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African American newspaper

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  • WisconsinVolume 1 No. 8 July 1-15


    Yolanda James

    Owner/Publisher3001 Douglas Ave.

    Racine, WI 53402



    Insider NewsINW

    Juneteenth 2011

    Photos by Yolanda JamesSee more pictures inside.

    Right: Mia Bell enjoys the festivities at RacinesJuneteenth held Saturday, June 18 at the Dr. JohnBryant Center. Over 2,000 individuals attended the allday family event. Bottom left: the John Bryant CenterDancers take center stage with their performance.Bottom right: Ada Hamilton gives a customer a sampleof her products.

    Above left: Pastor Breon Norton and his companion Leon bring happi-ness and fun to the Juneteenth celebration. The pair spent the afternoonspreading laughter everywhere they went.

    People & Faces of Juneteenth

  • Page 2 The Insider News Wisconsin, July 1-15, 2011

    Racine is looking for a new chief of police since Chief Kurt Wahlen has announcedhis retirement. The Police and Fire Commission (PFC) is considering doing anational search which will cost the city over $20,000. The questions raised bymany is why an external search is needed when two qualified minority candidatesexist within the department and why the process has changed compared to previoushiring procedures.In 1992, Karl Hansen retired and the PFC limited the applications for a new policechief to in-house applicants with the necessary qualifications set forth by the com-mission.Then, in 2000 when Police Chief Richard Polzin announced his retirement, thePolice and Fire Commission stated that a search for a replacement would beginwithin the department. The chairwoman of the committee at that time, MarilynMurrack, according to the Racine Journal Times said, I know for a fact there arequalified people right here. I think our first desire would be to promote first fromwithin. The same pattern was repeated in 2006 when David Spenner retired. The PFCagain first looked inside the Racine Police Department. The presiding chairmanthen and now, Chuck Johnson, stated, Were not going out for a big search. Hetold the Racine Journal Times the commission was looking within because it feltthere were good candidates in Racine.After looking at this precedence set by the PFC, it makes one wonder what is thejustification for changing the process. The procedure should follow past practiceand first limit the search to internal candidates before taking away funds from thecity budget that could be utilized elsewhere.

    Martin Luther King said, Injustice anywhere is a threat to equality everywhere.

    We must hold our elected officials accountable and let them know that our goal is

    to ensure fairness and equality in the decisions that affect the whole city.

    The next Police and Fire Commission meeting to discuss the issue of the nationalsearch will be held on Monday, July 11 at 3:30pm. The location of the meetinghas not yet been released. Check our website: www.insiderwisconsin.com fordetails.

    Our Opinion: Is a national search really necessary?

    Deputy Chief Art Howell, right, a life long resident of Racine, is oneof the two candidates who is qualified to be the next Racine Chiefof Police.

  • Page 3 The Insider News Wisconsin, July 1-15, 2011

    The Insider News Wisconsin (INW) is salut-ing this years Juneteenth celebration.Yolanda James, publisher/owner spenttime walking the grounds meeting, greet-ing, and talking to people as well as takingpictures of those who attended this yearsfabulous event. The INWwants to thank all those who

    allowed us to capture your photo for thisedition. Copies of your picture in colorcan be purchased from the newspaper.

    The annual Juneteenth celebration marks the signing ofthe Emancipation Proclamation by President AbrahamLincoln in 1862 and the freeing of the last slaves in Texas.The sunny weather made it ideal for the various vendorsthat sold corn on the cob, bar-b-que ribs, fried fish, andother novelty items. Right bottom: Michael Blake and his partner Una Walkerwere selling T-Shirts. Blake has been the official t-shirtvendor for the Juneteeth celebration in Milwaukee for 40yrs. He joined Racine this year to market his business inthis area.

    People & Faces of Juneteenth

  • Page 4 The Insider News Wisconsin, July 1-15, 2011

    People & Faces of Juneteenth

    The Divine Cakes Social club,which has been in the communi-ty since 2009, was fundraisingat this years Juneteenth. Theirmission is to mentor young girlsand give back to the community.The ladies worked hard sellingsweet treats. Pictured:Ebony Jeans (CEO), ValenciaWashington, Elizabeth Edwards,TaRia Riley, Delitha Bostick,Shirleeta Miles, TamikaWhite,Jakitta Hollins, ChampagneBurnette, Latoya Jackson,Christa Scott, AdriannaWilliams, and Lashawn Luster.Members not pictured: CandiceBurnette, Ericka Hubbard,Mercedes Jackson, RashandaLuckett, Ruby Cobb, DianaYoung, Joreena Cobb, andLatrice Tiller

