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1. Roop Arora Music Video Ideas 2. The Brief From the many options of tasks, I chose Brief 1 : A promotion package for the release of an album, to include a music promo video, together with two of the following three options: A website homepage for the band; A digipak for the albums release; A magazine advertisement for the digipak 3. The Two Options Alongside the music video, I will have to choose methods of promoting the upcoming album. For this I have chosen: 1) A magazine advertisement for the digipak 2) A website homepage for the band 4. Why have I chosen this brief? I chose this brief because a music video requires different skills and techniques than a short film and I would really want to experiment with my skills and produce types of work I have never done before. This way I can expand my range of skills. 5. What skills will I need? Producing a music video is always a challenge not only to me but even to the experienced professional directors. I will need to be organised to get actors and instruments all together at the same place and time. I will need to be pro-active and plan idea before and possibly shoot a practice version as a template to guide me through the final. 6. What equipment will I need? I will need a good quality full HD and full frame DSLR camera. I will use a Canon camera. I will need a GoPro camera for shots of the musicians view and the drummer from the small gaps in the drum kit. I will need a MacBook Pro to operate the editing software. The editing software will be Final Cut Pro X and Adobe After Effects. 7. Initial Ideas 1 The song I will use is called This Means War by Avenged Sevenfold I have used the lyrics of the song to create a story and what the actors would do and act in the video. The meaning of the song is mental issues that someone has and has a tough time dealing with them causing the person an agonising amount of pain. After listening to the song a multitude of times, I have identified various oppertunities to include synchronous editing with the beat of the song which will be shots of the instruments. 8. Initial Ideas 2 I will aim to focus on the story of the video as much as possible and switch between the band members playing their instruments and the acting. When the band members are individually playing their instruments, they will be isolated and amongst black background with two sight lights either side of them to provide some lighting but minimal lighting at the same time. This is known as low key lighting. 9. Initial Ideas 3 The Story I created The story I have created to fit the meaning and lyrics of the song entail a man who is mentally unstable shooting another man twice and walks away and leaves him laying there. He realises his error and the effect his mental problem has on him and enters his house where his girlfriend/wife lives with him who isnt home and begins to write a note in synchronisation with the singing. Once thats done, he realises how has made his life through drugs and alcoholism and his house and desk will be scattered with beer bottles, drugs and spirit bottles to prove he does not help himself. As the singing becomes more aggressive, the mans actions become the same way. He walks out of his house and sees a man that he hates takes out knife and walks towards him ready to stab this person but subconsciously does this. The man causally walks up to the attacker and shoots him straight away as the man with the knife is in the middle of he road lying there in a starfish shape. He lies there half smiling and turns his head towards the camera on his side and closes his eyes to show his death. 10. My Inspirations My inspiration has come from one music video of one of my favourite songs called Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold and directed by Wayne Isham. This is where the idea for the black background originated from. It is one of the best music videos I have ever seen.