Kings Circular 7/5/2013

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  • Freshly Grilled Black Pearl SalmonWith a Sweet and Spicy Sesame Asian Sauce ea. 7.99

    USDA Choice Beef Shell Steaks, LoinGrain Fed Western, Bone-In Any Size Package lb. 6.99

    Sweet Heart Caprese SaladMade Fresh Daily with Fresh Mozzarella, Sweet Kumatoes, Artichokes, Hearts of Palm and Sweet Red Peppers lb. 7.99

    Kings Pure Premium Orange Juice Original or With Calcium, 64 fl. oz. 2/5.

    Tide 2X Laundry Detergent 48-64 Loads All Varieties 100 fl. oz. 11.99

    Hebrew National Franks or Pepperidge Farm Hot Dog & Hamburger Rolls All Varieties11-16 oz. 2/5.

    Nabisco Wheat Thins or Triscuits All Varieties5.5-9.5 oz. 2/5.

    Gatorade 20 fl. oz. 8 Pack All Varieties160 fl. oz. 2/10.

    Hagen-Dazs Ice Cream All Varieties 14 fl. oz. 2/6.

    Market Specials

    California Sweet Bing Cherries


    Where InspirationStrikes

    Create Grilled Brie with Sweet Bing Cherries

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  • Kings USDA Prime Aged Certified Angus Gourmet Beef BurgersFresh, Store Made Grill Ready! lb. 5.99Bubba BurgersAssorted Varieties Beef or Turkey Frozen, 32 oz. ea. 9.99

    Plainville Farms Fresh White Meat Ground Turkey93% Fat Free, Hormone & Antibiotic Free Locally Produced 16 oz. ea. 5.49Country Crock Side DishesAssorted Varieties Heat & Eat 20-24 oz. pkg. 2/7.

    Bell & Evans Organic Chicken Breasts, Skinless & BonelessHormone & Antibiotic Free Fresh, Locally Produced lb. 7.99 Bell & Evans Organic Whole Frying Chickens lb. 3.49

    "Butcher's Best" Kabobs Chicken or Pork Marinated, Boneless Great Grilled, 16 oz. ea. 5.99

    Shady Brook Farms Fresh Ground Turkey 93% Fat Free Fresh, Great for Burgers or Tacos! 20.8 oz. ea. 4.99

    Austin Black Natural Angus Grass Fed Beef or Burgers Fresh, Hormone & Antibiotic Free, Locally Produced 15-16 oz. pkg. ea. 6.99

    2.99 lb.

    Kings Fresh Baby Back Pork Spare Ribs for BBQ Any Size Pkg.Great Grilled! lb. 4.99

    Fresh Boneless & Skinless

    Chicken BreastsFamily Pack 3 lb. Pkg. or More

    Inspired Pairing

    Melissa's Dutch Gold Potatoes16 oz.

    ea. 3.99

    Perdue Farms Thin Sliced Chicken Breast Cutlets or TendersBoneless lb. 4.99Perdue Baked Breaded Nuggets, Cutlets or StripsFully Cooked, Assorted Varieties, 12 oz. ea. 3.99

    Market Specials

    Kings stores vary in size and some items shown may not be available in every store.

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    7_5KingsP2_3V8.indd 2 6/24/13 3:52 PM

  • NEW!

    Large Fresh "Dry" Sea Scallops Wild Caught Preservative Free 10-20 ct. lb. 16.99

    Extra Large Peeled & De-Veined Raw Shrimp

    Farm Raised 16/20 ct. Previously Frozen lb. 11.99

    Nautical Foods Salmon Burgers Frozen16 oz. pkg. ea. 6.99

    Large Cooked & Cleaned Shrimp, Tail-Off Farm Raised 41/50 ct., Great for Salads and Stir-Fries Previously Frozen lb. 8.99

    Fresh Hand Cut & Trimmed

    Lemon Sole FilletWild Caught, Domestic


    NEW! Extra Large Grilling Shrimp on a SkewerChoose From Traditional Moroccan or Spicy Harissa Farm Raised, Easy & Convenient Great on the Grill, Ready in Minutes, Previously Frozen, 4.3 oz. ea. 3.99

    Market Specials

    Red, Yellow or Orange Peppers Imported lb. 3.99

    Scan code or text Kings2to 53016See back for details.*

    Create Sauted Green Beans w/ Roasted Peppers

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  • Crunchmaster All Natural Original Multi-Seed CrackersGluten Free, Choose From Original And Other Varieties Perfect For Snacking 4.5 oz. 2/4.

