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Ideas for my music videoFrom:- Thinking Out Loud (Ed Sheeran)

I like this shot of the dancers body as it doesnt show the audience who she is going too and why she is at that particular place at that time. It also shows her curves by the way she is dressed and the colour of the dress which is white could connote the use of her being pure.

This shot shows the full length of the dancer and what she is wearing. This shot involves the background and spotlights of where she is heading too, but still gives curiosity of why she is there?

Finally, the audience see the anticipation of where she is going too looking pure and gradient. The capture the camera has done to show his facial expressions on this shot is great, he is directly looking at her and genuinely worshipping the ground she works on just by looking at her. Thats why it makes this shot so special.


With this shot, he seems so smitten with her that he is inseparable with her. He cannot keep his hands off his girl, showing the audience they have something together and this is why they are expressing this dance through their emotion. This is what I would like my music video to capture.

Again, we see the close up of holding hands, showing the audience they have chemistry and he does not want to let her go through just one hand gesture. I like this cinematography as it shows a story rather than just a simple dance.

I love this shot of the couple. It shows how much theyre in love with each other by her lifting his head up, showing the support they have for one another. They both have eye contact as well which makes the video seem more realistic.

This long shot of the couple dancing around the ballroom shows they are able to take space up well with the dancing. Again, he is non-stop touching her showing that he loves her and wants to show her how much she means to him.

I would love to do this shot in my video. It captures them both in sync and their emotion with each other. Additionally, you can see the background as well showing that even in the great area of space, both of them create an elephant in the room.