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Initial Ideas

Initial IdeasMusic Video

Types of Music VideosThere are three types of music video which are;Narrative based - a video mainly consisting of a story line which relates to the lyrics and genre of the song, this is a very useful for engaging the audience. Performance based a video mainly consisting of band/artists performance, this is commonly used with rock bands due to their performances generally being highly energetic. Concept based a video which is quite unusual due to being based around one idea, they also often focus on one specific editing technique.

Opposite of Adults Chiddy BangThis is a very happy upbeat song about people acting like children, if I was to do this song, I would probably find a few teenagers to be my main characters and then film them running around London and acting up as I think this would fit into the song very well and I would most likely do a narrative based music video. The original music video is something that I have looked at in great detail and this is what has given me my influence for the teenagers around London due to their video primarily being people at a skate park and on swings etc.

These are some examples of screenshots from the original Chiddy Bang music video, I think these are very relevant because they fit into the lyrics and this is the kind of shots that I would consider using.

The Hills The WeekndThis song is quite dark and mysterious in comparison to my previous, my main idea to go along with this song would be to have one main character, who I have decided will be male. Some shots I have decided on will be very dark, such a a bon fire and then people walking through a dark street etc.

These are some screenshots from The Weeknds The Hills music video, these shots are all very dark and slow paced, I think these work very well with his song and if I was to do this song then I would consider using slow paced dark mysterious shots.

Pia Mia Do it againThis song is very upbeat and makes you feel as though you are part of a party, if I was to do this song then I would make sure that I had lots of shots of a party and people enjoying themselves as I think this will fit into the song very well. I think I would pick one female as the main character within my video and have the majority of the shots based on her rather than a group of people however have more people in the background perhaps out of focus.

These are some screen shots from Pia Mias music video, during the majority of her music video it shows people on their own doing solos. If I was to do this song I would contrast this completely by including lots of people however still using one main female character.