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    admin.barossaherald@ruralpress.comWednesday, July 4, 2012 44 pages

    Kicking into the wind

    RESIDENTS will fight against anapplication lodged with the statesDevelopment Assessment Commission fora wind farm to be developed at Keyneton.

    Victorian-based company Pacific Hydropublicly announced its intention for thedevelopment 12 months ago.

    Residents opposing the development saythey will continue their stance, we dontwant this development.

    Keyneton resident and landholder HiediSmith said, If it is approved and negativeimpacts are felt, then the developer andhost landholders have been warned thatwe will take action, and this could includeclass action.

    On Monday, June 25 Pacific Hydroscomprehensive submission, involvingabout 800 pages, was officially lodged - andthe Herald informed readers of the newsvia our website on Thursday.

    Submissions, for or against thedevelopment, will be called for by the DAC

    via public notices in the coming weeks,which will then allow the public 15working days to respond.

    The companys plans include spending$242million on the placement of 42industrial wind turbines on the Sedanranges. This development is expected toproduce 105MW and is estimated to generate electricity for the next 25 to 30 years.

    Six landholders, who have agreed to hostwind turbines on their properties, werebelieved to have consulted with PacificHydro as early as 10 years ago. It is alsounderstood one Keyneton landholder hadcontacted Pacific Hydro more than adecade ago seeking their support indeveloping a wind farm in the area. Theseresidents continue their silence.

    For the past year a community group ofabout 50 members, working under theEastern Mt Lofty Ranges LandscapeGuardian Inc. (EMLRLG), has spent their time resources to raise awarenessabout concerns associated with these

    developments and for the common aim tostop Keyneton wind farm.

    Residents opposing the project continueto maintain a variety of concerns including,environment, turbine setback/proximity,visual impact, health and wellbeing, noise and acoustics, flicker, micro climates,fire safety, road and safety,Aboriginal/cultural sacred sites, propertysale impact, social community impact andefficiency and economics.

    Mrs Smith said the past 12 months hadbeen an emotional and mental strain for residents.

    She said from a community perspective,the development has left a negative impacton the community. Mrs Smith explainedrelationships within the communities havebeen broken, as is the case with othercommunities living with industrial turbinedevelopments at either the proposal oroperating stage. Also, she said theuncertainty caused by the proposal couldsee numbers dwindle at the KeynetonPrimary School.

    Members of EMLRLG urge individuals tohave their say on the development andremind the public there is no right ofappeal. The public can access a community submission guide template byvisiting the EMLRLG Inc. site:http://sites.google.com/site/stopkeynetonwindfarm.

    Meanwhile, Pacific Hydro maintains,works for the development will involveabout 500 individuals over a 24-monthperiod. The companys spokesperson LaneCrockett said, We endeavour to employ asmany directly local (people) as possible. Ifthey cannot supply then this would beextended further in SA.

    Mr Crockett said all turbines will be thesame height with a maximum blade tipheight of 145.5m.

    To read more about the application, visitpacifichydro.com.au and click on the wordprojects in the header bar to findKeyneton wind farm project.

    To read more about this story, visitbarossaherald.com.au.


    FIGHT CONTINUES: Protestors pictured earlier this year (from left)Robyn Gilbert, Eden Valley; Erwin Thaller, Keyneton; Sue Kennedy,Keyneton; Tony Walker, Eden Valley; Leonie Thaller, Keyneton and WolfBramberger, Keyneton. Picture courtesy of David Formby.









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  • Wednesday, July 4, 2012 - Page 2 - The Herald, Barossa Valleywww.barossaherald.com.au admin.barossaherald@ruralpress.com

    ACROBATIC: Star Willaston goal shooter LisaWilson strikes an awkward pose to accept apass against Nuriootpa on Saturday.ONCE again the value on the Herald websitebarossaherald.com.au has been on display.

    Todays front page story about the proposedwind farm at Keyneton had a development onearlier in the week and was up on ourwebsite by Thursday.

    So residents didnt have to wait until today(Wednesday) for their news and the Heraldis able to give readers an update.

    The Heralds Vibe (entertainment) coverageis so highly regarded that the cast of theextremely successful musical Jersey Boysdropped into our office on Friday to sayhello and let us know they will beperforming in Adelaide later this year.

    Already Jersey Boys has been on tour fortwo-and-a-half years and is set to play inBrisbane before heading back to Adelaide inOctober. Turn to page 10 to meet the guyswho are performing the music of FrankieValli and The Four Seasons.

    As usual, a visit to the website will enablereaders to have a look from the sportingaction around the valley at the weekend.

    Visit barossaherald.com.au and click onthe appropriate link in the photo gallery.

    If you havent had a look previously thereare galleries from the past few weeks.

    Who knows if you are a participant perhapsthe Herald cameras have caught you in action.

    So remember, news doesnt just happen ona Wednesday as you will find with otherregional newspapers..

    Does the Town of GawlerCouncil see itself as a modern-day Robin Hood?Taking from the perceived rich and

    giving to the poor.In this case, the poor being council

    itself.After delivering a string of deficit

    budgets, council now has an actionplan to achieve financial sustainabilityby 2014/15.

    That is a goal ratepayers would havewanted them to reach before then butat least it is a positive move.

    So how is council going to achievethis financial sustainability?

    One of the moves is to alter itsstrategic rating policy which will hitthe towns successful businesses.

    Despite continued protests from theGawler Business Alliance, council haschosen to ignore their argument andgone ahead to increase the tax onsuccessful operations.

    So lets take a look at Murray Street,Gawlers main street and the face ofthe town for tourists.

    Take a walk and count the shopswhich have closed. Businesses whichhave failed and not all because of anyform of mismanagement. Times aretough, those closed doors are proof.

    Yes, there are also successfulbusinesses along the street, people whohave done well and are profitable, andhave bcome an easy mark for abusiness which cant say the same.


    A NEW award, thatsymbolises the essenceand spirit of Gawler, hasbeen added to the bi-annual Gawler Art Award.

    The newly-createdBriant MahoneyMemorial Art Award, is anacquisitive prize, with thewinner collecting $500.

    The award is sponsoredby Tony Piccolo, themember for Light whosaid he named the awardin memory of the lateBriant Mahoney theman with the dog - as hehad become such anintegral part of the townscharacter.

    The award will bepresented at the officialopening on Sunday,August 19 by a familymember of the late BriantMahoney.

    The Briant MahoneyMemorial Art Award will

    only be awarded to anartwork of sufficientquality as selected by thejudges.

    If no work is deemedsuitable, a highlycommended prize of $100will be issued and theartwork will remain theproperty of the artist.

    Applications for thesixth The Gawler ArtAwards close on Friday,August 10 and must bedelivered to the GawlerCommunity Gallery onMonday , August 13.

    Information about theaward can be obtainedfrom the Gallerysecretary, David Arandleon 7329 2418 or via email:

    etourist@arttimeproductions.com. Informationabout the exhibition andawards can be obtained at:http://gawlergallery.50webs.com.

    New art award

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