Our music video ideas!

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  • 1. By Anisha Vasudevan & Riham El-Dauod

    Our Music Video Ideas!

2. Our final choice came to be:
What music video?
& pink
3. *Theme Drugs/Alcohol : Tackling issues of today!
*Idea 1:
*Idea 2:
Ideas & Theme for our video!
We took the title of the song Dont Let Me Get You literally, and thought to do a scene ofthe actual character running whilst a faded outline of the same character is chasing the real one. You can also think of it as an hallucination of what the drugs/alcohol is doing to her.
This idea is a mirror situation,
Where on one side will be the normal girl and on the other will be the normal stereotype of a celebrity.
4. *Idea 3:
*Idea 4:
Last line of the song, the two stories come together. It will conclude with a split screen of the two girls going Dont let me get me
To include the band and instruments, there will be a short split screen of the band, each expressing the song.
5. We will be using a variety of shots to capture each shot in many different styles, as music videos have a cut nearly every second.
Being able to show a scene from a variety of angles will make the music video eye catching for the audience to interactwith.
Having various camera angles throughout willhelp our audience to understand the storyline from all perspectives. As in our storyline, there are two sides of the story to interpret.
Camera Angles / Editing
Kings Of Leon Sex is on fire
6. Continued...
Editing is crucial in a music video,as it brings together all the scenes. Having special effects in a video, help to draw the different to other music videos and makes your music video more original.
In our music video, we hope to incorporate some editing techniques, especially when it comes to the transactions within each cut, to ease the change.
Having editing techniques in the music video make It much more interesting to watch, and youll have the feeling to watch it again and again.
Klaxons Golden Skans
7. *The Saturdays: Issues
Our still frames..
8. Continued...
*Kate Nash Foundations
*Adele Chasing Pavements