    Boar's Head Lower Sodium Pear Shaped Ham

    Gluten Free 98% Fat Free lb. 9.49

    Great Lakes Domestic Swiss Cheese

    Sliced To OrderSweet And Nutty Taste lb. 7.49

    Kings Jumbo Breaded Wings Hot to Go or Cold Perfect for Summer Picnics lb. 7.49

    BelGioioso Slicing Provolone Cheese Mild Taste Sliced To Order

    lb. 7.49

    Kings Chef Inspired Fresh Gazpacho

    Refreshing Ripe Tomatoes and Fresh Vegetables with a Pinch of Spice, 32 oz. ea. 9.99

    Deluxe Pear Shaped Ham or Virginia

    Baked HamLean and Delicious, 98% Fat Free

    8.49 lb.

    Kings Chef Crafted Tortellini Vegetable SaladMade With Cheese Tortellini and Tossed with Fresh Vegetables

    lb. 6.49

    Smoked Chicken and Avocado or Tuna and Avocado Sandwiches Made on 7 Grain Bread 9-10 oz.

    ea. 6.49

    Cucumber and Onion Salad

    Refreshing and Delicious, Made

    Fresh Daily

    lb. 4.49

    Store Made Fresh

    Inspired Pairing

    Market Specials

    Kings stores vary in size and some items shown may not be available in every store.Kings stores vary in size and some items shown may not be available in every store.

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    7_5KingsP4_5V8.indd 2 6/24/13 3:56 PM

  • Kings Exclusive Bruschetta Modena Made with Ripe Tomatoes, EVOO and Balsamic Vinegar from Modena lb. 6.49

    Kings All Natural Off the Bone Turkey Breast Sliced to OrderGluten Free lb. 10.49

    Stella Reduced Fat Blue Cheese Topper

    Ideal Over a Spinach Salad lb. 7.49

    Locatelli Pecorino Romano Wedge Imported From Italy Ideal For Grating Over Your Favorite Salad lb. 15.49

    Lemon Meringue Pie

    27 oz. ea. 7.99

    Davidovich NYC Water Boiled Bagels

    Delivered Fresh Daily 2/1.

    David's Store Baked Cookies Choose From Chocolate Chunk, Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chip Pecan, Sugar, M&M and Snickerdoodle NEW Red Velvet or S'mores lb. 6.49

    Fresh Fruit Tart Shortbread crust filled with almond flavored pastry cream, topped

    with fresh fruits and finished with apricot glaze or powdered sugar.

    Store Made Fresh 8" Fruit or Berry Tarts

    35-40 oz.


    Kings Fresh Baked Red Raspberry Muffins 4 Pack 23 oz. ea. 5.99

    Muffin of the Month

    Market Specials

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    7_5KingsP4_5V8.indd 3 6/24/13 3:57 PM

  • Baked Tostitos, Lay's or SunChipsAll Varieties, 9-11.5 oz.

    2/6.Cape Cod Potato ChipsAll Varieties 7-8.5 oz. 2/6.

    PopCorners Chips All Varieties, 5 oz.


    Deer Park 16.9 fl. oz. Bottle 24 Pack Water405.6 fl. oz.


    Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, Seagram's or Sprite 12 Packs All Varieties 144 fl. oz. 3/12.

    Mott's Apple JuiceAll Varieties 64 fl. oz. 2/5.

    Carr's Table Water CrackersAll Varieties, 4.25-7 oz.


    Pepperidge Farms GoldfishAll Varieties, 6.6-8 oz.

