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HOLY ROSARY COLLEGE. Options for 3 rd Years/Transition Years. Options. Transition Year Traditional L.Cert. L.C.V.P Leaving Cert. Applied. Further Education Options after LC. CAO UCAS-UK, N.Ireland FETAC Military- Gardaí- Cont…. Apprenticeships - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • HOLY ROSARY COLLEGEOptions for 3rd Years/Transition Years

  • OptionsTransition YearTraditional L.Cert.L.C.V.PLeaving Cert. Applied

  • Further Education Options after LCCAOUCAS-UK, N.IrelandFETACMilitary- www.military.ieGarda-

  • Cont.ApprenticeshipsFilte IrelandWork etc

  • Defence Forceswww.military.ieCadetships- English, Irish, Maths, 3rd lang-OD3, min 3 HC3 & 3OD3 , not less than 17 Oct. in year of competition

  • Gardawww.garda.ieMaths FL B3/OD3, 2 from OD3in English,FLC3/OD3 in other lang., plus 2 other OD3 (must have at least 5 subjects)LCA- Merit

  • Leaving Cert. Applied2 Year Leaving Cert. PogrammeOpportunity to prepare for further education & training.Who sould benefit most?Learners who are not adequately catered for by other L.C. programme

  • LCA ContAssessment:Satisfactory completion of modules-31%7 student tasks-35%Final exam-34%Total-100%

  • LCVPLink Module 1-Preparation for world of work.Link Module 2-Enterprise Education.Portfolio.Recognised for points for IT college & universities.

  • LCVP cont..L.Cert subjectRecognised for points see last page.Practical, hands on, vocational subject.LC 09-over 75% used it as one of best 6 subjects .

  • Subject Choice Procedure in H.R.C4 visits to each class by Guidance CounsellorHandout give on subjects and requirementsOptional one-to-one guidance with GCSubject teachers talk to JC and TY classesStudents are encouraged to talk to 4th and L. Cert. Students and borrow books.Information meeting for parents and studentsSpecific problems can be discussed with the GC/ PrincipalFinal choice of subjects to be made after Easter holidays.

  • RequirementsMinimum entry requirementsThis varies from 5 passes at L.Cert. Including English/Irish & Maths to 6 subjects at least 2 at Higher Level including English, Irish and a modern language for some of the universities. You must have the required passes and honours to be considered at all.Specific entry requirements particular subjects or combinations of subjects that you must have to get a place on a particular course .

  • Third Language Requirement:

    A 3rd language is required for some degrees at NUI colleges (National University of Ireland), but not for all degrees. This should be checked on or the college prospectus/website for exact information.These are the following NUI colleges:1. NUIG ( 3rd lang not req for Engineering/Science except Biotechnology)2. NUI Maynooth (3rd lang not needed for Science/Engin)

  • 3rd Language cont.3. UCD- (3rd lang not needed for Engin/Ag/Sc-except Biomedical, Health & Life Sciences)4.UCC- (3rd lang not req for Engin/Sc)5.Royal College of Surgeons Ireland-(must have OD3 3rd lang)6.St. Angelas College of Education, Sligo-(3rd lang req except for nursing)7.National College of Art and Design- (3rd lang/Art)

  • 3rd Language cont..8.Shannon College of Hotel Management- (3rd lang req)A 3rd language is required if you wish to go on and study that language or a language degree. Some courses require you to have a HC3 or higher in a particular 3rd language.It is not required for Nursing Degrees.

  • Science

    Necessary for courses in uni with science element to it, eg Science, Medicine, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Human Nutrition, Radiography.NB. It is important to take your interest in science into consideration.Some courses require a specific science subject and some require 2 science subjects.

  • Business/AccountancyIf you have an interest in studying Business at 3rd level it would be advisable to study it for the LC, even though it is not a requirement for any Business/Commerce degree.There are a few hundred Business related degrees in 3rd level.Accountancy- For some 3rd level courses, you need to have studied it for the LC.