  • Page 5 The Insider News Wisconsin, July 1-15, 2011

    Tanya Evans, center, the administrator for the Racine Community Health Center, listensattentively as Sharon Shultz, the Chief Executive Officer of the Racine/KenoshaCommunity Action agency, speaks during a forum held to tackle the African AmericanInfant Mortality Crisis in Racine. The meeting, held on Thursday, June 23, was spon-

    sored by the Greater Racine Collaborative for Healthy Birth Outcomes, LifecourseInitiative for Healthy Families and the Johnson Foundation at Wingspread.Community leaders, politicians, and local pastors were in attendance supporting theeffort.

    Cuts to Wisconsin's state budget are resulting in layoffs of 519 staffmembers in Milwaukee Public Schools, including 354 teachers, reportsCNN. "The layoffs are effective Friday, the beginning of the third quar-ter, when cash-strapped state and local governments are forecast to shedup to 110,000 jobs, according to IHS Global Insight." The cuts will like-ly expand the class sizes and ensure the use of old textbooks for stu-dents, said Superintendent Gregory Thornton. The move follows thesigning of a two-year state budget by Gov. Scott Walker on Sunday thatcut spending to schools, resulting in $200 less per child. MilwaukeePublic Schools has approximately 82,000 students and slashed $182million in budget cuts, according to its communications director. CNNreports that budget cutting in Wisconsin is likely to be echoed across thecountry. "Though tax revenue is starting to rise, states continuewrestling with multibillion-dollar budget gaps. Federal stimulus fundshelped minimize job cuts until now, but that money essentially runs outon June 30. Property tax assessments have plunged in many areas."

    Wisconsin Slashes Budget, 354 Teachers Laid Off

  • 2 years

    Page 6 The Insider News Wisconsin, July 1-15, 2011

    St. Paul Gardens Apartments 1120 Center Street ~ Racine

    Sponsored By:

    St. Paul Baptist church

    1-bedroom or Studio Apartments Homes! St. Paul Gardens is now accepting

    Applications for immediate occupancy!

    HUD-Subsidized for eligible Seniors 62, older or Disabled (single person household earning under $23,800 annually) (two person household earning under $27,200 annually)

    Rent approximately 30% of gross income

    Allowable medical expenses apply to lower monthly rent!

    Kitchen Appliances / Monthly Electrical Allowance Laundry Facility / Community Room / Off-Street Parking

    Resident Manager / Secure Entry / Elevator / ADA

    Direct inquiries or request an Application at: St. Paul Office (262) 632-6086

    Rosenthal Assoc., Inc. (414) 362-7240

    Caleb Robinson, a 26 years old entrepreneur, has been making his living for2 years in the hot dog business. He is the owner of Top Dog Hot Dog locatedat 520 Main Street, Racine.

    Robinson was born and raised in Racine. He attended Case High Schoolwhere he played baseball and football. From there, he proceeded to UW-Whitewater and transferred to UW-Parkside where he is currently finishing hisbachelors degree.

    Difficult economic times is what inspired Robinson to start his own busi-ness. He was employed by Phoneix Chocolate Shop, but was laid off becauseof the recession. He found another job but hated it. He said, I remember goingdowntown for lunch and walking around thinking about what a great idea itwould be to have a hot dog cart down- town. There he began his journey.

    Robinson started with one cart and worked the downtown area through thesummer. He did pretty well which is what prompted him to go further. In addi-tion, the owner of the space he now occupies wanted to have that particulararea rented by wintertime. His hard work paid off. He now has 3 carts in addi-tion to the business. One of those carts is on a project a couple days a week.The other outdoor carts are put in use as the weather permits. He has used thecarts at the Regency Mall, at Westgate Mall, and when there was a FarmersMarket. However, he said, My priority is downtown because that is where Istarted and it draws so many people.

    Robinson attributes a portion of his success to working in the corporateworld at an early age and being a part of the TOP program sponsored byS.C. Johnson. This program is geared toward helping minority students whoare at the top of their class get started in business. He shared that he gainedvaluable experience in this program.

    His advice to young people who want to be in business, Starting a businesscan be difficult, but look for a market where you can start a business. He stat-ed that your attitude, the way you dress, and the way you present yourself willmake a huge difference in your success.

    Above are pictures from Robinsons two year celebration of business. Heheld a Hot Dog Eating contest, on Moun