Kings Circular 5/10/2013

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Kings Circular 5/10/2013

Text of Kings Circular 5/10/2013

  • Find Everything You Need

    for Mothers Day Where Inspiration Strikes

    Driscolls Organic Strawberries

    16 oz. Pkg.3.99ea.

    Kings USDA Choice Whole Trimmed Beef Tenderloin We Will Gladly Custom Cut To Your Order At No Additional Charge, 6-8 lb. avg. lb. 9.99

    Perdue Farms Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Value Pack lb. 2.99

    Lean Cuisine Full Line SaleAll Varieties Excluding Market Collections & Salad Additions, 5-10.78 oz. 5/10.

    Kings Spring Water Case 16.9 fl. oz. 24 Pack Must Buy 3, LesserQty. Will Scan @ 3.99 405.6 fl. oz. 3/10.

    Raos Pasta Sauce All Varieties 24 oz. ea. 5.99

    Barilla Pasta Assorted Varieties 12-16 oz. 5/5.

    Peets Coffee

    All Varieties12 oz. ea. 8.99

    Welsh Farms Ice Cream Less Than 1/2 PriceAll Varieties48 fl. oz. ea. 2.74

    Scan code or textKings4 to 53016See back for details.*

    CreateStuffed Strawberries

    For Mom

    Hand Dipped Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    lb. 19.99


    5_10Kings_P12_1_V5.indd 3 4/30/13 5:03 PM

  • Kings USDA Choice Beef Tenderloin Steaks

    Fresh Grain Fed Western lb. 17.99

    Hormel "Always Tender" Pork TenderloinsAssorted Varieties, Marinated Boneless, 24 oz. ea. 7.99 Hormel "Always Tender" Pork Loin FilletsAssorted Varieties, Marinated Boneless, 18.4 oz. ea. 6.99

    Hatfield Marinated Boneless Pork Tenderloins Assorted Varieties Locally Produced lb. 4.99

    Bell & Evans Fresh Chicken Wings

    Locally Raised Hormone & Antibiotic Free, Great Grilled lb. 2.99

    2.99 lb.

    Kings USDA Choice Beef Flank Steaks

    Boneless, Loin lb. 8.99

    Center Cut Pork Chops or Roast Fresh Grain Fed Western Pork, Bone-In

    Any Size Pkg.

    Inspired Pairing

    ea. 3.99Sliced Peppers and Onions Ready to Use, 16 oz.

    Plainville Farms Fresh Ground Turkey Breast MeatHormone & Antibiotic Free 99% Fat Free Locally Produced, 16 oz. ea. 6.99Shady Brook Farms Fresh Ground Turkey Meat93% Fat Free, 20.8 oz. ea. 4.99

    Perdue Farms Thin Sliced Boneless Chicken Breasts or Breast TendersBoneless lb. 4.99 Perdue Farms Short Cuts, Cooked Sliced Chicken or TurkeyFully Cooked, Add to Salads or Fajitas!, 9 oz. ea. 4.99

    Country Crock Side Dishes Assorted Varieties Heat & Eat 20-24 oz. pkg. 2/7.

    Market Specials

    Kings stores vary in size and some items shown may not be available in every store.

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    5_10KingsP2_3V6.indd 2 4/30/13 5:05 PM

  • Fresh Black Pearl Salmon Fillet PortionsBoneless & Skinless, Farm Raised, Plain or Marinated, Ready to Cook Quality, Convenience and Great Taste, 6 oz. ea. 6.49

    Domestic Backfin Crabmeat Little River Brand Pasteurized, 8 oz. ea. 10.99

    Fresh Hand Cut & Trimmed Grey Sole Fillet Kings Naturally, Wild Caught lb. 14.99

    Kings Gourmet Baked Crab Cakes Made With 70% Backfin Crabmeat Previously Frozen, 3 oz. ea. 3.99

    Jumbo, Mexican White Cleaned, Raw Shrimp Tail-Off Peeled & De-Veined 21/25 ct. Previously Frozen lb. 11.99

