Rock Punk Heavy Rock By Yasmin Watkins Initial Ideas!

Initial ideas

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Page 1: Initial ideas

RockPunkHeavy Rock

By Yasmin Watkins

Initial Ideas!

Page 2: Initial ideas

The aim and purpose of this slideshow is to present my ideas to my peers and gain feedback and your opinions on my initial ideas for a new music magazine.


Page 3: Initial ideas

A general rock magazine similar to kerrang Aimed at 12-28 year olds; unisex -60% male, %40 female;

gigging; disposable income Colour scheme: bright/bold colours: red, white and black

(Kerrang! conventions) Language: CAPITALISATION, informal/ crude language –specific

to exclude people Layout: title at top, taglines on left & right of the page, use inserts to entice

readers ~however not to extent of Kerrang! Feature an up-and-coming new band’s lead singer; quotes on how they’ve made

it on cover; new album/reviews; gigs listing; offers of meet-and-greets double page spread on how they’ve worked their way up; appear down-to-earth Photos/images:

1) Front cover: new album & mid-shot of lead singer2) Contents: photo of editor and his insert; photos of double page spread, album3) Double-page spread: feature the band’s name on a tour lineup on the double

page spread, photo of their new album, group shots? Focus on lead singer with instrument…? Praise from other artists

Idea 1: Rock magazine

Page 4: Initial ideas

Idea 2: Punk

A punk magazine for those who want to know more about the genre/ those who are immersed in the music/ culture already

Aimed at 14-30 year olds/ those interested in the ‘golden years’ of punk

Colour scheme: follow similar conventions of the Sex Pistols’ safety pins, ransom note-style lettering, deconstruction of monarchy/ UK flag

Language: angry, informal –yet informative Layout: scattered wording, black and white photo on cover

surrounded by bright/bold background Feature : new band inspired by the sex pistols, belief in anarchy etc current/ previous punk bands Photos/images:

1) Front cover: black and white photo of new band/ lead singer, competition to win punk cd compilation

2) Contents: photo of editor and insert of issue3) Double-page spread: new band’s similarities to sex pistols, their

new album, praise by other artists

Page 5: Initial ideas

Idea 3: Heavy Rock

A heavier rock magazine similar to my first idea with a heavier theme.Aimed at those interested in the genre from ages 14-28Colour scheme: black, white, grey, redLanguage: taboo language, angrier, harsher than my first idea’s languageLayout: genre conventions; fill page; surround main image with taglines, offers etc; large title at top, name of band in middle/topFeature: new album reviews ‘the heaviest album yet!’ other band’s approval upcoming new band inspired by Foo Fighters Photos/images: 1) Front cover: Medium close up of singer, inserts2) Contents: editor’s section, photos of what’s on each page3) Double-page spread: photo shoot? Who they’re inspired by,

members, what it’s like in this industry… loose interviewstyle?

Page 6: Initial ideas

Initial Title Ideas: Punk magazine


Heavy Rock magazine

Rock magazine

punk magazine

Page 7: Initial ideas

Peer Feedback:Idea 1: No gap in the market; has too much competition with Kerrang! Similar to idea 3

Idea 2: 8/8 chose the punk theme for my magazine is a niche/ gap in the market as there is no magazine that focuses

on punk Age range needs to be at the most, 17+ as swearing, anarchy and

the culture not being appropriate ‘Younger generation wouldn’t appreciate it as much’ so should be

higher than 30 and from 20-35/40 ‘Concept is good apart from the age range’ ‘Possibly embed deeper messages such as the recession and

fighting the system’ Use of UK flag; Britain created it –’fathers of punk’

Idea 3: Target age has to be raised as themes in heavy rock are not

appropriate for young readers such as 14 Good feature ideas Similar to idea 1

Page 8: Initial ideas

Final Decision: I have chosen to use Idea 2 and create a punk-

themed magazine due to my peer group’s positive feedback on it’s potential as well as unanimously choosing it as the best one out of the three.

This was mostly due to it not being done before and therefore being a gap in the market as no other magazine focuses on punk itself.

However my age range needs to be raised at both ends, as the themes of punk are unsuitable for the younger generation who also may not appreciate it as much as the older generation who grew up with it and may have recollections of the ‘golden years’ of punk.