  • Specific Requirements

    These are specific subjects/combination of subjects or levels that you need for particular courses. NUI Colleges- English, Irish and a 3rd language (exceptions-For most cases for Science & Engineering,3rd language not needed-double check on

  • Specific Requirements contScience subject/s- needed for science/medical based courses, eg Nursing, Physiotherapy, Medicine, Pharmacy etc and also for Engineering courses at university (Physics would be very useful)Primary Teaching- HC3 Gaelige

  • Specific Requirements contEngineering at university HC3 in Maths or pass a special Maths exam (only available in some universities ie NUIG)HC3 in Maths is required for some computer/science based degreesHC3 in Maths or OA1or OA2 (may be acceptable) Actuarial Mathematics/Actuarial, Financial & Mathematical Sciences-DCU

  • Specific Requirements cont..Some courses are restricted and require more than just Leaving Cert. points eg Art, Music, Architecture, Design, Medicine. A portfolio, aptitude test, interview, music test etc may be needed UCC- HC3 in Chem & in either Ph or Biol for Medicine, Dentistry PharmacySome courses require a HC3 in a science subject ie Public Health and Health Promotion in UCC.UCC HC3 in Genetics

  • Specific Requirement cont.HC3 in Chemistry Human Nutrition & Dietetics in DIT & Vet Medicine in UCD Education, Religion & Music Mater Dei Inst- HC3 in Music & Mu testFor all courses in RCSI HB3 in Phy/Ch/Bi/PY-Ch/MathsTheoretical Physics in TCD- HB3 in Phy, UCD HB2Medicine TCD- 1 HB& 1HC from Phy/Ch/Bi/Ph-Ch,Ag

  • Specific Requirements contDental Science as abovePhysio-TCD 2 HC from Ph/Ch/Bi/Ph-Ch/Ma/AgRadiation Therapy 1 HC from Ph/Ch/Bi/Ph-ChHuman Health & Disease- HC in Bi & 1 HC from Ph/Ch/Ph-Ch/AgScience- 2 HC from Ph/Ch/Ph-Ch/Ma/Geog

  • Specific Requirements cont. Physics with Astronomy & Space Science- HC3 in Maths/Ap Maths/Phy.Climate & Earth System Science HC3 in MathsHD3 in a Science subject in many of the Engineering degrees in UCD.

  • Foundation Level Irish/MathsFoundation Level Irish is not accepted for entry to NUI colleges.It is acceptable for other colleges/universities if it is not a specific requirement.Most colleges now accept FL Maths, if it is not a subject requirement, but may not give points for it. GMIT and AIT for example give points A1-20; A2-15;B1-10 and B2-5.

  • Essential SubjectsIrish (unless exempt)EnglishMaths

  • Choose a subject/subjects you enjoy!It is important that you choose subjects that you are good at and that you enjoy.Just because you dont need it to get into a 3rd level course is not a good enough reason not to do it!If you enjoy the subject and are good at it, you will perform well in it.

  • How to choose the right subject?

    Have I the essential subjects?Have I kept my options open?Have I the ability?Do I enjoy the subject?Have I spoken to 4thyr/L.CHave I looked at the books?Dont listen to rumourKeep an open mind

  • The Points SystemBest 6 subjects countedPoints calculated from one sitting of the L.Cert.Points awarded for L.C.V.PBonus points awarded for H.L Maths in Uni. of Limerick, Mary I-Liberal Arts & Early Childhood Care D.I.T.(Electrical/Electronic Engineering) HL Maths and Physics, Chemistry, Physics & Chemistry,Applied Maths and Engin.

  • New Higher Education Awards SystemHigher Certificate-Level 6..2yrsOrdinary Degree-Level 7.+1 yr(3yrs)Honours Degree-Level 8.+1yr(4yrs)

  • How to access information? linkwww.cao.iewww.qualifax.iewww.careersportal.iewww.careerdirections.iewww.careersportal.ieCollege literatureDirectory of Leaving Cert. entry RequirementsNB Always check college literature for specific course requirements.



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