    Extra Large Cooked & Cleaned

    Cocktail ShrimpTail-Off, 26/30 ct. Previously Frozen


    Inspired Pairing

    ea. 3.99

    Organic Zesty Lemons 2 lb. bag

    Scan code or text Kings5 to 53016See back for details.*

    CreateSweet Chili Apricot

    Dipping Sauce

    Market Specials

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    5_10KingsP2_3V6.indd 3 4/30/13 5:06 PM

  • NEW! Kings Chef Inspired Toscano

    Sandwich Made with Prosciutto

    Toscano, Shaved Pecora Vera, Arugula and Pesto on Crispy Firenza Bread, 7 oz.

    ea. 6.49

    Kings Chef Inspired Chef Crafted Panko Parmesan Encrusted TilapiaJust Heat and Eat

    lb. 10.99

    Kings Green SaladsMade Fresh Daily! Choose From Our Favorites Classic Cobb, Grilled Chicken Caesar, Chevre Spring Mix, Red Wine Greek, Tri-Color or Balsamic Grilled Chicken Salad, 7.5-15.5 oz.

    ea. 6.49

    Chef Inspired

    Kings Chef Inspired Grilled Lemon Chicken

    Perfect for Sandwiches Great Hot or Cold, 4 oz. ea. 3.99

    Mama Mancini Grab and Go Traditional Meatballs in Sunday Sauce or ABF Turkey Meatballs Make Your Own Hot Sandwich, 16 oz. ea. 5.99

    Boar's Head Deluxe Ham 98% Fat FreeSliced to Order Gluten Free lb. 9.49

    Stella Lorraine SwissReduced Fat and Low in Sodium Sliced to Order

    6.99 lb.

    Kings Chef Prepared Zucchini Tomato Salad Tossed in a Basil Vinaigrette Dressing Refreshing & Delicious lb. 5.99

    Cablanca Goat's Milk Aged Gouda Imported From Holland Creamy Taste lb. 13.99

    8.49 lb.Oven Roasted Turkey Breast

    Gluten Free

    Market Specials

    Inspired Pairing

    Kings stores vary in size and some items shown may not be available in every store.Kings stores vary in size and some items shown may not be available in every store.

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    5_10_KingsP4_5V5.indd 2 4/30/13 4:55 PM

  • Patisserie Cherry Blossom

    Cake3 layers of choclate sponge

    enhanced with cherry kirsch syrup. Filled with two layers of

    cherry cream and iced with white butter cream. 25 oz.

    Green Mountain, Tully's, Newman's, Bigelow and Celestial Teas K-CupsAssorted Varieties Your Choice, Single Brew Easy and Convenient 12 ct. 2/15.

    Market Specials

    Flatout Artisan 5 Grain Flax & Rosemary & Olive Oil Flatbread 9 oz. 2/7.

    Dairy Vale Australian Cheddar Imported From Austrialia Sharp Taste Ideal Snacking Cheese lb. 7.49

    Crunchmaster Original Multi-Seed Crackers Choose From Original and Other Varieties All Natural, Gluten Free Perfect For Snacking, 4.5 oz. 2/4.

    Stacy's All Natural Simply Naked and Parmesan Garlic Pita Crisp Perfect With Kings Hummus, 18 oz. ea. 8.49

    Davidovich NYC Water Boiled Bagels Delivered Fresh Daily 6 oz. 2/1.

    8" Lemon Meringue Pie 27 oz. ea. 6.99

    Ecce Panis Neo Tuscan Boule or Semolina Batard 16 oz. ea. 3.99

    Kings Store Sliced Crumb Cake Traditional, Triple Chocolate or Apple Crumb lb. 4.99

    16.99 ea.


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    5_10_KingsP4_5V5.indd 3 4/30/13 4:56 PM

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    Plump Blueberries 6 oz. 3/10.

    Arrow Farms Yukon Gold Potatoes 5 lb. Bag ea. 3.99

    Crisp Organic Gala Apples lb. 2.49

    5.99 ea.Juicy

    Sweet Clementines3 lb. Bag

    Hagen-Dazs or Edy's Cup SinglesAll Varieties, 3.6-5.8 fl. oz. 4/5. Oikos Organic Frozen Greek YogurtAll Varieties, 16 fl. oz. 3.99

    Reddi- WipAll Varieties, 6.5 oz. 2/5. Evolve Kefir Probiotic SmoothiesAll Varieties, 32 fl. oz. 2/5.

