Kings Circular Old Greenwich 5/31/2013

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Kings Circular Old Greenwich 5/31/2013

Text of Kings Circular Old Greenwich 5/31/2013

  • Kings Fresh Pork TenderloinsAny Size Package Fresh Grain Western lb. 3.99

    Market Specials

    California Cherries


    Edys Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt All Varieties 48 fl. oz. 2/6.

    Chobani Greek Yogurt All Varieties6 oz. 10/10.

    Land O Lakes Butter Quarters All Varieties 16 oz. 2/6.

    NEW! Kings Chocolate Cream, Banana Cream or Coconut PiesMade with Real Whipped Cream 32 oz. ea. 7.99

    USDA Choice Beef Shell Steaks, LoinBone-In, Any Size Package Grain Fed Western Beef lb. 7.99

    Visit Our Outdoor Farmers Market!

    Come choose from the best of Connecticuts locally grown fruits & vegetables at Kings Old Greenwichs Farmers Market. Open every Saturday & Sunday in June

    frOm 11am 4 pm Starting June 1St.

    Cottonelle Double Roll 12 Pack Bath Tissue1/2 PRICE All Varieties, 2,112-2,760 ct. 5.99Scott Mega Roll 10 Pack Paper Towels750 ct. 8.99

    Entenmanns Full Line Sale All Varieties8-25 oz. 2.99

    Snapple Beverage Case MUST BUY 24, Lesser Quanity Will Scan at .79 All Varieties 16 oz. 24/14.99

    Scan code or text Kings6 to 53016See back for details.*

    CreateTriple Chocolate & Cherry Muffins

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  • Kings USDA Choice Beef Flank Steaks Beef Loin lb. 8.99

    Perdue Farms Chicken BreastsBoneless, Skinless lb. 4.99 Perdue Chicken Nuggets or CutletsFully Cooked 12 oz. ea. 3.49

    Tyson Box Chicken Nuggets, Patties or FriesHeat & Eat, Assorted Varieties, Frozen 10-13.25 oz. pkg. ea. 2.99Tyson Bag Chicken Strips or Popcorn ChickenHeat & Eat, Assorted Varieties, Frozen, 25 oz. ea. 6.99

    Bell & Evans Organic Chicken Breasts, Boneless & SkinlessHormone & Antibiotic Free Fresh, Locally Produced lb. 7.99Bell & Evans Organic Whole Frying Chickens or Chicken ThighsHormone & Antibiotic Free Fresh, Locally Produced lb. 3.49

    Plainville Farms Fresh White Meat Ground Turkey Hormone & Antibiotic Free 93% Fat Free Locally Produced, 16 oz. ea. 5.49

    Shady Brook Farms Fresh Ground Turkey 93% Fat Free Fresh, Great for Burgers or Tacos! 20.8 oz. ea. 4.99

    7.99 lb.

    Kings USDA Prime Aged Certified Angus Gourmet Beef Burgers Store Made Fresh Grill Ready! lb. 5.99

    USDA Choice Organic Top Round

    London Broil or SteakBeef Round, Boneless

    Hormone & Antibiotic Free

    Inspired Pairing

    Vegetable Kabobs Fresh Cut

    ea. 3.99

    Perdue Farms Thin Sliced Chicken Breast Cutlets or TendersBoneless lb. 4.99Perdue Baked Breaded Nuggets, Cutlets or StripsFully Cooked, Assorted Varieties, 12 oz. ea. 3.49

    Market Specials

    Kings stores vary in size and some items shown may not be available in every store.

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  • Frozen 2 lb. Bag Shrimp

    Your Choice: 13/15 ct. EZ Peel Raw, 16/20 ct. Peeled & De-Veined Raw or 26/30 ct. Cooked & Cleaned Shrimp Tail-Off ea. 19.95

    Chilean Sea Bass Fillet Tender, Moist and Packed with Flavor Previously Frozen lb. 19.99

    Fresh Black Pearl Scottish Salmon Steak

    Farm Raised, Healthy, Moist, Tender & Delicious lb. 8.99

    Kings Gourmet Baked Crab Cakes Made with 70% Backfin Crabmeat Just Heat & Serve, Makes a Great Starter or Lunch Previously Frozen, 3 oz. ea. 3.99

    Fresh Black Pearl Scottish Salmon Fillet Farm Raised Healthy, Moist Tender & Delicious lb. 11.99


    Seared Yellowfin Tuna with Avocado

    Scan code or text Kings7 to 53016See back for details.*

    Kings Fresh Sashimi Grade Yellowfin Tuna loins are cut from fish which meet our strict standards for

    freshness, overall quality and color. Firm and meaty, steaklike texture with a mild yet distinctive flavor.

    Great on the Grill or Seared and Baked.

    Fresh "Sashimi Grade" Yellowfin Tuna SteakWild Caught, The Filet Mignon of the Ocean


    Market Specials

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  • BelGioioso Sharp Provolone Cheese

    Pre-Cut lb. 10.99

    Land O'Lakes Single Pack Cheese Swiss, Muenster, Mozzarella Yellow or White American 8 oz. ea. 3.99

    Boar's Head Maple Honey Ham Great Honey TasteGluten Free lb. 9.49

    Lacey Swiss CheeseImported From Finland Great Taste Gluten Free

    8.49 lb.

    NEW! Emmi Roth KseAward Winning Blue Cheese Moody Blue, Smokey Blue or Buttermilk Blue Cheese Crumbles Delicious Over Any Salad 4 oz. ea. 3.99

    Kings Grilled or Herb Roasted Salmon Made With Black Pearl Salmon, 4 oz. ea. 8.49

    11.99 lb.Citterio

    Silver Label Prosciutto Aged Over 600 Days, All Natural,

    No Preservatives, Nothing Artificial, Creates a Pure Natural Sweet Flavor

    Special occasions bring us together, and at Kings, were passionate about bringing every event together for you, seamlessly, so you

    can focus on celebrating the moment.

