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The Holy Rosary

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  • 1. THE HOLY ROSARY By Jaslyn Avila

2. The Holy Rosary is a really big church the practices Catholicism. 3. For some of the small kids they have a school for them. So, they can learn about Jesus, the Virgin Mary , and God. 4. This is a statue of God carrying his son, Jesus. People put flowers around their statue to show a token of their gratitude. 5. The writing underneath Jesus say Hail Full of Grace. They put this mural up because it is suppose to represent all the good things that he has done for us. 6. This is half of a picture of a wedding ceremony that I interrupted. And as you can see the people attending thewedding have to sit on the really hard benches. 7. These are statues of two Angels. They were put there to show that Catholics believe inAngels. Its to show some of their differences between the Catholic and the Christen churches. 8. This is a statue of a priest giving his offering to God. Its suppose to represent that all priest have to be a role model to the church members. 9. And this is another statue of a child praying to god. It is also suppose to represent that the kids of the church have to prayand not commit sins. 10. This is one of their paintings of the Virgin Mary. She is the mother of Jesus and her story is she got pregnant with him without having any sex. 11. This is the famous painting of the Last Supper. Its the lastmeal Jesus ate before he was savagely killed and nailed to his cross.