    Dolly Madison SherbetAll Varieties, 32 fl. oz. 2/4. So Delicious Almond Milk Frozen Dessert & NoveltiesAll Varieties, 16-18.4 fl. oz. 3.99

    Yasso Greek Yogurt BarsAll Varieties, 14 fl. oz. 4.99 Aunt Jemima WafflesAll Varieties, 12.3 oz. 2/4.

    Key Limes 16 oz. Bag

    ea. 2.99

    Kings stores vary in size and some items shown may not be available in every store.Kings stores vary in size and some items shown may not be available in every store.

    Market Specials

    5_10KingsP6_7V6.indd 2 4/30/13 5:10 PM

  • Market SpecialsMarket Specials

    Sargento Shredded CheesesAll Varieties, 8 oz.


    Celeste PizzaAll Varieties, 5.08-5.6 oz.

    4/5.Better 4 U Thin Crust Pizza Cheese or Mediterranean 13.4-15.7 oz. 6.99

    Cabot Butter QuartersSalted or Unsalted, 16 oz.

    2/6.Plugra European Butter Salted or Unsalted 8 oz. 2/5.

    Woodstock Organic Steamable VegetablesAll Varieties, 12 oz.

    2/6.Red's All Natural Quesadillas or Burritos All Varieties 9-11 oz. 2/7.

    Tropicana Pure Premium Orange JuiceAll Varieties, 89 fl. oz.

    4.99Simply Lemonade All Varieties 59 fl. oz. 2/5.

    La Yogurt Probiotic or Original YogurtsAll Varieties, 6 oz.

    10/4.Yo Crunch Yogurt All Varieties 6 oz. 10/6.

    Cabot Sliced Cheese Singles White or Yellow 12 oz. 2/6.

    Buy 1 Get 1

    Egg-Land's Best Large Eggs

    12 ct. 2.99Egg Beaters All Varieties15-16 oz. 2/6.Farmland Bacon All Varieties16 oz. 2/7.

    Newman's Own Pizzas All Varieties13.2-13.9 oz. 5.99Hungry-Man Dinners All Varieties14-17 oz. 2/6.Saffron Road Entres All Varieties11 oz. 3.99

    Stonyfield YoKids Greek Yogurt 4 Packs All Varieties15 oz. 2/6.GU Imported Desserts All Varieties 4.37-6.73 oz. 5.99Axelrod Sour Cream All Varieties 16 fl. oz. 1.69

    Health is Wealth Pizza Munchees

    6 oz. 2/6.Golden Blintzes All Varieties 13 oz. 2/6.Mrs. T's Pierogies 12-16 oz. 2/5.

    Furlani Garlic Toast

    8.46 oz. FREECedar's Organic Hommus 8 oz. 2.49Buitoni Riserva Filled Pasta or Pesto Sauce 7-9 oz. 3.99

    Oscar Mayer Ready to Serve Bacon Original or Thick2.52 oz. 2/7.Axelrod Cottage Cheese All Varieties 16 oz. 2/4.Jell-O Ready to Eat Puddings All Varieties 8.9-15.5 oz. 2/4.

    Welch's Grape Juice Cocktail

    59 fl. oz. 2/5.Horizon Organic Milk All Varieties 64 fl. oz. 3.99Tropicana Pure Tropics Juices All Varieties 59 fl. oz. 2/6.

    Oscar Mayer Turkey Franks

    16 oz. 2/5.Oscar Mayer Beef Bologna All Varieties 12 oz. 3.49Farmland Skim Plus Milk or Half & Half 32 fl. oz. 2/5.

    Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurt All Varieties5.3 oz. 10/10.Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt 4 Packs All Varieties 24 oz. 2/5.Organic Valley Half & Half All Varieties 16 fl. oz. 2/6.

    Butterball Turkey Breast All Varieties9 oz. 3.49Lightlife Smart Italian Sausage 12 oz. 3.99Oscar Mayer Boiled Ham 6 oz. 2/5.

    Minute Ma