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Effective 3-29-2013

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  • Driscolls Strawberries16 oz. 3/10.

    6.99lb.USDA Choice

    Beef Rib RoastFirst or Center Cut, Bone-In

    Prime Rib, The King Of Roasts We Will Gladly Bone & Tie Your

    Selection At No Additional Charge

    Pepsi 12 Pack CansSchweppes, Sierra

    Mist, Mountain Dew, 144 fl. oz.


    Hellmanns Mayonnaise

    All Varieties 30 fl. oz.


    Starbucks Coffee

    All Varieties 12 oz.


    Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice

    All Varieties, 59 fl. oz


    CreateGrilled Chicken Breasts With Basil Citrus Sauce

    Kings Bell & EvansBoneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts

    Hormone & Antibiotic Free Locally Raised

    lb. 4.99

    Scan code or textKings7 to 53016See back for details.*

    Scott 20 Roll Bath Tissue

    20,000 ct.13.99

    Scott Towel6 pk.


    Wishing You aHappy Easter!

    Stouffers Red Box Entrees

    All Varieties Excluding Restaurant Selects and

    Satisfying Servings 8.78-12 oz.


    Balduccis Pizzelles

    Choose from Anise, Vanilla, Almond or Lemon, 2 Week Sale!

    Market Specials

    FREEBuy 1 Get 1

    Kings Exclusive

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  • 6.99 lb.USDA Choice Fresh

    Semi-Boneless Leg of Lamb

    Genuine American

    Yukon Gold Potatoes5 lb. bag

    ea. 2.99

    Inspired Pairing

    Carando Spiral Sliced Hickory Smoked Ham, Half, Bone-InWith Glaze Packet Cooked, Heat & Serve lb. 2.99 Carando Spiral Sliced Smoked Ham, Quartered, Bone-In Cooked, Heat & Serve lb. 3.99

    Kings Fresh Whole TurkeysAll Natural, Hormone Free, Locally Raised, Guaranteed Fresh, Never Frozen 10-13 & 16-20 lb. Avg. With Pop Up Timer lb. 1.99 Kings Fresh Whole Turkey Breasts, Bone-InAll Natural, Hormone Free, Locally Raised, Guaranteed Fresh, Never Frozen 4-7 & 8-10 lb. Avg. With Pop Up Timer lb. 3.49

    Bell & Evans Chicken Breast Nuggets or Tenders - Regular or Gluten Free Hormone & Antibiotic Free, Ready to Cook Frozen, 12 oz. ea. 6.99

    Kings Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops or Roast Fresh Grain Fed Western Pork Any Size Pkg. lb. 3.99

    Perdue Farms Oven Stuffer Roaster Chicken Fresh With Pop Up Timer 5-7 lb. Avg. lb. 1.39

    Kings USDA Prime Aged Certified Angus Beef Rib Roast Bone-In lb. 13.99

    Kings USDA Choice Fresh Beef Briskets

    BonelessFirst Cut lb. 4.99

    Market Specials

    Kings stores vary in size and some items shown may not be available in every store.

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  • Scan code or text Kings8 to 53016See back for details.*

    CreateCedar Plank Salmon with Horseradish & Baby Dill

    Fresh Tilapia FilletFarm Raised in Honduras

    lb. 6.99 Kings Extraordinary Cooked & Cleaned Cocktail Shrimp, Tail-On2 lb. Bag, Farm RaisedFrozen 25% Off

    Lenten SpecialsFriday, Saturday &

    Sunday Only 3/29 - 3/30 & 3/31

    Kings Fresh GourmetLobster Bisque Freshly Prepared 32 oz. ea. 9.99

    Fresh Swordfish Steak

    Wild Caught, Domestic Cut from Fish 100 lbs or Larger lb. 16.99

    Fresh Pasteurized Domestic Backfin CrabmeatLittle River Brand, Use in your Favorite Crabmeat Recipe or to Create the Ultimate Crabcake 8 oz. ea. 10.99

    Kings Gourmet "Baked" Crabcakes Made with 70% Backfin Crabmeat

    Just Heat and Serve Previously Frozen, 3 oz. ea. 3.99

    Fresh Hand Cut & Trimmed Pollock Fillet Wild Caught, Domestic Mild & Flaky, Perfect for Baking or Poaching lb. 5.99

    Fresh Extra Jumbo White Raw Shrimp Wild Caught, Shell-On, Domestic Crisp Texture with a Clean Shrimp Flavor 16/20 ct. lb. 12.99

    North Atlantic Cold Water Lobster Tails Frozen or Thawed The Perfect Starter for Your Holiday Meal 3 oz. ea. 5.49

    Fresh Black Pearl Scottish Salmon Fillet

    Farm Raised, Healthy, Moist, Tender & Delicious


    Market Specials

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  • NEW! Kings Atlantic Cod Cakes Fresh Atlantic Cod Blended With Potatoes, Herbs and Capers, and Fried Until Golden Brown and Crispy on the Outside, 4 oz.

    ea. 5.49NEW! Kings

    Tuscan SandwichProsciutto Toscano, Shaved Pecora Vera, Arugula and

    Pesto on Crispy Panne Bread, 7 oz.

    ea. 6.49NEW! Apple Pomegranate Honey, Berry or Mango Yogurt ParfaitMade Fresh Daily With Layers of Creamy 0% Fage Yogurt With Real Fruit With Crunchy Granola, 11 oz.

    ea. 3.49

    Chef Inspired

    Stacy's All Natural Pita Crisps Assorted Varieties Including Simply Naked and Multigrain8 oz. 2/7.

