibiotics. We carry organic choices for beef, pork & chicken.

    The legendary beef of Japan, now raised to exacting standards in the USA, features rich marbling and a velvety smoothness. Antibiotic-free and vegetarian-fed with no

    added hormones.

    Kings Prime Aged Certified Angus Beef is the very same beef served at famous

    steakhouses in NYC. Fresh, American raised and never frozen.

    At Kings, our butchers possess expert knowledge gleaned from years of experience perfecting their craft. This ensures that we provide you with the finest cuts of meat, expertly trimmed and ready for you. Only at Kings will you find USDA Choice, Natural Choice, and Organic Choice Beef with great tastes and textures for everyday meals, as well as Wagyu-Kobe Beef, USDA Prime Aged Certified Angus and Grass Fed Beef for special occasions.

    Gourmet Meats

    Organic Choice Prime Aged Certified AngusWagyu-Kobe

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  • Connect with Us

    We bring the Mediterranean and the world to you with the best tahini, hummus, tabbouleh,

    fattoush and grilled vegetables.

    Create your own masterpiece with the freshet ingredients and gourmet dressings. With over 70 fresh choices, every visit is a

    new taste experience.

    Delicious entres like grilled salmon andchicken parm prepared by our chefs with the

    freshest ingredients from our store.Just heat and serve.

    Hibachi StationDelicious dumplings, noodle bowls, skewers and fried rice are prepared with flair by our hibachi chef on an authentic teppanyaki grill. Each dazzling selection features the freshest vegetables and finest meats and seafood paired with classic Japanese sauces and marinades.

    Stop in today for one of our... Inspirations to go

    Mezze Bar Chef Inspired EntresSalad Bar

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  • Kings stores vary in size and some items shown may not be available in every store.

    Visit us online for great Tuscan recipes!

    Kings Store Sliced Focaccia Breads ea. 2.99

    Choose from Onion, Sea Salt & Herb or Tomato, 6 oz.

    Italian Roasting Peppers lb. 1.99

    Organic Degli Sposi lb. 19.99

    This is a very delicate, fresh, slightly creamy cheese that is excellent

    for low fat diets .

    Experience the Taste of Tuscany

    CreateRoasted Pep

    per & Prosciutto

    Focaccia Sandwich

    Simple Gourmet Sandwich

    In Tuscany, enjoying simple meals made with high quality ingredients is a way of life. We hope our selection of the region's finest products will inspire you to add variety to your weekly menu and create your own magical Tuscan moments.



    E OF


    Franci Toscano Extra Virgin Olive Oil17.6 fl. oz.Imported from Tuscany ea. 14.99

    Prosciutto Toscano D.O.P. lb. 18.99Imported from the Tuscan Region in Italy. Prosciutto Toscano is flavored with garlic, rosemary and juniper myrtle spices for a natural savory essence and is aged over 14 months.



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  • Boneless Chicken Breasts

    For a recipe simplyscan this QR codeor text Kings2 to 53016

    Organic Rosemary ea. 2.99

    Lemons ea. .99

    CreatePappardelle Lemon Chicken

    Easy, Elegant Entre

    Toscano PastaAll VarietiesImported from Tuscany

    17.6 oz. 3.49

    Caponi Etrusca PastaAll VarietiesImported from Tuscany

    8.8 oz. 4.99

    La Pecora Vera lb. 17.99Pecorino cheese known for its

    consistent form and white, slightly chalky color and texture

    Imported from Tuscany

    Organic RossoVolterrano lb. 19.99

    A delicate flavored cheese that is treated with tomato concentrate and olive oil

    Imported from Tuscany



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  • For a recipe simply scan this QR codeor text Kings3 to 53016

    CreateRibollita Bread Soup

    Tuttorosso TomatoesAll Varieties 28-29 oz. 3/5.

    Lucini Organic Tuscan Plum TomatoesWhole Peeled or DicedImported from Tuscany 25.5 oz. 7.99

    Marca Verde Extra Virgin Olive Oil 33.8 fl. oz. Imported from Tuscany

    ea. 9.99

    Experience the Taste of TuscanyTuscanys most famoup soup, Ribollita is a hearty potage of bread and vegetables with peasant origins like many of the regions most flavorful dishes.

    Organic Tuscan Kale lb. 2.99

    Sweet Onions lb. 1.49 Kings Italian Breads, Traditional, Semolina or

    Whole WheatStore Baked, 14 oz. ea. 2.99

    Kings stores vary in size and some items shown may not be available in every store.

    Hearty One Dish Meal



    E OF


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  • CreatePasta with Meatballs

    Stainer Chocolate BarsAll Varieties, 1.75 oz. Imported from Tuscany ea. 2.99

    Roma Italian Ground Coffee

    8.8 oz. Imported from Tuscany

    ea. 9.99

    Amedei Chocolate Bars

    All Varieties, 1.75 oz. Imported from Tuscany

    ea. 4.99

    Organic Pecorino Le Balze Volterrane lb. 20.99

    A full flavored pecorino cheese produced from raw milk with vegetable rennet

    Kings Store Made Meatballs lb. 5.99

    Fresh Beef or Turkey Meatballs, Regular or Gluten Free

    Corsini Cantuccini or Cioccoli CookiesAll Varieties, 7.05 oz. Imported from Tuscany ea. 4.99

    Lidias Pasta SauceAll Varieties 25 oz. 5.99

    Raos Pasta SauceAll Varieties 24 oz. 6.99

    Kings Pasta SauceAll Varieties 24 oz. 4.99

    Pasta Toscana17.6 oz. Imported from Tuscany 1.99



    Fast & Flavorful Dinner

    A Sweet Pairing

    V isit us online for TuscanRecipes!

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  • USDA Choice Bottom Round or Boneless Chuck Roast

    Grain Fed