    2/4.Poland Spring Water Aquapod 8 Pack 88 fl. oz. 1.99

    Stewart's Sodas 4 Pack All Varieties 48 fl. oz. 2/6.

    Nabisco Chips Ahoy! CookiesAll Varieties 9.5-13 oz. 2.99

    NEW! Kings Super Colossal Pistachios 16 oz. 9.99

    Activate Enhanced WaterAll Varieties, 16.9 fl. oz. 3/5.

    Langers Cranberry Cocktail JuiceAll Varieties, 64 fl. oz.


    Orville Redenbacher's Microwave PopcornAll Varieties, 6-9.9 oz.


    Keebler SandiesAll Varieties, 12.8-13 oz.


    Unique PretzelsSplits or Shells, 10-11 oz.


    Coca-Cola 8 PackDr. Pepper, Seagram's or Sprite, 60 fl. oz.

    2/5.Vintage SeltzerAll Varieties 33.8 fl. oz. 4/2.

    Ssips Drinks 10 PacksAll Varieties 60 fl. oz. 1.99

    Planters Peanuts All Varieties 16 oz. 3.49

    Weight Watchers Candy All Varieties 3-3.25 oz. 2/3.

    Snyder's Pretzel Rods 12 oz. 2/6.

    San Pellegrino Sparkling Plastic Bottles 33.8 fl. oz. 2/3.

    Entenmann's Full Line Sale All Varieties, 8-25 oz. 2.99

    Snapple Tea 12 PackLESS THAN 1/2 PRICEAll Varieties, 192 fl. oz. 5.99

    Pepsi 2 LiterMust Buy 5. Schweppes, Sierra Mist, Mountain Dew, 67.6 fl. oz. 5/5.

    Market Specials

    Kings stores vary in size and some items shown may not be available in every store.

    7_5Kings_P6_7V6.indd 2 6/24/13 4:00 PM

  • Progresso Bread Crumbs All Varieties 15 oz. 2/3.

    Quaker Express Cup Oatmeal 1.9 oz. 2/2.19

    Dunkin' Donuts Coffee All Varieties 12 oz. 6.99

    Folgers Coffee CansExcluding Flavored, Decaf, Colombian or Simply, 10.3-11.3 oz.


    Hellmann's Mayonnaise All Varieties, 30 fl. oz.


    Bumble Bee Solid White TunaIn Water or Oil, 5 oz.


    Thomas' Bagel ThinsAll Varieties, 13 oz. 2.99

    Kellogg's Raisin Bran, Rice Krispies or Crispix12-23.5 oz.

    3.49Jack Daniel's Mustard All Varieties 9 oz. 2.39

    Loeb's Onion CrunchOriginal or BBQ 6 oz. 2.49

    Nature Valley High Protein Bars11 oz.


    Wasa Crispbread All Varieties, 7-9.7 oz.


    Olde Cape Cod MarinadeAssorted Varieties, 8 oz.


    Chef Boyardee Canned PastaAll Varieties, 14.5-15 oz.


    Cafe BusteloBrick Pack Coffee, 10 oz.

    2.79New England Coffee Single ServeAll Varieties 4.8 oz. 6.99

    Clif Bars All Varieties 2.4 oz. 1.39

    Crazy Richard's Peanut ButterAll Varieties 16 oz. 2.99

    Heinz Kosher Dill Spears 24 fl. oz. 1.99

    Betty Crocker Fruit By The Foot or Roll UpsAll Varieties 4.5-5 oz. 2/4.

    Heinz Tomato KetchupLess Than 1/2 Price 38 oz. 1.79

    General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios12.25 oz. 2/5.

    Maxwell House CoffeeAll Varieties Excluding Flavors, Decaf and Colombian, 10.5-11.5 oz. 2.99

    Splenda Granular 9.7 oz. 6.99

    Twinings TeaAll Varieties 20 ct.


    Stonewall Kitchen Maine Maple Syrup8.5 fl. oz.

    9.99Stonewall Kitchen All Natural Pancake & Waffle Mix 33 oz. 9.99

    Market Specials