    Boar's Head Turkey Pepperoni Pouch Ideal for Pepperoni Bread 4.5 oz. ea. 3.99

    Locatelli Grated Romano Cheese Imported From ItalySprinkle Over your Favorite Pasta, 8 oz. ea. 6.99

    Vitamia Fresh Cheese Ravioli Locally MadeDelivered Fresh to Stores 14 oz. ea. 6.99

    Land O' Lakes American CheeseYellow or White or 2% Yellow Sliced to Order

    6.99 lb.

    La Tortilla Light Flour Wrap Delicious With Your Favorite Cold Cuts 11 oz. ea. 3.49

    9.99 lb.Applewood Smoked Maple Cured Ham Hand Carved Off the Bone

    by Our Associates This Ham Tastes Fabulous!

    Market Specials

    Inspired Pairing

    Kings stores vary in size and some items shown may not be available in every store.Kings stores vary in size and some items shown may not be available in every store.

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  • Balducci's Pizzelles Choose From Anise, Vanilla,

    Almond or Lemon 6 oz.


    The pizzelle (peets-TSEH-leh), a crisp waffle cookie, is one of the oldest cookie recipes known. These large

    crisp Italian cookies are made with a pizzelle iron.

    Market Specials

    Italian Specialties

    Kings Exclusive Maffei Il Pastaio Fresh Oriecchiette, Strozzapreti, Fussilli, CavatelliImported Direct From Southern Italy, Cooks in Minutes, 17.64 oz. ea. 3.99

    Bussetto Salami Green Peppercorn Calabrese, Black Pepper Coated, 10 oz. ea. 5.99

    Kings Exclusive Lioni Burrata Local, Authentic Taste Made With Milk From Italy, You Won't Believe the Taste! Bellisimo! 8 oz. ea. 6.99

    NEW! KingsProsciutto Toscano Aged Over 14 Months Delicate Flavor Perfect With Fresh Mozzarella lb. 18.99

    Ecce Panis Dinner Rolls Choose From French or Multi Grain 8 Pack, 14 oz. ea. 3.99

    Large Italian Pastries Cannolis, Chantilly Cream Puffs, Eclairs and Napoleons, 3-7 oz. 3/10.

    Cannoli Chip Platter 30 oz. ea. 14.99

    Balducci's Biscotti Choose from 6 Different Varieties, Almond, Chocolate Dipped Almond, Cranberry Walnut, Cranberry Pistachio, Vanilla Almond or Chocolate Hazelnut 7 oz. FREE

    BUY 1 GET 1


    Kings Exclusive

    Kings Exclusive

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    Kings Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

    1/2 Gal. ea. 4.99

    Kings Cored Pineapples ea. 3.99

    Ready Pac Microwave Ready Spinach 9 oz. ea. 3.99

    Organic Bartlett Pears lb. 2.49

    Fresh Cut Vegetable Trays ea. 14.99

    2.99 lb.Imported Asparagus

    Kings stores vary in size and some items shown may not be available in every store.Kings stores vary in size and some items shown may not be available in every store.

    Scan code or text Kings11 to 53016See back for details.*

    Fresh Express Salads

    ea. 2.99

    Market Specials

    CreateGrilled Asparagus and Smoked

    Salmon with Fresh Express Salad

    Organic Creamery Shredded ParmesanPerfect Over Asparagus, 6 oz. ea. 6.99

    3_29KingsP6_7V7.indd 2 3/19/13 4:48 PM

  • Market SpecialsMarket Specials

    Egg-Land's Best Hard Boiled Eggs6 ct., .58 lb


    Fage Fruyo YogurtAll Varieties, 6 oz.

    10/10.Tuscan Over The Moon Fat Free MilkOriginal or Chocolate64 fl. oz. 2/6.

    Powerful Greek YogurtAll Varieties 8 oz. 2/5.

    Philadelphia Indulgence SpreadsAll Varieties, 8 oz.


    Kraft American SinglesAll Varieties, 10.7-12 oz.


    Healthy Choice SteamersAll Varieties, 8-9.2 oz.


    Skinny Cow Single Serve CupsAll Varieties, 5.8 fl. oz.

    4/5.Friendship On The Go Cottage Cheese4% Plain or 1% Pineapple 5 oz. .99

    C&W Poly Bag & Box Vegetables All Varieties Excluding Artichoke Hearts 12-16 oz. 2/5.

    NEW! EnlightenedIce Cream BarsAll Varieties14 fl. oz. 4.99

    Cracker Barrel Cheese Bars All Varieties 8 oz. 2/5.

    Breakstone'sButterWhipped or Quarters, 8 oz.

    2/5.Benecol SpreadRegular or Light8 oz. 4.49

    Axelrod Plain Quart YogurtNon Fat or Low fat 32 oz. 2/4.

    Tropicana 50 LemonadesOriginal or Raspberry59 fl. oz. 2/5.Dannon

    Light & Fit YogurtAll Varieties, 6 oz.


    Polly-ORicotta CheeseAll Varieties, 32 oz.

    Less Than 1/2 Price 2.99

    Green Giant Box VegetablesAll Varieties, 7-10 oz.


    Welsh FarmsIce CreamAll Varieties, 48 fl. oz.

    Friendship Sour CreamAll Varieties 16 oz. 2/3.

    Tropicana Pure Tropics JuicesAll Varieties 59 fl. oz. 2.79

    Birds Eye Box Sauce Vegetables All Varieties 9 oz. 3/4.

    Adirondack All Natural Ice CreamAll Varieties 16 fl. oz. 3.99

    Polly-O Mozzarella Cheese Whole Milk or Part-Skim 16 oz. 2.99

    Coffee-mate Flavored CreamersAll Varie