    Simplify your party planning and choose from our large selection of party platters

    and hors doeuvres. Ready-to-go vegetable crudit and cheese platters are also available in our Deli Department.

    Call Our Catering Hotline at (866) 446-3560

    or visit our deli department for more information or to place an order.Our catering menu is available at

    Celebrate Your Grads This Year with Kings Catering!

    C A T E R I N G

    Market Specials

    Inspired Pairing

    Kings stores vary in size and some items shown may not be available in every store.Kings stores vary in size and some items shown may not be available in every store.

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  • Key Lime Cheesecake or Key Lime Cake

    26 oz. SAVE 2.

    Market Specials

    Kings Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Sandwich Made Fresh Daily, With Spinach Artichoke Hummus on Firenze Bread. 8 oz. ea. 6.49

    Kings Crunchy Vegetable Salad or Kings Chef Inspired Cranberry Almond Quinoa Salad Perfect For Picnics lb. 6.49

    Kings Chef Crafted Gazpacho Soup Zesty & Refreshing, Made with Ripe Tomatoes, Crunchy & DeliciousWith Just the Right Amount of Spices, 32 oz. ea. 9.99

    Lioni Authentic BurrataLocal, Made From Imported Cream, Individually Wrapped Portions Perfect With Tomatoes 8 oz. ea. 7.49

    Michel's Angel Food Cake 21 oz. ea. 5.99

    Davidovich Bagel Crisps 3 Varieties, 5 oz. 2/5.

    Large Italian Pastries Cannolis, Chantilly Cream Puffs, Eclairs and Napoleons 3-7 oz. 3/10.

    NEW! RubschlagerSandwich or Rye-Ola Breads 16 oz. ea. 2.99

    14.99 ea.Peet's CoffeeAll Varieties 12 oz.

    ea. 7.99

    Inspired Pairing

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    Inspired Pairing

    Green Peppers lb. 1.79

    Long Wind Farms Organic Tomatoes lb. 3.99

    Organic Gala Apples lb. 2.49

    Georgia Vidalia Onions lb. 1.29

    2.99 ea.Sweet


    20 StemSpray Rose Bunch ea. 8.998" Basil Bowls ea. 5.99

    Fresh Cut Fruit Kabobs 10.25 oz. pkg.

    ea. 3.99


    Kings stores vary in size and some items shown may not be available in every store.Kings stores vary in size and some items shown may not be available in every store.

    5_31KingsP6_7V8.indd 2 5/21/13 5:13 PM

  • Market Specials

    Ready To Eat Jello-O Gelatin All Varieties, 12.5-13.5 oz. 2/4.

    Oscar Mayer Bacon All Varieties, 12-16 oz. 4.99

    Minute Maid Light Lemonades Original or Pink, 59 fl. oz. 2/5.

    Total Greek Yogurt All Varieties, 17.6 oz. 2/5.

    Stonyfield Smoothies All Varieties, 10 fl. oz. 5/5.

    Ronzoni Grated Parmesan Cheese 8 oz. 2.99

    Stonyfield Organic MilkAll Varieties, 64 fl. oz.

    SAVE .50

    Safest Choice Pasteurized EggsLarge AA Grade 12 ct.

    2.99Tropicana Punches & AdesAll Varieties 59 fl. oz.

    3/5.Chobani Greek YogurtAll Varieties 16 oz.

    2/5.Oscar Mayer Uploaded LunchablesAll Varieties 14.1-15.6 oz.

    2/6.Oscar Mayer Meat Bologna16 oz.

    2.99Kozy Shack Rice Pudding 6 Pk.All Varieties, 16 oz. 2/6.

    Buitoni Riserva Filled Pastas & SaucesAll Varieties, 7-9 oz. 3.99

    Gold Peak TeasAll Varieties, 59 fl. oz. 2/5.

    Yo Crunch Multipack YogurtsAll Varieties, 15-16 oz. 2/5.

    Alouette Jewel Extra Creamy Brie5 oz. 2.99

    Sorrento Mozzarella or Ricotta CheeseWhole or Part Skim 16-32 oz. 4.49

    Market Specials

    Breakstone's ButterWhipped or Quarters, 8 oz.


    Egg-Land's Best Large Brown Eggs 6 Pack1/2 Dozen


    Cabot Cheese Bars or Shreds

    All Varieties 8 oz. 2/5.

    Mountainside Farms Milk

    All Varieties 64 fl. oz. 2/6.

    Kraft American Singles

    All Varieties 10.7-12 oz. 2/5.

    Breakstone's Sour CreamLess Than 1/2 PriceAll Varieties 16 oz. 2/3.

    Smart Balance SpreadsAll Varieties13-15 oz. 2/6.

    Horizon Organic Large or Extra Large Eggs Dozen 4.99

    Tropicana Pure Premium Orange JuiceAll Varieties, 89 fl. oz.


    Dannon YogurtLess Than 1/2 Price All Varieties 6 oz. 10/5.

    Dole Fruit JuicesAll Varieties 59 fl. oz. 2/6.

    Fage Fruyo Yogurt All Varieties 6 oz. 10/10.


    Make the Dairy Aisle a Destination for

    Delicious Goodness!

    Sweepstakes Runs May 31 - June 13, 2013See in-store for entry and details.

    Stop in any Kings Food Market to enter a


    or wi