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1. Hear Me Out Dream On Dreamer 2. Type of video: Concept We have chosen probably the most difficult of the typesof videos. However this was no easy decision to make. Butour reasons for choosing this were numerous. Firstly the way in which we plan on directing the videoincludes surreal themes and images. Therefore the use ofany other video type just wouldnt do the justice to ourvision. We didnt want to confine ourselves to have to tella story, or be on a stage. Another reason that we chose concept was because wetook inspiration for slow motion, erratic and unnaturalmovements from Thirty Seconds to Mars video for Up InThe Air: We were also inspired by this videos artistic and symbolicapproach to creating and defining their own concept.We wanted our video to be aesthetically beautiful andmeaningful and we didnt feel we could do this throughthe use of narrative or performance elements. 3. Location Due to the conceptual nature of the video we intend to make and theimages that we imagine when listening to the song, we decided that scenerywhich is often depicted in things like gothic literature was the route wewanted to go. This was because of the serene and idyllic emotions that the song provokesand then twists and contradicts with the lyrics. so the use of these quite visuallystunning locations will convey this. We decided to use places that featured a lot of water because we wanted toevoke the idea of drowning and struggling to breathe as suggested in thelyrics of the song - But at the same time a safe haven and a place of calmand rest. As well as this we decided on peaceful places like calm woodlands andbedrooms to also evoke the idea of sleep and lucid dreams. We thought the natural environments will superbly compliment and thesurreal, emotional, artistic, un-natural, dream like style of the video and thetwisted familiarities of places like the bedrooms and bathrooms with relate wellto the sorrowful emotions presented in the lyrics of the song.likebreathingwithout theairwe alwayswake upfrom thedeepest ofthe dreamsjust a little toolate my dreamsmy onefoundationIt's likeeverybreath Itakes adebt 4. Specifics Rivers: the tranquillity of the running water will be a recurring theme through the video, asit is a symbol of serenity. However this is then twisted by the element of drowning in waterand being unable to breathe. Forest: the natural world images as described are very stunning in forests. And with thearea we live in it is the most readily available place. Derelict buildings: we want to use decrepit buildings as they also offer a beauty to themthat we are focusing on in this video, also they offer a sort of naturally reclaimeddynamic. It also reflects the feelings of being broken and battered, presented in the lyricsof the song. Baths: this is for two main reasons, these images can be used as powerful synergy in thedigi-pack and has the re-occurring water theme like the river again relating to the feelingof drowning and being unable to breathe. Bedrooms: this idea is because we want to show unrest in the focus of the video, hencethe lyrics Hear me out suggesting a desire to be heard. We will also use this setting torepresent the reality state (sleeping) of being in a lucid dream. Their body is in thebedroom but their mind is else where (other settings) Studio: although this will be the least frequently used location, we will be using it for itslights and equipment, but only for close up shots. 5. Use of camera In our video our intentions are to focus on the human form notas in individual person but a vessel for emotion and artisticbeauty. To put this across we intend to use shots that make the personseem powerful (high angle shots) and shots that captureemotion (close ups / extreme close ups) and fluid movements(long shots / mid shots / tracking shots) We also want out video to have a surreal element to it. To add this element in we will intend to use camera trickery toevoke ideas of falling and levitating evoking the idea of a luciddream and alternate reality. This dreams myone foundation,my futures held tosleep 6. Editing We intend to edit our video in a similar way to thevideo for Up In The Air too. This video is in effect a montage of beautifullyfilmed shots that are perfectly edited to the tempoof the music. This video also uses elements of slow motion to slowdown rapid and fluid movements enabling theaudience to appreciate the beauty in something assimple as human movement. 7. Costume For our costumes we want them to be simple and plain so theydo not draw the attention away from the person but at thesame time they shouldnt be dressed in something you wouldsee someone wearing normally. The colours of the costume would be mainly dark and earthycolours like black, white, grey, blue, brown to relate to the darkand moody sound of the song and to compliment thesurroundings we intend to film in. However in some shots we intend to feature minimal costumeas we would like to capture certain parts of the body its self -for example someone's rib expanding and contracting whenheavy breathing.its like everybreath I take is adebt 8. Representation The person will be shown to have no personality orcharacter traits but used as a means to represent thefeelings and actions put forward in the song. The idea is that the video will be about things effectingthem and not the way they effect other things. Much like in videos like Up in the Air 30 Seconds To Marsand GUY- Lady GaGa, we would like the people in ourvideo to be viewed as a piece of art rather than a person. 9. Unique selling point We think the main unique point of this video is thecomplete abstract and unique way in which we are goingabout this project, with its beautiful way of viewing thehuman form, its artistic representation of the emotions thatare provoked from the music itself, and finally the fact thatwe are not going to confine ourselves to a singular settheme. Thereby we are not restricted by any conventions,so everything that you see in the video will be original,different, and have no chance of being similar to othervideos that are being made at this time. Therefore, if youwere going to make this video it will stand out from others.