Kings Circular Maplewood 6/21/2013

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Text of Kings Circular Maplewood 6/21/2013

  • USDA Choice Beef

    Sirloin Steaks Boneless, Loin

    Any Size Package

    Harvestland Fresh Natural Chicken Assorted Varieties Hormone & Antibiotic Free, Vegetarian Fed 30% Off

    Kings Chef Inspired Protein Packed Garden Salad Chickpeas, Edamame, Mozzarella Pearls, Fennel, Radicchio & Arugula Served with Balsamic Vinaigrette Ready to Go, 8.75 oz. ea. 6.99

    Pepsi 12 Pack Cans Schweppes, Sierra Mist, Mountain Dew 144 fl. oz. 4/11.

    Lays, Doritos or Rold Gold Pretzels All Varieties 9.75-13 oz. 2/5.

    Kashi Go Lean Cereals All Varieties 13.4 oz. ea. 2.99

    Simply Orange or Apple Juice

    All Varieties59 fl. oz. 2/5.

    Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt

    All Varieties16 fl. oz. 2/5.

    Angel Soft Bath Tissue 12-24 Roll 3,168 ct. ea. 5.99 Brawny 6-8 Pack Paper Towels 368-612 ct. ea. 6.99


    Create Cherry Cantaloupe SaladScan code or text Kings5 to 53016See back for details.*

    Sweet & Juicy CantaloupesGreat Topped with Ice Cream!


    Please Join Us at Our Newly Inspired

    KINGS MAPLEWOODJune 28 - 30 Check Out Whats New

    & Discover New Offerings

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  • USDA Choice Beef Shell Steaks Grain Fed Western Beef Bone-In lb. 7.99

    Kings USDA Prime Aged Certified Angus Fresh Gourmet Beef Burgers Store Made Fresh Grill Ready! lb. 5.99

    8.99 lb.

    Kings USDA Choice Organic 90% Lean Ground Beef or Patties Hormone & Antibiotic Free Freshly Ground Several Times Daily lb. 6.99

    Kings Center Cut Pork Chops or Roast Fresh Grain Fed Western Pork, Bone-In Any Size Package lb. 3.69

    Kings USDA Choice Loin Lamb Chops Grain Fed Western Lamb Genuine American Great Grilled lb. 14.99

    "Butcher's Best" Chicken or Pork Kabobs Marinated Boneless 16 oz. ea. 5.99

    USDA Choice Beef Porterhouse or

    T-Bone SteaksAny Size Pkg., Grain Fed Western Beef


    Inspired Pairing

    Red Bone Alley MarinadesAssorted Varieties 12 oz.

    ea. 4.49

    Hormel "Always Tender" Pork TenderloinsMarinated, Boneless Gluten Free, 18.4 oz. Pkg. ea. 6.99Hormel "Always Tender" Pork Loin FilletsMarinated, Boneless Gluten Free, 24 oz. Pkg. ea. 7.99

    Shady Brook Farms Fresh Ground TurkeyFresh, 93% Fat Free Great for Tacos or Burgers 20.8 oz. ea. 4.99 Barber Foods Cooked Chicken EntresAssorted Varieties, Frozen 10 oz. Pkg. ea. 3.99

    Market Specials

    Kings stores vary in size and some items shown may not be available in every store.

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  • 3.99 ea.Organic Driscoll's

    Strawberries16 oz.

    Inspired Pairing

    Graeter's Ice CreamAll Varieties 16 oz.

    ea. 5.99

    South African Sweet Clementines 3 lb. bag ea. 5.99

    Store Made Fresh Cut Berry Bowls lb. 5.99

    Organic Beefsteak Tomatoes lb. 3.99

    Baby Seedless Watermelon

    Sweet & Juicy ea. 4.99


    Dozen Rose Bouquet ea. 14.9920 Stem Rainbow Spray Roses ea. 12.99 Gerbera Daisy 4.5" Pot ea. 6.99

