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<p>Team StrengthsWeaknessesVerdict</p> <p>1) Isaac: Track Name: Tribe Called Quest Jazz. Idea: Follows the story of the main characters day from when he wakes up and leaves the house to him rapping and him bmxing.- Strongest idea out of the group, everyone agrees and likes the idea- Very creative, sounds fun to make- Humorous aspect sounds enjoyable for us and the audience- No weaknesses shown at the momentWe will be using this idea for the video.</p> <p>2) Dave: Track Name: Camo and Krooked Faith Idea: Lot of different free running athletes doing insane stunts with the editing being in synch with the tune. -Fast paced-Exciting, attention grabbing-Fits the music- Interesting, - Gripping-Powerful-Appealing visuals- Some idea of some Camera shots-Hard to really filmWe will not be using this idea.</p> <p>3) Will: Track name: Kavinsky Pacific Coast Highway. Idea: Someone on the run from police at night through empty streets, intense jump cuts and fast paced dark editing.- Very exciting and interesting- The audience will be interested for the full length of song- Could perhaps have more locations and/or ideas for scenes throughout the video.We will not be using this idea.</p> <p>4) Jay: Skee-lo I Wish. Idea: Main character being made to look like an outcast because he is small, not very good at basketball and not good with girls. The video emphasises these facts in a humorous way.Strong realistic ideas. Needs more of a structure.We will not be using this idea.</p> <p>5) James: Knife Party Bon Fire: A man coming out from work at the end of the day. Puts his headphones in and the music starts and 3 men in masks chase him. Camera shots using a head cam while running away and jumping over things. Realistic idea and wont need much budget Great idea for the drop of the song </p> <p>Not enough different shots and a little boring </p> <p>We will not be using this idea.</p>