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Simply Live

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  • July 2014

    Simply Live

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    Living A Purposeful Life For Christby Jeanette Zee

    English Revelation Article

    As you think back about your life, are you living a fruitful life for Christ? Visions and dreams must have been given to you from the Lord, but are you too afraid to fulfil them?

    Being a child of God, it means we can fully rely on our Heavenly Father to do all things. In Philippians 4:13, it says that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Whatever promises and dreams that God have revealed to you, without a shadow of doubt, they stand absolutely possible to achieve; however, not by your own strength but by the strength of God!

    In Acts 2:17, the Bible says that

    And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God,That I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh;

    Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,Your young men shall see visions,

    Your old men shall dream dreams.

    Are you living a life where all your visions and dreams are left to drift into nothingness? Do you just want to live a mundane life where it is just a routine of eating, working and sleeping every single day? As you grow older each year, do you have a greater frustration to live your life to the fullest? 50 years down the road, will you be satisfied with the things that you have and are going to accomplish? If all your answers were a yes, start LIVING LIFE today! But, what does living a fulfilled life mean?

  • 5English Revelation Article

    Start by remembering all the visions and dreams that God has given to you; imagine the beauty of the dream and the passion that God had placed in you during that touch of heaven. Some of them may be visions and dreams that you feel are too big for your capabilities, but God has the ability to do ALL things. Start with the little that you have in your hands and it will become much in God. Start believing and confessing, according to the laws of God, it will truly come to pass. What have you got to lose? Living life with such expectancy and faith in God motivates us to be excellent in all we do, until the day you receive His glory. Your dream is bigger than yourself because you have a big God! Live life, dream free!

    The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience - Eleanor Roosevelt

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    by Hannah Xu Qian Ru


    Chinese Revelation Article

  • 7Chinese Revelation Article

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    Dr. Robi Sonderegger: No Apologies, Just Apologeticsby Chris Benhard A. SembiringOn Sunday (15/6), Dr. Sonderegger preached a sermon in a very unusual manner, in which he debated about the truth in the Bible and the existence of God with a virtual scientist. The scientist (who was, in fact, a pre-recorded video of Dr. Sonderegger himself dressed in a lab coat), accused that Dr. Sonderegger has misused scientific experiments and taken the results out of context to convince the attending congregation that God exists.

    Dr. Sonderegger countered that in Operational Science, a witness should observe an event happening and that we have to be able to manipulate or replicate that event for it to be empirically proven. He conceded that both Theory of Creationism and Evolution do not meet the criteria set by Operational Science. The defenders of both theories are actually looking at the same evidence, but they are interpreting it depending on their own worldview and philosophy, said Dr. Sonderegger.

    Church Service Summary

  • 9Church Service Summary

    Dr. Sonderegger continued his argument that science has confirmed that life only can come from life. There has been no historical or scientific record that life came from something else, specifically in the case of the scientist, the Big Bang. Evolution is more of a religion than people would like to admit, said Dr. Sonderegger.

    The scientist argued that science has observed and proven that evolution did take place, noting how living creatures gradually changed their characteristics over time and how human DNA shares most of the characteristics with that of monkeys. Dr. Sonderegger denied the validity of both the scientists evidences. Changes of the characteristics, he remarked, are only observed within a species but not across two different species, which means the scientist offered an evidence of mutation instead of evolution.

    Dr. Sonderegger continued that many of the information which evolution was based on are no longer agreed by contemporary scientists. For example, the fact that monkeys and human beings shared most of their DNA is now branded as a myth.

    Refusing the notion that a higher power exists, the scientist smugly asked, Why then, if such intelligent divine being called God do exists, He went to great lengths to hide Himself from us? Dr. Sonderegger responded based on Romans 1:20, that God showed His power by creating the whole universe. If God created everything, then did He create disease, or everything evil? quizzed the scientist. God created the earth without blemish, Dr. Sonderegger asserted, but He also gave us Free Will, from which consequences do exist. Adam chose sin in the Garden of Eden, and gave way for evil to corrupt the faultless universe. Dr. Sonderegger asked the scientist in return, how the scientist judges whether some things are good and evil, noting that evolution offers no benchmark of what is good and evil. The scientists resorting to borrowing the concept

  • 10

    of good and evil further proves that a higher power, who created the benchmark, exists. Dont copy our worldview, get your own worldview! Dr. Sonderegger remarked.

    The scientist then questioned the purpose of religion, Hasnt religion been used as the justification to killings and wars throughout history? Dr. Sonderegger rejected this accusation. Human are capable to commit crimes whatever their view of God is. Human are flawed because we fall short of the glory of God. Dr. Sonderegger counterattacked the scientists worldview, If the beginning of life is a purely accidental chemical reaction, then why the end of it is not viewed as just another purely accidental chemical reaction? Dr. Sonderegger again showed how the scientists concern of killings and wars and branding it as evil is a proof how he resorted to borrowing the Biblical worldview to define what is good and evil.

    Science and belief in God are not meant to contradict each other, but should go hand in hand. Dr. Sondereggers unique approach in preaching this sermon showed exactly that.

    Church Service Summary

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    Born In This Frame (Body Types)by Yvonne Teo Yen Pin

    Have you bought a dress and thought it would be perfect on you? You live in that thought until the moment you put it on and you go, is this the dress I bought? It doesnt look the same! or, I dont know if this looks good on me! These changing room moments are just so nerve-racking! Well, youre not alone because probably every woman, even Beyonc, faces this - the uniqueness of our body shape!

    Through this recommendation, I will be able to help you identify your body shape, and this makes your shopping a lot easier! It will be breeze to decide among different styles of dresses. Have you ever wondered why certain types of clothing complement you well, while others did not? As simple as it sounds, the reason is just because it suits your body shape. My aim here is to teach you how to pick clothes that you know will definitely look amazing on you. This skill comes in extremely handy if you are preparing for an occasion/party, and you have no idea what type of outfit makes you stand out the most. Before we identify, measure your stats and this can help us with our accuracy.


  • 12Recommendations

    Identify Characteristics of an Hourglass Welldefined/narrowwaist Hipandbusttendtobealmostthesameandquitebig E.g.362436

    Characteristics of an Inverted Triangle BroaderShoulders Hipsaresmall,sometimesregardedasmanlyfigure Weightisemphasizedontheupperbody E.g.382434

    Characteristics of a Triangle (Pear) Thehipsarewiderthantheshoulder Fattendstoaccumulatedonthehipsandbuttocks E.g.322436

    Characteristics of a Rectangle Nodefinedwaist Thehipstendtohaveasimilarwidthastheshoulders Youdonothavealotofcurves 302430

    Characteristics of an Apple Nodefinedwaist Weighttendstoformonthestomach Averagebustsize 342836

  • 13Recommendations

    Which Should Be My Holy Grail?

    HourglassLucky you! The hourglass figure is round and curvy with a well-defined waistline, fuller hips and chest and generous thighs. Regarded as the ideal feminine shape; however, this means the hourglass body shape is unlike the body shapes of most supermodels and, consequently, the pictures in most fashion magazines. Always find that you cant pull their look off? Fret not! We can make your body look even better than those! The best way is to accentuate your waist, since your bust and hips are almost the same size, as it definitely stands out. Body-cons with a belt at your waist is a perfect outfit for you. Make the most out of your small midsection! Cinch dresses, jackets and sweaters waist-length are to-go-to accessories. To elongate a curvy body, wear cardigans or lightweight jackets that graze the hips. Avo