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  • 7/31/2019 July 12,2012 Edition


    Volume: 4 Issue: 14 July 12, 2012 bi-weekly Edition

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    Freeport Gets Interim Fire

    Chief After a meeting Friday morningbetween the Walton County Sheriffs Office andthe mayor of Freeport, the move was made to

    make Alfred Ford the Interim Fire.....Page 3

    Medical Needs In Walton

    Discussed Walton County is consideredthe healthiest county in the state when you lookat adjusted mortality rates. Roger Hall with Sa-

    cred Heart Hospital, told those...Page 5

    Traffic Stop in DeFuniak

    leads to narcotics arrest for

    WCSO On July 6, 2012 the Walton CountySheriff's Office Narcotics Unit Investigators

    conducted a traffic stop on W....Page 6

    Fireboat Called A fire on the banksof the Intracoastal waterway put Freeports fire

    boat on water. South Walton Fire District called

    Freeport Fire and Rescue.Page 10Be sure to stay hydrated in the record heat waves

    we are having. Several people have lost their lives due tooverheating from the sun.Try not to be in the heat for extended periods of time.

  • 7/31/2019 July 12,2012 Edition


    Hello to you all. Is it hot enough outside or what? I know thissummer is going by fast and with all of the activities to getdone can be overwhelming but hang in there. Add that to the

    heat factor you need to be sure to hydrate yourself often. There has beenalready over 30 heat-related deaths in the Midwest alone. I was up in Ohio and let me tell

    you it was hard to breathe cause it was so hot. They can say its only 104 outside but addmovement and your risking life. Be careful when your outside and think smart.

    There seems to be plenty to talk about recently. But Ill leave the Obamacare decisionto you. It will be most interesting to see what else happens prior to re-election hopes forthe president. Even the gas prices are coming down some. I found $2.98/gal in Tennes-see. Maybe that shows you how easily the prices can be played with, especially around

    here. Take 50cent per gal, what a difference it would make.

    One story I heard of makes me wonder what will not offend someone in some kind ofway or another. There is people upset about the showing of signs of God in happiness

    joyous moments. As if most of us can contain ourselves. However you express your joy,

    do it!

    Why should religious leaders, of all people, turn their fire on celebrities who use theirpopularity for public proclamations of the almighty's power? In an age when media iconsflaunt every sort of indulgence and depravity, prominent members of clergy should findmore appropriate targets to scold than athletic achievers like football's Tim Tebow, bas-ketball's Jeremy Lin or baseball's Josh Hamilton, who choose to flaunt their devout

    Christian commitment.

    When our children emulate their favorite sports star or for that matter anyone who in-fluences them. Why not it be about God and his love for all people? It was the other daythat I read about certain religions taking offense to the gestures of pointing to the sky forGod. That makes me wonder what is next? They already have separated church and state,meaning anything public like our schools. That still confuses me, what is so wrong with

    the Pledge of AllegianceThe newly elected leader of the important Reform movement in Judaism clearly shares

    the instinct to wince at the insertion of too many religious gestures in today's pop culture.. He goes on to suggest "a deep reason for our unease. The God-talk we hear most isworth emulating, except when it has a negative connotation. Watching athletes pointingto the heavens to acknowledge their savior after scoring a touchdown, you'd think Godactually cared about which team won. While I hope God's presence can be felt in all

    places, including football stadiums, I find it offensive to reduce the almighty to a football

    mascot in the sky.

    Now lets try this on for size..instead of religious signs during sports, lets make itanything self promoting like putting your number one sign in the air. Making the cross

    sign across your chest as you do in church. It is all based upon emotion from certain mo-ments of joy. Church shouldnt be the only place you can show Gods love and your ado-

    ration for him and not offend someone.

    Come on, in a world like we have today to see a sign of religious jesture is about theleast offending jesture I see most. Dont you agree? Maybe we can all act as if we scorea touchdown when something good happens or you do something great. Stop and kneelfor a second, cause even in football it can be considered excessive if it takes too long of a

    celebration. Go figure.

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  • 7/31/2019 July 12,2012 Edition


    Page 3The EMERALD STAR NEWS Inc.Thursday, July 12, 2012

    Freeport Gets Interim Fire Chief

    After a meeting Friday morning between the Walton CountySheriffs Office and the mayor of Freeport, the move was made tomake Alfred Ford the Interim Fire Chief of Freeport. Chief Fordwill be responsible for all operational fire duties while Chief Ben

    Greenslait will be responsible for administrative issues. The Sher-iffs Office says rumors have been spreading that deputies were

    going to be sent in to take over the position of the Chief; however,

    they state this is not the case.

    Major Joe Preston, Director of Support Services and EmergencyManagement says the Sheriffs Office Division of Emergency Man-agement is fortunate to have two extremely well-qualified firefight-ers on staff. He says they are pleased their services can fulfill a tem-

    porary need for the citizens of Freeport and Walton County.

    Chief Ford has been in the business of firefighting since 1977,when he first worked as a volunteer firefighter with the Hillsbor-

    ough County Fire Rescue. He has worked at various other fire de-partments throughout the state since then and has served as the firechief at the Parker Fire Department in Parker, FL for 3 years andthe Battalion Fire Chief with Bay County Fire Rescue for nearly 6years. In his role of Battalion Chief for Bay County, he has super-vised and commanded 45 fire personnel, 6 fire stations and attendedto budget needs. Chief Ford was also deployed to Pass Christian,MS to assist in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. He has alsoworked as a Private Fire Investigator for 3 years. He has served asan Adjunct Instructor in both fire standards and incident commandcourses with Gulf Coast Community College in Panama City, FL

    and Texas A&M in College Station, TX.

    Chief Fords education is steeped in firefighting and fire technol-ogy. He graduated from Florida State Fire College and has studiedcourses such as firefighting, fire instructor, fire officer I and II,HazMat Tech, and Radiological Monitoring. He has an Associatesof Science in Fire Technology from Gulf Coast Community Col-

    WALTON COUNTY WEEKLY BEACH SAMPLING RESULTSWalton County Saltwater Beach Monitoring Results

    Walton County - The Walton County Health Department conducts regularly scheduled saltwaterbeach water quality monitoring at seven sites through the Healthy Beaches Monitoring Program. Thewater samples are being analyzed for enteric bacteria (enterococci) that normally inhabit the intestinal

    tract of humans and animals, which may cause human disease, infections, or rashes. The presence ofenteric bacteria is an indication of fecal pollution, which may come from stormwater runoff, pets andwildlife, and human sewage. The