    Market Specials

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  • Kerry Gold Irish Dubliner Cheddar Cheese

    Sliced to Order lb. 10.99

    Boar's Head Turkey Pepperoni Presliced Pouch Perfect For Snacking 4.5 oz. ea. 3.99

    Hormel Slicing Hard Salami

    Perfect for Sandwiches lb. 7.49

    Kings All Natural Guacamole Dip Made with Hass Avocado Perfect with Your Favorite Chips lb. 8.49

    Imported from Finland

    Finlandia Heavenly Light Swiss Sliced To Order

    lb. 8.49

    Castello Blue Cheese

    Imported from Denmark Creamy Piquant Taste Store Cut lb. 9.99

    Rosemary Infused Roasted Ham

    or Ham Off The BoneLightly Smoked, Perfect for Sandwiches

    7.99 lb.

    NEW! Chef Inspired Italian Summer SaladMade with Beefsteak and Yellow Tomatoes with Fresh Mozzarella Slices and Balsamic Vinaigrette 9.75 oz.

    ea. 6.49

    Chef Crafted White Balsamic Grilled Vegetables Hand Cut Fresh Veggies Grilled to Perfection

    lb. 7.49

    Chef Crafted Potato Leek

    Torta Just Heat and Eat

    4 oz.

    ea. 3.49

    Store Made Fresh

    Market Specials

    Inspired Pairing

    Kings stores vary in size and some items shown may not be available in every store.Kings stores vary in size and some items shown may not be available in every store.

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  • Kings Patisserie Lemoncello Torte

    or Mt. Vesuvius Cake 32 oz.

    12.99ea.Kings Chocolate Cream, Banana Cream or Coconut Cream Pies Made with Real Whipped Cream, 32 oz.

    ea. 7.99

    Stacy's All Natural Pita Chips Assorted Varieties Including Multigrain and Simply Naked, 8 oz. 2/7.

    Prsident Mini Brie and Light Mini Brie Mild and Delicious7-8 oz. ea. 6.99

    Beretta Antichi Sapori Sliced Salami or Antipasto Sliced Tray Perfect Appetizer 6 oz. ea. 7.49

    Old Amsterdam Aged Gouda Imported From Holland Firm Texture Rich Taste lb. 15.99

    My Boy's Granola 4 Varieties , 11 oz. FREE Rubschlager All Natural Rye Crisps 3 Varieties, 6 oz. ea. 2.99

    Davidovich Artisan Loose Bagels 14 Varieties to Choose From Delivered Fresh Daily From NYC 3/2.

    Ecce Panis Neo Tuscan Boule or Semolina Batard 16 oz. ea. 3.99

    David's Store Baked Cookies Choose From Chocolate Chunk, Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chip Pecan, Sugar, M&M or Snickerdoodle and NEW Red Velvet or S'mores lb. 6.49

    BUY 1 GET 1


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  • Sockeye Salmon are prized for their health benefits and rich flavor. Packed with

    omega 3 oils and nutrients. Our sockeye salmon is flown in direct from Alaska and carefully inspected to ensure the highest

    quality and freshness.

    Fresh Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Fillet

    Wild Caught


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    Tropicana Pure Premium Orange JuiceAll Varieties, 89 fl. oz.

    4.99Minute Maid Punches & Ades All Varieties Excluding Light, 59 fl. oz. 4/5.

    Fresh Boneless & Skinless Salmon Fillet Portions Farm Raised, Plain or Marinated Ready to Cook Quality, Convenience & Great Taste, 6 oz. ea. 6.49

    Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice 6 Pk.All Varieties, 48 fl. oz.

    4.49Tropicana Pure Tropics Juices All Varieties 59 fl. oz. 2.79

    Stonyfield Organic Milk All Varieties, 64 fl. oz. .50 Off

    Land O'Lakes Half & Half All Varieties, 32 fl. oz. 2.79Philadelphia Cream Cheese Regular or Light, 8 oz. 2/4.

    Extra Large Peeled & De-Veined Raw Shrimp Farm Raised 16/20 ct. Previously Frozen lb. 11.99

    Kings Maryland Style Crab Cake with 70% Lump Crabmeat Chock Full of Crabmeat & Perfectly Seasoned 4 oz. ea. 5.99

    Fresh Maine Wild Caught Jonah Crab Claws Pre-Scored For Easy Cracking Fully Cooked lb. 6.99


    Market Specials

    Extra Large Marinated Skewered Grilling ShrimpRed Curry or Tamari Miso Marinades Farm Raised Previously Frozen 4.3 oz. ea. 3.99

    Kings stores vary in size and some items shown may not be available in every store.

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  • Market SpecialsMarket Specials

    Welsh Farms Ice CreamLess Than 1/2 PriceAll Varieties, 48 fl. oz.


    Egg-Land's Best Large Eggs 18 Pk.18 ct.

    3.99Nest Fresh Large Brown Eggs 12 ct. 4.99

    Hotel Bar ButterSalted or Unsalted, 1 lb Quarters

    2/6.Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter Imported from IrelandSalted or Unsalted 8 oz. 2/5.

    Dannon Oikos Greek YogurtAll Varieties, 5.3 oz.

    10/10.Mller Greek Corner Yogurts All Varietes 5.3 oz. 10/10.

    Weight Watchers Smart Ones EntreesAll Varieties, Excludes Bistro, 9-10.5 oz.

    4/10.Lyfe Kitchen Good For You Entrees All Varieties 10 oz. 3.99

    Favorit Preserves Strawberry Rhubarb12.3 oz.

    2.99Silver Palate Grain Berry Pancake & Waffle Mix 28 oz. 1.99

    Skinny Cow Frozen Novelties All Varieties 10.5-24 oz. 3.99

    Friendly's Ice CreamAll Varieties, 48 fl. oz. 2/6. Steve's Craft Ice CreamAll Varieties, 16 fl. oz. 4.99 Truwhip Whipped Topping10 oz. 2/7.

    Kraft Deli Deluxe Swiss SlicesAll Varieties, 8 oz.

    3.99Buitoni Family Sized Filled Pasta All Varieties 20 oz. 5.99


    All Varieties, 6.5 oz.

    2/5.Jell-O Ready to Eat Puddings All Varieties 8.9-15.5 oz. 2/4.

    Dannon YogurtAll Varieties, 32 oz.

    2.99Koru Creamery Style Yoghurt All Varieties 5.3 oz. 10/10.

    DiGiorno 12" PizzaAll Varieties, 28.2-32.7 oz.

    6.99California Pizza Kitchen 12" Thin Crust Pizza All Varieties 12.8-17 oz. 6.99

    Stonewall Kitchen Strawberry Champagne Jam11.5 oz. 6.99Walden Strawberry Syrup All Varieties 12 fl. oz. 2.99

    Eggo 24 ct. WafflesAll Varieties, 29.6 oz. 4.99

    Ore-Ida Bagel Bites All Varieties 7-7.1 oz. 2/5.

    Dutch Farm Cheese Bar or Shredded 8 oz. 2/5.

    Friendship Cottage Cheese All Varieties, 16 oz. 2/4.Friendship Sour Cream All Varieties, 16 oz. 1.69

    Jones Bacon 8 oz. 3.29

    Oscar Mayer Turkey Franks 16 oz. 2/5.Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits All Varieties, 16.3 oz. 1.99

    Hillshire Farm Ultra Thin Deli Meats 9 oz. 3.49

    Mayan Farms Flour Burrito 20.9 oz. 2/5.Calavo Guacamole All Varieties, 12 oz. 3.49

    Boca Burgers All Varieties, 7-7.1 oz. 2/6.

    Ore-Ida Potatoes All Varieties, 19-32 oz. 2/7.Davio's Spring Rolls Buffalo Chicken or Philly Cheesecake, 9 oz. 4.99

    Gifford's Famous Ice CreamAll Varieties, 32 fl. oz.